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Gemini man gift ideas


Gemini men are fun to buy for as they generally enjoy anything fun or thought provoking. The biggest secret to buying for Gemini's is that they hate being bored. Any gift which can provide entertainment or mental stimulation is good!

Below are some suggested gift categories. If you're a Gemini man we'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions for things to add. There's a form at the bottom of the page.

A fun daytrip or activity

It could be to a theme park, or to do something such as rock climbing, or perhaps Chinese cooking lessons, or a romantic weekend in an hotel. Whatever it is, for best results just give him clues and don't tell him what's actually happening until the last minute. Gemini's like surprises and a little mystery.

Gadgets and hi-tech toys

The two most common themes amongst Gemini interests are technology and communication. I don't know what people did in earlier years, but fortunately in 2010 we now have the technology to keep our Gemini's amused!


These were practically invented for Gemini's. With hundreds of thousands of books available anywhere and anytime (they use a wireless connection) a new book is always just a few seconds away (even large books download in about a minute). If your Gemini doesn't have one then... he really should! Trees everywhere will thank you too.

Netbooks and laptops

These can get fairly expensive. You love your Gemini, but not THAT much! ;) The good news is that there's an army of accessories for them which are much more affordable.

Some accessories are really just gimmicks, however there are a few which can be invaluable. Amongst the more useful ones are carrying cases (the stronger the better) external keyboards (as a guy with big hands typing on a laptop keyboard for long periods can get pretty uncomfortable) and portable storage devices (USB drives etc). Spare batteries and cable locks are also very useful if your man travels much.

Video games and consoles

There was a time when video games were for kids. These days however there are many titles which adults enjoy, and it's not uncommon for a video game to be the centerpiece of male drinkin.. er.. bonding sessions.

I've even heard of couples who use console fighting games to resolve arguments. If you can kick your mans butt in a boxing or kung fu game you will secretly score major cool points.

iPhone and iPods

There's a good chance your Gemini man already has one, but if he doesn't it can be another solid gift idea.

Books and magazine subscriptions

Most Gemini's tend to be obssesive readers about subjects which interest them. This is again largely because they have to be focused on something at all times, and books/magazines are very convenient for that.

If your favorite Gem has mentioned even a passing interest in something then magazine subscriptions can be a good choice if you're looking for a cheap or non-intimate gift. (the kindle mentioned above is better all round due to the instant delivery times, and of course saves trees too).


Give him you! Most Gemini men will agree that lingerie (or a costume) bought for yourself makes a great birthday or christmas gift for him.

Gemini's tend not to be picky in this area, so go with something sexy, classy or kinky to fit your personality. One thing to note here though is that Gemini's do like surprises, especially when it comes to their partners personality, and this can be a good opportunity to keep him on his toes... if he thinks he knows everything about you!

Hobbies and Interests

Very often Gemini's have a lot of these! However, they are noted for being "dabblers" - checking out lots of potential ideas, and getting bored pretty fast (so don't buy anything too expensive unless it's a long term passion!)

The spectrum here is fairly enormous. Artists, musicians, scientists, journalists, sportsmen... most Gemini tend to check out most things sooner or later.


If you know your favorite Gem is a sportsman then it can make for some easy and fast gift ideas.

General Gemini man gift tips

Gemini Colors

If you do a survey of 50 Gemini's you'll find each of them has a different favorite color, and most have about 20 favorites depending on what time of day it is. In short, don't stop to think about colors. They like all of them! The only consensus you'll find is that they prefer bright and lively colors over anything too dull or conservative.

Gemini birth stones, star stones, month stones

I'd suggest avoiding these because there's no agreed upon standard for them. There are various conflicting systems which match a stone to months and sun signs. It's almost guaranteed that if you give your beloved a necklace or ring with a certain significant stone, someone will later tell them it's the wrong one!

Wrapping paper, bows etc

Most Geminis are much more interested in the goodies inside than the wrapping, so again this isn't an area which benefits from too much thought or expense.

What's your opinion?

Are you a Gemini man?
      What gift would you most like to receive from your lady?

Have you given a Gemini man a gift he totally loved?

Please feel free to share your gift suggestions or advice below and we'll get them added!...

Your favorite gifts

Last minute Gemini man gift ideas

A personal astrology report can make a fun and thought provoking gift, containing information on everything from how someone views you, how to turn them on, how to avoid arguments etc. If you would like to explore this further please see the astrology compatibility reports page.

If you're looking for general relationship fun the relationship ebook reviews page lists the best immediate delivery ebooks on subjects such as improving your sex life, getting an ex back, seduction and self confidence... can be especially useful if you want to convey a not-so-subtle message to your not-so-intuitive Gemini.

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