Aquarian guys what the hell?

by ronda

im in a relationship with an aquarian guy. im a pisces. at first everything was great, we had lots of sex, then it became less and less frequent, and the hugs started dissapearing. we still hang out a bunch, but he is not as warm with me. he hates answering his phone and i have constant worries that he is interested in other people, he (the great aquairian truth seeker) has lied to me a few times in the past. everytime we hang out is great ! we have almost the same interests and humor, but he has gone cold. what up with that? any thoughts?

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To the gentle-hearthed Pisces
by: Anonymous

Sorry to laugh at your story (though your story is painful, and my laughing is cruel), but my message had to begin like that.
I am an Aquarius bastard. Although I seem like a bastard, I can feel your pain and I would like to help you. I feel that it should be my karmic duty to explain the unconsidered and painful Aquarian behavior and to offer you a relief.
I might have done that too (and I certainly disappear). My dancing partner is Pisces, so I know how gentle souls Pisces have (note: to me that is boring).
Explanation: HE HAS LOST INTEREST IN YOU = he does not have faith in you = he does not see his future with you = he hoped that you would change, but you didn't . . . . = he lost interest in you. You should turn a new page in your life.
………….. Here I could write a lot, but it is worthless. Be reasonable and pragmatic as all women are, and move on with your life – without him. To him you were just an episode in his life, and he obviously tries to start a new one.
I hope you can handle the truth. Good luck

my comment.:)
by: Anonymous

okay i am also a pisces and i am dating an aquarius. and i have the same problems as you do only not to the same extent. when my boyfriend gets a little space-y(i know that isnt the right word but hopefully you understand what i mean)i just wait. i wait until it passes. if it doesnt pass, try to fix it. my aquarius and i communicate with eachother alot! we dont hold i dont know if it is the same in your relationship but talking may do the trick. Ask him STRAIGHT UP! go from there depending on the answer you get. also keep in mind that aquarians guys like their individuality. my boyfriend and i are in a very serious relationship but at times he needs his own space, now being a pisces it was very hard at first for me to give him that space but i am all about what he needs and wants. thats just the way that i am. try not calling for a while. he has your number right? he'll get ahold of you if he is really into this. if i have learned anything in this relationship its that he will get what he wants. =] good luck!!!

A relationship needs giving and receiving from both sides!
by: Anonymous

I'd listen to the first comment . Move on . He's lost interest in you. The second comment just proved how "weak" a Pisces is . It's not only about what he wants and needs, it's about you too! If you're in a VERY SERIOUS relationship like you stated then he should have compromised abit. Why is it just you? Maybe in the beginning, he'll be flattered but soon he'll get bored because he does need abit of will from you, Pisces. If he can walk all over you so easily, he'll slowly distant himself from you. It sounds to me , it's a relationship of convenience for him till he can find THE ONE!

Aquarius Male
by: Dahron

Ok, to answer your question. Aquarius males LOVE sex. You both had each other at that point,because i know it was full of life. But you lost him when you started to get "clingy". By clingy, I mean when you start putting your emotions into it. Aquarius' are very well against letting our emotions get the best of us. If there are emotions involved, your best bet is to count us out. A nother thing you did wrong is trying to make him all yours, you messed up BIG TIME, we love our freedon, and he felt as if you were taking that away from him. If an aquarius likes you, HE WILL LET YOU KNOW, we only are attracted to people we know that will make us use our minds, we are very observant, thats how we know who those people are. We sit and observe, then we make our move, may not all happen at once, but we will.


im in a relationship with an aquarian guy. im a pisces. at first everything was great, we had lots of sex, then it became less and less frequent, and the hugs started dissapearing. we still hang out a bunch, but he is not as warm with me. he hates answering his phone and i have constant worries that he is interested in other people, he (the great aquairian truth seeker) has lied to me a few times in the past. everytime we hang out is great ! we have almost the same interests and humor, but he has gone cold. what up with that? any thoughts?

