About me

So what kind of person creates a site like this anyway?
ut oh

My name's David and I'm the astrologer behind this website. Since 1993 I've specialized in relationship astrology. During that time I've produced over 100,000 astrology readings for couples.

To let you in on a secret, I didn't plan to be an astrologer. I was a computer programmer until 1991 when I was contracted by one of the worlds largest dating services to analyze and test the effectiveness of various methods of matching their customers.

After thousands of test samples one method of matching couples beat all the others. That method was astrology. Frankly it was a surprise as we had only included it as an afterthought to compare the 'worthwhile' results to. Previously, I (and everyone else involved) didn't think astrology even worked, but those tests got my attention. I was hooked, and set out to learn everything I could about astrology.

While computer programming and astrology may not appear to have much in common, it turned out to be the perfect background for a science which requires so many precise calculations and cross references. Fate? Perhaps.

As a result, since 1993 I've been a full time relationship astrologer. My clients have included psychologists, relationship counselors, doctors, psychics, therapists and several of the worlds largest dating services. That experience has provided a wealth of data related to exactly what makes a successful relationship and how astrology can be best used to predict that success far in advance.

This website is the product of that experience, and its main goal is to encourage you to try a relationship reading to see for yourself the accuracy which this fascinating field can offer.

Are you a famous astrologer?

Other than in my own mind, no. The commercial side of astrology is focused almost exclusively around writing horoscope columns and astrology books. Those are both worthy endeavors, however personally I enjoy the hands on side of astrology - interacting with clients, solving problems, getting feedback etc. At heart I'm a practicing astrologer and not an astrology author. I enjoy helping people improve their relationships, and I would rather be doing that than any of the 1001 marketing tasks required to become a "brand name" astrologer.

With that said, I've written over 3,000 articles on relationship astrology based on the huge data samples my career has been able to provide. Initially these were just to educate staff and clients, however in more recent years (2006) the internet provided a logical place to share them with even more people.

One thing to keep in mind throughout this site is that every person and relationship is unique. For brevity we have to start somewhere, and generalizing by sun sign is a good place. Sun signs offer only a pencil sketch though. We need all the other planets and constellations to see the complete picture.

Sometimes that pencil sketch is a good summary, sometimes it isn't. The articles on this site then aren't intended to replace a real compatibility reading. With billions of possible permutations no website, book or app can.

My goal is to show "there's something to this astrology thing" and hopefully encourage you to try a real reading at some point. If you're skeptical so much the better - I was too! Convincing skeptical people that astrology really has something behind it is one of the best parts of my job!

I have been looking over your astrology report with horror and fascination all week. You probably get this a lot, but the accuracy of this astrologyanalysis is absolutely staggering. You have got me utterly pegged - too many hits to be coincidence and too specific to be skewed by my imagination - my world view has been forever altered.

Victor B

The above is some fairly typical feedback from a first time client. Typically I get several emails like this each week, basically saying "wow, astrology actually works?!"

Contacting me on Facebook, Twitter etc

Because the majority of relationship questions are personal in nature I find that social networking sites aren't very useful for what I do. Typically people receiving relationship advice don't want the world to see it, so 99% of my time is spent in private messages, which really defeats the purpose. For this reason I now almost exclusively use email for customer communication, as it makes controlling privacy much simpler. I include my email address with every astrology reading.

You're welcome to friend or follow me on social networking sites (I'm @strology on Twitter for example) however I rarely use such sites as 99% of my time is spent preparing readings and answering email relationship questions. For those, please feel free to contact me. I never sell email addresses, and I never send email advertising.

Thanks for visiting this site, I hope you find the subject as fascinating as I have!