Zodiac tattoo designs

Zodiac tattoo designs are typically based on zodiac symbols. Each of the 12 zodiac signs has its own Zodiac symbol and Zodiac symbol meanings. Most have slight variations on how they can be drawn, though the general shape is always consistent and typically represents the shape of the zodiac signs constellation.

Below are examples of Zodiac tattoo designs for each zodiac sign. The links go to the relevant zodiac tattoo article:

Aries tattoo designs

Aries symbol 1 Aries symbol 2 Aries symbol 3 Aries symbol 4

Taurus tattoo designs

Taurus symbol 1 Taurus symbol 2 Taurus symbol 3 Taurus symbol 4

Gemini tattoo designs

Gemini symbol 1 Gemini symbol 2 Gemini symbol 3 Gemini symbol 4

Cancer tattoo designs

Cancer symbol 1 Cancer symbol 2 Cancer symbol 3 Cancer symbol 4

Leo tattoo designs

Leo symbol 1 Leo symbol 2 Leo symbol 3 Leo symbol 4

Virgo tattoo designs

Virgo symbol 1 Virgo symbol 2 Virgo symbol 3 Virgo symbol 4

Libra tattoo designs

Libra symbol 1 Libra symbol 2 Libra symbol 3 Libra symbol 4

Scorpio tattoo designs

Scorpio symbol 1 Scorpio symbol 2 Scorpio symbol 3 Scorpio symbol 4

Sagittarius tattoo designs

Sagittarius symbol 1 Sagittarius symbol 2 Sagittarius symbol 3 Sagittarius symbol 4

Capricorn tattoo designs

Capricorn symbol 1 Capricorn symbol 2 Capricorn symbol 3 Capricorn symbol 4

Aquarius tattoo designs

Aquarius symbol 1 Aquarius symbol 2 Aquarius symbol 3 Aquarius symbol 4

Pisces tattoo designs

Pisces symbol 1 Pisces symbol 2 Pisces symbol 3 Pisces symbol 4

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