Astrology Compatibility Reports

I specialize in providing accurate and affordable relationship readings delivered promptly by email.

This reading is designed to:

  • Judge how much potential your relationship has
  • Understand your partners personality
  • Understand your own personality more clearly
  • Highlight and solve common relationship problems
  • Identify how you can be more attractive to this partner

The reading first explores your unique personality and your partners, and then moves on to examine your relationship together in areas ranging from sexual attraction to problem solving. The relevant astrological charts are included, together with notes on how the information is derived from them.

Understand your relationship

In this section I examine everything about your relationship and how well you mesh together in different areas. I look at both the rough and the smooth edges of your interaction and use scores to highlight any unusually strong or weak areas compared to averages.

Understand yourself

Unless you understand yourself it's much harder to know what you want and need from a partner, and it's much harder to recognize the right partner when you find them. This section explores everything about your unique personality.

Understand your partner

Similar to the section on you, though typically with a lot more surprises! What needs must be met in order for your partner to be emotionally fulfilled? What layers of their personality do you need to understand in order to deeply and passionately connect with them?

  • How do they view you?
  • How do they view your relationship?
  • What are they motivated by?
  • What do they find most attractive in a partner?

Be more attractive to your partner

You'll be given a lot of information about your partner which you can use to communicate with them on a deeper level, or to showcase the traits which make you more attractive to them.

To order a reading for your relationship

This astrology reading is available exclusively from this website. Delivery is by email within 24 hours. It's designed to be easily printed in case you prefer a hard copy. The complete 100 page reading is $27

To order a reading for your relationship please complete the form below. I include a free revision for birth times and locations, so don't worry if you need to guess or estimate those for now.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my reading?

All readings are delivered by email. I promise delivery within 24 hours. The average time is under 6 hours if ordered during US business hours.

Why isn't this free?

Free astrology reports are a bait and switch sales trick. The free report is typically 1-2 pages of generic astrology information advertising paid astrology reports. Those paid reports are typically around 1/10th the size of my readings and typically cost $15-40 each. They're not astrology readings and they're not free.

Do you offer instant delivery?

No. Only automated systems can produce reports instantly. Those aren't as accurate as professional astrology tools due to various corners which must be cut to automate the process. They also can't answer questions or tailor advice to your unique situation.

Do you need precise birth times or locations?

Ideally they should be as accurate as possible, but I can work with the best information you have. I include a free revision in case you find more precise birth times or locations later.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. A very high percentage of my business comes from repeat customers and personal referrals because my goal is to over-deliver in every area. All my work has a 60 day full money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied.

About me

My name's David Moore and I'm a professional relationship astrologer. Since 1993 I've prepared over 90,000 relationship readings and published over 3,000 articles on relationship astrology. My clients have included psychologists, relationship counselors and several of the worlds largest dating services.

No hidden costs or additional reports to buy

It's common for online astrology reports to be just a few pages long and include an "upgrade" offer for additional reports. This up-selling process can cost hundreds of dollars for a complete reading.

I never charge for additional reports. I offer a complete relationship reading which includes all the astrological information for your relationship. There's no need to compare features or buy multiple reports from me, as I never hold information back to sell you additional reports later. Due to this complete coverage my readings have a wide variety of uses...

Other uses of this reading:

Soulmates - Is he or she the one?

It's exciting and new, but that little voice is asking if this will be another dead end relationship? You don't need to wait months or years to find out. My structured analysis can show you today whether he or she is your soulmate.


Astrology has no magic tricks to make someone fall in love with you. However, by understanding someone, how they view things, what their goals and motivations are it's very easy to make yourself more attractive to them by highlighting what they want to see, early and often.

Online relationships

I describe and score hidden factors such as sexual chemistry alongside visible ones like friendship and communication, so you can see the whole picture of your relationship and judge its potential. Should you meet? Would things be different in person? You can find out today.

Get your ex back

Need to know how to turn your differences into strengths? How to avoid arguments before they start? How to deal with a passive aggressive partner? It's never too late to begin again. The right information can radically change the dynamics of a relationship, how you view and react to someone, and how they view and react to you.

Considering an affair

You met someone, and for the first time in years you feel alive! An unbiased and anonymous analysis can often do what your friends can't... help determine what's right for you.

Relationship help and advice

Each reading includes my personal email address if you have questions or want additional help. I have over 20 years experience solving real problems for real couples. Information and understanding is the first step. The unique format and features of my readings help solve real problems for real people every day.

Learning about someone you recently met

Life can be infinitely more enjoyable and satisfying with the right partner. The single biggest factor in obtaining that happiness is not wasting years of your life on dead end relationships, and not settling for second best. True love does exist. Astrology isn't required to find it, however it's the most powerful tool I've found to predict it far in advance.

