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Astrology Compatibility Report

This report first explores your unique personality and your partners, and then moves on to examine your relationship together. Each topic has clear explanations, scores and comparisons to averages.

Common uses of this report:

  • See exactly how compatible you are
  • Learn about your partners personality
  • See if this is your soulmate
  • Solve relationship problems
  • Learn how to be more attractive to this partner

Unknown birth times or locations?

I use techniques to maximize accuracy when birth details are unknown or estimated. If you later find more precise birth details a free revision is just a mouse click away.


Your complete 100 page reading will be emailed to you in PDF format within 24 hours of your payment being submitted. Average delivery time during US business hours is under 6 hours.

The most accurate reading available. Guaranteed!

My goal is to exceed your expectations and provide reports of the highest quality and value available anywhere. All reports have an unconditional 60 day guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

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1260 Indian rupees

100 page compatibilty report
Package price $27

Add Personal Horoscopes for only $10 more!

While i'm working with your charts it's efficient for me to perform other tasks with them. I therefore offer additional work at a large discount when performed at the same time.

This optional upgrade adds the information from my Personal Horoscope packages for each of you. A combined value of $81 if purchased separately.

Personal horoscopes (transit interpretations) show the influences you will each be under for the coming year. Some influences have a significant effect on personality which can last for several months. If you feel that you or your partner may currently be acting out of character, or if you are picking the best time to seduce someone this information can be especially useful.

$37 is approximately:
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1680 Indian rupees

190 page relationsip package
Save 54%
Discounted price $37

"The most accurate compatibility reading available anywhere for your relationship"


Astrology is only as good as the astrologer. I get thank you emails from clients almost every day. Some of my recent favorites are shown below:

These are all from paying customers, and are not paid reviews or endorsements!

Your report is the most in-depth one I have ever seen and I LOVE it!!!

- Sheila H

I got your package several days ago. I've been soaking it up ever since! Parts of it are truly quite amazing. I have to say, I am very definitely happy with it and I feel I got my money's worth and more.

- Warren R

Your insights are quite on and amazingly true. This is my first venture into a personalized astrology report and it has been extremely interesting and thought provoking. I will be recommending you to my closest friends.

- Irene S

I just wanted to explain how accurate that was because I'm a bit shell-shocked. It's 4.34am here so I'm gonna rush to sleep, go to work and rush back to read more!

- Alison E

David you don't charge enough for what you do.
Every single point of your analysis was spot on

- Andrea S

I was impressed with the report, its conclusions about me personally are surprisingly accurate.

- Peter C

You are amazing - I finished reading the Compatibility package I ordered and it was very eye opening.

- Billie P

That is about the TRUEST summary I've EVER read! I have said some of those exact things about myself.

- Helen S

I am very satisfied with your report that I received. Please advise if you offer any other products as I find your knowledge of astrology unmatched

- Steve G

I nearly didn't order the report from you. I'm so glad now that I did! Astrology in the hands of a master is just plain SCARY.

- Rebecca L

I am overwhelmed and amazed. This is a phenomenal package - thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Rhonda P

All testimonials displayed are verified and kept on file per US FTC regulations. These are all from first time clients who I have had no prior dealings with.

Table of contents

Below is a summary of some of the main sections included in each reading:

Your partner (30 pages approx)

What layers of their personality do you need to understand in order to deeply and passionately connect with them?

  • How they appear to you
  • What they're really like on the inside
  • How they approach life
  • What they're really motivated by
  • Their emotions, moods and feelings
  • Areas they find difficult
  • Areas where they are unstable or compulsive
  • and other topics...

Your relationship (30 pages approx)

Everything about the relationship and how well you mesh together in different areas, both the rough and the smooth edges.

  • Summaries and scores for key relationship areas
  • Your romantic and sexual attraction for each other
  • Your communication and problem solving together
  • Your commitment and loyalty to each other
  • Your sense of destiny together
  • The challenges you will face, and the relationships weak areas
  • and other topics...

Yourself (30 pages approx)

Where every relationship begins. What you really want and need from a partner. A key to knowing when you're with the right partner.

  • How you appear to others
  • What you're most motivated by
  • Your mental interests and abilities
  • Your emotions, moods and feelings
  • Areas that challenge you
  • Areas where you are creative
  • and other topics...

Astrology information covered:

  • Your natal chart and interpretation
  • Your partners natal chart and interpretation
  • Placement compatibility analysis
  • Your composite chart and interpretation
  • Personal love horoscopes (transit interpretations)

Package includes:

  • Unconditional no hassle guarantee
  • Free revision if you find more accurate birth information
  • Free questions, answers and support
  • Delivery via email (designed to be easily printed)
  • The reading is hand prepared so please allow 24 hours for delivery

Secure payments for your protection

I use Paypal as a secure third-party payment processor for your protection. You don't need a paypal account - you can use a regular credit card, with no additional charges or account setup. If you use a credit card the charge will appear as "Paypal - CompAstro"

My unconditional guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My goal is to exceed your expectations and provide reports of the highest quality and value available anywhere.

All reports have an unconditional 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

Privacy policy

Security and privacy are central to my service. I use a 3rd party payment processor so I never see your address or credit card information. I receive only your name and email address. I want you to remain anonymous to me, because if you submit questions I want you to be comfortable being honest with me.

Your information will never be sold, shared, or used for any other purpose than the production of this package. Unlike automated systems I never send email advertising and I never sell your email address. I don't add you to any mailing lists.

You will be sent one email upon receipt of your birth details, and one with your report package. This provides you with my email address for any questions.

Thank you! From the authority on relationship astrology!

My astrology articles are now read by over 8 million people each year. I'd like to say a giant "Thank you!" to all my new and repeat clients over the past 17 years who have made this possible!

Life can be infinitely more enjoyable and satisfying with the right partner.

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How accurate is it?

You can test it for yourself in the section where I describe you. This isn't a gimmick reading and I encourage every client to judge for themselves how accurate real astrology can be.

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Free readings

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