i know your pain
by: broken gem

aquarius men are cold and heartless i wasted 3 years with one im a gemini and im supposed to be compatible with them i will never get another aqua man all the other women can have them i gave him my heart he gave me stone all he cared about was his friends so they can have his ass funny thing is since i left him and dont want him back all of a sudden he wants me he loves me so he says if him ignoring me and not coming home some nights was his love he can keep it my advice hunny is to move on his hot cold nature is no good for a beautiful pisces becouse you actually have a heart he has an ice box sorry about the long rant the break up is only 3 months old

to all
by: Anonymous

having Aquarius is sick.. no emotion means no passion.. how can you do sex with no emotion? unless they are not human right? hahahhaa..let, go girl, i hope aquarius male will find a woman that will love them with all their heart, despite of being manipulative, control freak, hot and cold, not sweet, insensitive, and childish. Good luck.. Pisces girl, just want to have love and care dont you get it aqua boy?

1 lesson u girls forget
by: Anonymous

did your ex-boyfriend aquarius forget to tell u girls before broke up,for not blame others when some shits happens to you?if so,then that is their fault.lets blame them 4 it!

In the Dark
by: Anonymous

As this is hard for me to admit but I am going to....I was seeing an Aquarius man whilst I was already in a relationship with another man. I told the Aquarius man I had a boyfriend I was totally honest with him about it all as I was unsure of what I wanted. I saw this man for about 5 months on the side, we both had feelings for each other and he always use to tell me he did he was very open about it. He told me he was single and really wanted to be with me and wanted me to leave my man. As time went on I started to like him more and more......But I did not see him all the time and he use to make up a lot of excuses and I had a feeling he was lying. So I confronted him via the phone and said I thought he was lying. He carried on saying he wasn't so then I thought maybe I was just not trusting enough. Anways I did the one thing that you just don't do with Aquarians tell them you are falling for them....After that he backed off, then he called me and said he wanted to meet up with me to talk.

We met up and spoke and told me he was going to jail and that he was so sorry because he wants to be with me, and that as soon as he gets out he hopes we can be together. Yes as sad as I feel to admit this I fell for it. He put on this big show saying that he cares for and carried on about how he is scared to go to jail.

Anyway I did some research and found out he had a girlfriend and he had been with her for 2 years....So I sent him a message asking why he lied.....I never heard anything back. Then about a month later I bumped in to him while I was out he kept looking at me but did not approach me. Why didn't he just be honest, we were both in the same boat. so many questions run through my head I just don't understand. Why did he not bother to even come up to me and say sorry doesn't he care at all.....In a sense I know it is karma, I only have myself to blame I guess. The nost stupid part is I still care for him....I hate it!

Please tell me your views as I know you will be some what harsh but honest.

so sad, but keep moving your life
by: Anonymous

i feel you sister. im sorry to hear what happen to you. one thing should be remembered, player will always be a player, no matter what sign they are.

i see you still care of him. but is the feeling bigger than you care yourself? care yourself more, sister!

you should be thankfull that at least you already know the truth (or 'truth'? still questionable but it's not important for now) before it's too late.

one thing for sure,that aquarians are so expert in psychological thing. that's just make the distinction of being an aquarians' victim or other sign's victim : you hate yourself why you still care of him.

but once again, a jerk will always be a jerk. care yourself more, keep rolling.

- aquarius good boy (:

In the dark
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice I guess it just takes time :)

Immature and Confused
by: Aquarian Male

Sounds like these guys are immature and confused. I remember seeing dating as a fun game when I was younger, as well as sex. However, underdeveloped individuals such as teenagers and folks who just don't want to grow up (regardless of sign) aren't really in control of themselves. I think any underdeveloped sign will run wild with their negative and positive traits. Through the years I have learned as an Aquarian not to jump into relationships. That is why we stand off and take time. The Aquarian that moves fast is immature and still figuring out life. The one taking his time is most likely doing so because if he takes the plunge it will be for good. There is a conflict in us (at least me anyway). I have actually stayed in clingy, controlling relationships instead of fleeing because I do not want to hurt someone. However, I do find that I tend to manipulate the situation so the the offending (clinging/restrictive/demanding/controlling) individual breaks it off instead. But believe me I give plenty of chances to correct the situation. But once again, as a 'fence walker' I want the person to correct it out of their own will, and not my influence, so while I would like to communicate, I also don't want to shape the situation to tailor me. Anyone I can bend to my will is not interesting to me anymore. See the complex thought process of the Aquarius? Those who really do damage on purpose or lie are just idiots. They would be that anyway no matter what sign they were. They would just do it in a different way.

