Affair with a Libra man

i am an aquarius woman and he is a married libra man.. I know it sounds so horrible but we met thru mutual friends and stayed friends for months.. we talked about everything even about guys i was dating, his kids and wife..but 1 night we kissed and i cant stop longing for his kiss everyday since.. our relationship has been growing into this great well i can say love...he is the sweetest man ive ever met.. hes very attentive and super caring and protective..corny charismatic.. a now great lover.. i did have to break him in but once he caught on the passion has been tremendous.. he has even become jealous when my ex comes around.. I truly feel we are soul mates we text and talk everyday about everything..but our relationship is hard cause like i said hes married.. and from what i have read above it may seem that our relationship might not make it past this.. what do i do? I dont want to lose this mans friendship but the lust cannot be surpassed... HELP!!!

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Flirtatious and Fiiiine
by: Anonymous

I've know this libra guy who I go to school with. My first class with him was three years ago. Right then I found him very good-looking and different. To make a long story short, we've flirted with each other, and even considered hooking up. Nothing ever happened. Now, I still can't get him out of my mind. I was devastated when I found out he recently got into a serious relationship. He doesn't know I know but, I'm still head over heals for him. I tried my best to lose those feelings.

so stupid
by: Anonymous

Girls sick like you are terrible. why do you go for a married man. think more. and if he does that to his current wife now, he will do the same alter to heurt your feeling. are you really that brainless. think with real!

I Feel fory You
by: Anonymous

Yes, those Libras are too charming. I know your situation isn't the best but, I know it's hard to let go. You have to pray every day.

Libra men are pretty loyal...
by: Anonymous

Libra men are pretty loyal to their partners although they love to flirt and love the attention they usually get because of their unmistakable charm. If a Libra man is involved in a real affair then I would have to assume that they are either not completely happy with their partner or they are not head over heals in love with them. Only time will tell whether or not he will continue his relationship with you and in my opinion may not have anything to do with YOU and your relationship together. It is more likely that your future will hang in the balance of his committed marriage. If his wife does not meet his expectations in the bedroom, cannot create the serene, organized home he requires or if there is constant conflict at home then you will probably get your man. BUT if his wife wises up to his needs you will forever just be his second choice.

I can relate
by: Nushka

I too am in a relationship where i am having an affair with a married libran man. It is all i have ever dreamed of, might i let u know i am an Aquarian. We have a child from the union and he is as sweet now as then. the child is now 3 months old
girl just follow ur heart. The sex is the best i have ever had in all my life...and we communicate well on all levels. He cannot lie. when confronted and he is guilty he becomes withdrawn. I LOVE him so much.

Me Too
by: LibraLover

I just got out of a relationship with a married Libra male so believe me I know what you're going through. We actually started the same way you did, as friends. And a year later, Im so drained of him. The passion, arguments, and stress was too much. Its been about 4 weeks and he's still in my system. All I can say is make a clean break. No "checking up on you" phone calls, no facebooking, emails, instant messenger chats...nothing. This has been the most intense relationship I've been in in a long time. But, he doesnt want to leave his spouse, so I could not go any further and neither should you.

by: Anonymous

Shame on you for getting involved with a married men. I hate homewreckers. It's one thing that you were unaware that he's married, but it's a whole different thing to know he is married. You are such a stigma to womankind. A man who cheats on his wife, will cheat on you undoubtedly. I wouldn't be surprised if you are one of his many mistresses.

As for Libra men being loyal. Umm, no they are not. Very few are loyal. Most of them are cheaters, not because they are charming, but because they are smooth talkers. They know the art of flirting. Then again, anyone who knows how to flirt and sweet talk will have many girls because women are suckers for flattery. I hate how dumb women can be. Charm isn't attributed to an specific sign. Charm is something you are either born with or not. Just because one is a libra, doesn't mean they are charming. I'm an aquarius, and often told I'm charming. Stop justifying their cheating ways by saying "oh thye can't help themselves because they are so charming". I'm charming, but I don't cheat. Libra is a cheater because they are attention seekers.

by: Anonymous

Hi there I'm a lebra man and when u guys say that we r charming I can't see it I've tried flirting with girls and they think I'm a joke right now i still have feelings for this Aquarius women but she ignores me and everything if u know any thing I can do to win her over plz tell me

To the libra man seeking guidance with Aquarius girl
by: Anonymous

I'm an aquarius through and through. My sun, moon and ascendant are all in Aquarius. For guidance with the Aquarius girl, first tell me what is it that you like about her. What intrigues you about her that you have feelings for her? Then, I can give you ideas on how to get into her heart ;) lol

To Anonymous
by: Anonymous

To: none
by: Anonymous

Hi there I'm a lebra man and when u guys say that we r charming I can't see it I've tried flirting with girls and they think I'm a joke right now i still have feelings for this Aquarius women but she ignores me and everything if u know any thing I can do to win her over plz tell me


Ignore her, do not show interest. Push hard away, and then pull her a little close etc. Show no emotion & stop caring & she will come your way. BECOME A CHALLENGE/Unattainable & she will want to be with you.

Married Libra is Horrible
by: Anonymous

Libra man if you want ladies to attract to you, you better not to speak as a joke. you have to be serious and speak from your ability and knowledge. A charming Libra man is usually come from a Libra who is still bachelor, unmarried, still a student as I knew. A married Libra is another case. I as Virgo, I met one married Libra who tried to flirt with me- his sound is unreal-he could not find the right words. I observed it is lousy and boring. But if he speaks and acts from his intellect, he is good. Not all Libra men and women are smart or beautiful; I don't think so. Lots of them are muscular as a Scorpio and looks horrible in appearance both of them. No offense. I'm Virgo won't lose my sleep.

cancer man having an affiar with aquarius woman
by: Anonymous

I am a married cancer man having an aquarius mistress , I enjoyed the relationship because she was out going and I was concetrating on my family now she is pragnant but she says the baby is not mine, it was once off mistake, she loves me. I am deeply hury , I feel like leaving her, but the sex with her is good. I fail to forgive her. What must I do.

libra man affair with aquarius woman
by: pinkpalmarosa

I have a 52 year old single female,aquarian friend who is having an affair with a 55 year old married libra man.libra men never stop being interested in the ladies!their relationship started as friends and developed. She says they have a mental connection that his wife cannot provide. Let me add that my friend is a very attractive, slim woman.

who knows
by: Anonymous

Girl I feel you... but what is it about us aquarians and married libra men? I adore mine and I don't feel like a home wrecker at one wants to destroy someone elses marriage but if its right its right. You women that let your marriage get to the point that your man has to go out and find someone like me are nothing shorter than fools. Treat him right and he won't go out on the prowl so don't blame the mistress blame yourself... sorry but the truth hurts and it is what it is.

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