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Tarot is a separate discipline from astrology. Other than both falling under the umbrella of the metaphysical and often being of interest to people who also enjoy astrology it doesn’t have much in common. As such, I know relatively little about it personally.

If you would like to learn more about Tarot, Alison Day is offering free online readings and other tarot related information, including a free learn tarot course.

To obtain the free readings you do need to give her your email address. She hopes that by supplying you with free information and developing a relationship of trust with you, you’ll eventually use one of her paid services.

This is the type of business model I used when starting out – it’s a fair and upfront way to let people try before they buy, and build business without tricks or gimmicks. As such I’m happy to endorse her services.

Feedback so far has suggested her readings are both accurate and upbeat, though as in all things I welcome additional feedback to share with future readers. If you use her please feel free to send me a note of your opinion.

Alisons site is Lotus Tarot

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