Not so confused anymore
by: Anonymous

Hey thanks for your feed back.....We actually bumped in to each other and sorted it out. The truth is he does not admit to being with that girl when he was with me but he said that she was as you said controlling and a clingy person and did not want to let go of him he said they got together again after me and they tried to work things out but he did not feel the same way about her. He said he did not want to tell me because he was embarrist that he had lied and dealt with the situation the way he did. He said he lied and left me alone because he had feelings for me and because I was in a relationship he did not want to get hurt. I am sort of seeing him again he wants me to move in with him but honestly dont think i can trust him after all that has happened. Things between us have gotten a lot better but I think I will pace myself this time as I dont want to get hurt by him once again.....

Aquarius picses

Im an Aquarius but I was born on the last day so that means I am born on the cusp of Aquarius and picses. I think like an Aquarius but I love like a picses and I can be sensitive at times so I feel your pain about getting attached to a man! I would never date another aqua tho.. They make really good friends to me but other then that we are just not compatible.. Im more attracted to Leo's <3 maybe you should try dating a Virgo since they are your opposites and opposites always attract ;)

uh about that. . .
by: not your typical Aquarius girl

I'm an Aquarius girl dating a Pisces guy. I dunno what to tell you cos I'm going through the same thing but its mostly his fault. you see Aquarius ppl generally stop showing they care when they feel like they are not being appreciated. my bf drops me home on his car everyday and I always kiss him when I get down. . . but lately I've stopped cos he always pushes me away. he doesn't like it when I show him I care and he doesn't like it either if I ignore him. I think he just likes to take it for granted that I like him. . . but you know it just hurts when ppl can't return the same attention you give them. so i'v stopped with the hugs and kisses. i'v stopped initiating phone calls and all that. I will deny myself the pleasure and comfort of hugging him and all that just so he knows how it feels to be treated the way he treats me. oh and about sex. . . he says I'm the wild one and he's the passionate one but gosh he really is horny though he's unwilling to admit it. if your aqua guy is being distant its either cos he wants your attention even more or he just simply needs a little time alone. I dont think he's one to hurt your feelings and if he isn't feeling it he'l most probably just tell you up front. remember aquarius ppl hate to pretend. so whatever you see is what you get. . . hope this helps.

sigh--- aquarius man broke me
by: Anonymous

3yrs with an aquarius man: biggest waste of time
hey think the are always right and everybodyelse is always wrong.

my ex of 3yrs together(on and off, as you figure, he kept leaving and coming back twice) i am pisces. he always ALWAYS had a way to try to justify his bullshit and he beleived he was right!!! so bad!! but me no matter how wise and grounded i am, my friends think i m the best psychologist, he kept saying i made NO SENSE AT ALL.

Emotional Maturity
by: Anonymous

I've read all the comments about how horrible Aquarius men are in relationships. I like this Aqua guy and I'm a Pisces. Right now he's just courting me, and we get along fine. I have to agree with what the Aqua guy said to the first Pisces comment. Relationships are 50/50 if you skew that ratio then your destined to be screwed by any sign period.
At first I'm not gonna lie the Aqua male was confusing as hell. Hot-n-Cold all day, everyday until I communicated with him that I wasn't playing his games. After that he has definately changed. He was NEVER touchy-feely,now he's all over me. He initiates everything now without hesitation, and we respect each other. I feel most Pisces women just put up with the Aqua male's unpredictable ways in fear of losing the Aqua male.
If that's the case you need to mature emotionally, and get over it. As a Pisces woman I have learned that if one guy doesn't workout then another one alway's comes walking through the door. Pisces you have a magnetic quality that attracts everyone to the point of awe. (especially for the pisces being showered with attention)
P.S. I'm also being chased down now as well by an old Aquarius fling that tried to play me awhile ago. And guess what he knows I'm not giving in EVER! Pisces to stand a chance against Aquarius you need to have an identity, and hold your own. Aquarius men respect that, and like my man says crave that in a woman. Once you do that the mature Aquarius men will never get bored with you. Because your not a push over, which shows your independent his biggest turn on.

