Leo woman and cheating men

by Clarissa
(Los angeles, ca)

We MAY forgive you, but it will take a lot to make it up to us. You must be on your best behavior. We can forgive but it is so hard for us to forget. In our minds, we are UNIQUE, the BEST. And cheating is the biggest blow you can give to our EGO! Treat us like queens and shouldn't have to look elsewhere. With a leo woman you can find love, romance, sex, an amazing adventure you can only dream of. Treat us bad, we can be your worst nightmare.

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so true
by: Anonymous

that is so true. we are loyal and we desrve someone loyal.

I agree
by: suzi

I am a Leo woman and I am extremely loyal. I do find it hard to forget but I will forgive over a period of time.

My leo girl
by: Anonymous

I cheated my leo girl but i love her a lot. She did forgive me easily but keeps on reminding me what i did. M gonna marry her but m so doubtful weather she will ever forget everything and get over it.

I dont want you back jumping in bed with another lady!
by: Nicky

Okay so im working at 2 psychologists. What we get here is most of the time relationship problems. I believe in working on the relationship to the best of myself and his of course BUT these girls coming in here taking their men back after sleeping with another women?No ways i will NEVER EVER take you back! Maybe you other Leo's can help me to overcome myself with this attitude, but i defnetly want someone who wants me and ONLY me cause i deserve the best!

Leo & Cancer Ex
by: Anonymous

My Leo ex wife met a guy online. She began dating him and after a month they moved in together. She called me after being with this guy for seven months. He is broke and doesn't buy her the things I used to. She wanted to come back home. She found out he was cheating on her. I told her she made her bed now she can lie in it. She was angry and cussed me out. Our divorce was final in July 2011. Wounded Cancer ex.

Leo & cancer
by: Anonymous

This should be Leo women & our cheating. Leo's learn to dump the man before you start mating with the next oh forgot full of your own self importance & insecurity makes it very much impossible to consider others, attention is on a another cub, you's really are beautiful disasters. Just how riddled are they guess we will never know the cat has nine lives

Leo woman are at fault
by: Deja Robinson

I'm a leo woman and i've always seem to find a way to cheat even when i want to be committed. Its human nature when you feel atracted to someone and its more physical than anything else. Yes it is true you can get just about anywhere with a leo female if you stroke her ego. Also Leos love their freedom sometimes being committed can be scary as long as things are going at a pace that both partners are comfortable with then the leo female will prove to you how loyal she can be.

We're loyal but ..
by: Leo girl

I'm extremely loyal. But there are times when i dont feel loved, adored, and ignored by the one im in relation with. Then, i quickly retreat myself and it seems that whenever im alone, guys flirt with me.
(its pretty scary, cause its all the time o.o)
Or worse, when not treated good, i entertain flirtations.. only to take away my drained feelings.
But i dont take it seriously. ONLY FOR FUN.
Cause when said i love you. I really mean it, from the bottom of my heart. Then when i have forgiven the stubbornness/bluntness of my guy,
i go back to my jolly good self :) Like a kitten who purrs for catfood.

When cheated by your husband
by: Leo Lioness

I am a Leo woman and I was cheated on 5 years ago. To make it short the woman drove 9 hrs to where I lived just to tell me. When I confronted my husband 2 weeks later he said he didnt know her. We went through that horrible experience and I am a forgiving person but will never forget. He is a Sagittarius and he is very cold hearted, controling, jealous and simply doesn't make me feel loved, he knows how to hurt when he wants to. We had a fight a month 1/2 ago and he asked me for a divorce, He's done that so many times but I always begged him not to, we have 3 kids, and I am the type of person that gets married only once and for life, but once again he fought again with me and he said he didnt love me and wanted to be on his own. I accepted finally, and its been like 2 weeks sleeping apart. All of a sudden he calls me and he says he is confused, and then he kneels down asking for forgivness for all the years that his hurt me in so many ways, but I won't go back even though we still live together I'm moving out in 2 weeks and getting seperated. And all of a sudden he's romantic, and pours out his feelings when he never did. He says he adores me and that I'm his soulmate, I feel terrible and don't want to hurt him, but it's over. I told him this is what you wanted and I accept it, he wants to take it back, but it's too late, I've gone through ALOT! with him and because of my kids and morals stayed. But it's time for me to try it on my own and be independent. I love him but am not in love with him any more...to much hurt piles on and words and actions hurt. I ask that God bless him with someone suited for him, I already lost all hope for myself. I am hurting because of my children and 18 years of marriage that will end. :/ At least I tried and tried for so many years, and I can say that I'm ok now.

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