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I've purchased many astrology products online and can honestly say yours was the best value most detailed and most accurate reading I've ever seen. You could charge a lot more for readings of this quality and depth.

Marti P

I have been looking over your astrology report with horror and fascination all week. You probably get this a lot, but the accuracy of this analysis is absolutely staggering. You have got me utterly pegged - too many hits to be coincidence and too specific to be skewed by my imagination - my world view has been forever altered.

Victor B

It's been a long time since you sent me my reading and I still refer to it at least once a year. Each time I read it I find it to be more accurate! This is a remarkable guide to my relationship.

Dawn G

I had goosebumps reading this report. I would use your service again and recommend to my friends (it was a friend who recommended you to me).

Jessie R

I sincerely cannot thank you enough for your reading and more importantly for the follow up emails answering my very long list of questions. I hope that all of your clients appreciate you! Warmly and with deep gratitude

Renae C

Prior to ordering from you I obtained a free astrology report online and paid over $120 for upgrade reports for it. A single page of your reading contains more insight and value than that entire computer generated report.

Wendy M

I just wanted to say how very informative and well written your reading was. It had insights on so many things I couldnt find in other readings. It was easy to read and interesting.

Courtney P

A very thorough reading. In some aspects it confirms what we already know, in others it's been very enlightening. A great insight that we're sure will help us to understand each other better and strengthen our love. Many thanks!

Francis E

We are both very impressed by this reading! The previous one I ordered from you was completely accurate (and fairly warned me away from that relationship--how I wish I'd heeded the warning!) and once again I'm startled by how closely you've managed to capture our dynamic together.

Steve R

This has a great deal of insight into areas I have not seen before in astrological presentation.

Andrea D
I just wanted to thank you for doing my reading, and let you know that Ithought the work you did here was excellent. This was by far the highestquality couples reading I have purchased. Your product gave meclarity on many things.

Shawn F
Thank you so much! I received your reading and it is beautifully accurate. Your explanations perfect.

Carrie L
This was a huge help to me. You have given more useful informationthan I've ever gotten from any other source. It has enabled me to see mypartner and me in the most graphic of ways which will be a huge help in usgetting along and having a wonderful life together.

Maggie F

I want to thank you for such a great reading. I'm really WOWED by how well you know me. I stumbled upon your site as I was trying to find answers on the way I have been feeling. It actually feels a little bit fated. Many thanks for such a great reading and I am refering you to ALL of my friends.

Erin C

I have to tell you that what you sent to me 6 months ago was a stunning and astonishing look inside of my life and my new (then) relationship. You were able to see and predict everything as though as you were there with us all the time - with such accuracy!! It's almost impossible to comprehend.

Andy C

Wow David you are an angel sent from heaven above, God only knows how many people and how many relationships you have probably saved! This is exactly what I was looking for and I can't thank you enough

Faye W
Of all the compatibility reports I have viewed, yours was by far the best. I will be recommending you to myfriends and family... very impressed.

Nancy P
I've used you many times, and you never let me down. Excellent service and accuracy.

Antony A

Thanks much David! Your reading has certainly helped us to communicate much better. We are both amazed at how much we see ourselves in the reading.

Marcello G

Thank you. You're accurate! I'll keep coming back for more charts -- you're the only astrologer i ever use and you made me a true believer of astrology!

Haley V

Thanks so much for the reading. I am delighted with the detail. I will definitely tell some friends about this and maybe they will get a reading. I am much impressed (my personal reading is spot on!!!)

Gina D

Wow! David I am immensely grateful for your thoughtful and insightful reply. You are clearly exceptional at what you do and in my opinion you don't charge enough!

Rita Y

Many thanks!! I just read it now and my jaw dropped. I have done astral readings before, but this was so spot on that I just could not believe it. Just amazing work. Thank you so much!!

Gary K

Thank you so much for this prompt and thorough reading! I've read about half of it and can't wait to share it with my new partner. So far, everything I have read could not be more accurate!

Lorraine M

I have been a repeat customer of yours over the course of the past few years. I was initially skeptical of the virtues and relative accuracy of astrology in general, but through your readings, I have "come around," so to speak. The descriptions of myself and my partners (or would-be partners) have been accurate to startlingly high degrees!

Peter S
I was so impressed with my reading that I contacted David and asked if I could provide a testimonial for his website, which is something I've never done before. The reports are great if you are starting a relationship, in a relationship or trying to save one. So for those of you who are contemplating a compatibility reading, DO IT!

Helena N

All testimonials are from paying customers and are unsolicited. Original testimonial emails are kept on file per FTC guidelines.