by: Assia

Aquarius man wants you when you are not there. after he breaks up HE LOVES YOU MORE. When you're together, he will pick on you for being emotional (no drama queen, just wanting to talk about feelings) they're self righteous, they ALWAYS have something to justify themselves, but don't dare justifying yourself.
When you are going through a difficult time, pray to god you have no problems together, because he won't be there if he's upset with you(usually about petty crap) aquarius people project on others , hateful, insensitive. and WE DON'T CARE IF YOU AQUARIUS PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THE WORLD. I m pisces, everyone will tell you we care about the world and have ahuge heart, but we also love deeply. AQUARIUS have intimacy problems, the more they love you , the worse they treat you. they're amazing friends cause they don't feel any obligation towards friends.
i can go on and on but i can tell you i spent 3yrs with an aqua, who broke up with me twice and i got back ... until he dumped me one last time, cause i wasn't a bitch, i needed a thick skin and some head games. he didn't even sympathize with what i was going through, because he's selfish and it doesn't help him to be there for me or even check on me.

stay away from aqua, they got extremely excited about you and engaging until you fall in love, then you're no longer mysterious and you're as good as a ... well nothing.

WTH?...Aquarius Men
by: Lady Leo

Aquarius Man + Leo Woman = NOT.
I know that we should not judge a person by their zodiac sign but for some reason, the Aquarius men I've dated share the same qualities. Aquarius men are not loyal or faithful enough for me - a Leo woman - for a relationship. We have had fun times together but they can't/won't COMMIT. Dated 3 Aquarius men (at different times/different occasions) and all disappointed me with the cheating/infidelity, broken promises and lies...and also always like to keep you guessing (I hate that game). Don't disagree with them because they swear they know everything and they're always right. You know that saying "Better as friends, not as lovers"; well, I'm not so sure about that because when I did see them (as friends), they still tried to get back with me. So I figure that friendships with them won't work. Got tired of the BS and moved on (I am far from bitter and am very happy now with peace of mind). Been with them when they didn't have a job/money; loved them when they thought noone cared; and even got along with the children (whom I loved and they loved me to death). If they (Aquarius men) keep on being aloof/distant, cheating/lying to their partner and don't/won't commit to a relationship, then they will miss out on the best love/relationship in their life and end up being alone, lonely or miserable. As a matter of fact, one of the Aquarius men I've dated got married after we broke up and now they are getting a divorce. Coincidence?...I think not. BTW,the sex wasn't all that great either. CHEATING + LYING + BEING A KNOW-IT-ALL = JERK.

give & take
by: Anonymous

The only reason aquarius man is aloof and detached for a very simple reason...we want some attention, appreciation and we feel that our partners are neglecting and taking us for granted...aquarius people loose interest because we give too much affection and it doesn't return back equally...relationship for aquarius is give & take...Try it! AQUARIUS MAN

Lying pos
by: Anonymous

Yeah I found out mine lied about everything. He said he got into trouble and is facing jail time. Ha bs.. He wasn't man enough to just say he couldn't handle a relationship with me. I was never clingy or dependent on him. I always gave him space because I needed mine too. He told me a bunch of bs a week prior to breaking up saying how much he loved our relationship and he wasn't going anywhere. He dumped me the day before my Birthday because of his fabricated lie of getting into trouble earlier that week. He said " i dont want to bring you Down with me. You're to good for me. I have too much baggage. I'm facing jail time" Perhaps, this was all thought out and prefabricated?! Eh eff him.

what was i thinking
by: sensitive cancer

I have been with my aquarius for 3 years. We had sex the first day we met. I was attracted to him because he had a sexy body and the sex was mind blowing. So we started chilling and smoking everyday. Well a year down the line came a beautiful baby girl. Thats when he decided he wanted to be in a relationship with me. He became both verbally and physically abusive. He had such a way with words that made me feel as if he loved me so much but he still treated me like shit. He loves to play the whole baby mama baby daddy card because he feels like that makes me feel secure in what we have. He is stingy, selfish, confusing, and after this experience i dont want another friendship/relationship with another aquarius male.....

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