Are Taurus men loyal?

by Fong
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

A saw a lot of comments about Taurus being players? One good example is George Clooney?

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edited my post
by: Fong

My question is how do I know if he is into me? How do I know if he is a player or not.

I dated a taurus guy before and it didn't seem he took too long to decide if they want to leave the relationship even tho he liked me very very much in the beginning. Now I am kind of scare of dating this taurus guy because of that. I am a leo girl and I know leo and taurus is supposed to be hard in the beginning. However, it wasn't hard for me with my ex taurus nor this taurus .. seems like they both like me from the first sight.

Dating and relationship is so hard... don't want to get hurt but.. you won't know until you try... sigh! Need some advice here please.

The REAL side of Taurus Men!
by: Aphrodite Bull

Taurus men are actually the MOST conservative men in the zodiac. Seriously. Do not let the 'playboy image' or outgoing personality fool you. This man is very shy and introverted. This means do not expect any verbal communication of Shakespeare sonnets to transmit to you. He is silent, observant, and very protective of himself. Because Tauruses set high ethical standards, they're under the impression that the entire world is dishonest...but them. Which is why he thinks he is ALWAYS right and knows the most! He will keep you at arms length because of this. But this is just the slow initial stage. When he is not with you or calling you, he's doing his homework, which includes gathering info about you. You may see him at a location, and he may just merely say 'hi' and nothing else. This will leave you baffled. But the entire time he's watching you when he thinks you're not looking. He's observing how you interact with other people...and carry yourself. Loud, vulgar, disrespectful, and cheap women turn him off. Also, this man has a jealous streak. The thought of you flirting with another man will drive him nuts. In his presence, avoid this at all costs!

Persistence and patience are the two key factors to attract a Taurus man. This man will have no problem holding your interest. Although he is shy and introverted, he carries a strong silent confidence. His magic? Working you with his sensual kisses, spoiling you, making you feel as if you're the most important person in the world, and then...DISAPPEARING for a couple of days....

He's not playing games with you. Tauruses are 'old mature souls' and beyond game playing. He's assessing you. But he needs a break from you to do so. Pick and choose your words wisely. Avoid being pretentious. He can spot a phony with his eyes closed. He has an impressive memory, and is perceptive to bullsh$t. So if you're someone who lies or manipulates, the two of you won't last very long.

How to keep a Taurus interested? Taurus is ruled by Venus. I hate to admit it, but you're dealing with a vain man. Be very attractive, and take personal pride in your appearance. Be a great cook. This Taurus LOVES to eat! Suggest art shows, jazz concerts, wine tastings, but couple them up with sports, beer, and buffalo wings! An all-nighter sex romp would be a definite bonus.

What isn't said to you will be shown through romantic gestures and plenty of affection. Why? Because he wants to be with you, and no one else. If he feels that you're whining about non-verbal emotional communication, then he will sense you're either insecure or a pain in the @ss! His response "I'm here aint I?"

If your man is a Taurus, consider yourself LUCKY! He is very dogmatic,quick temepered, non-communicative, stubborn, and at times can come across as a sarcastic @sshole, but keep in mind, he's got your back, and there is nothing in this world that he wouldn't do for you!

BTW, I am a Taurus woman. My brother is also a Taurus.

Thx Aphrodite Bull
by: Fong

Thanks for the detail explantation. That makes me feel better. I also talked to him about not returning my phone call at night. He reasurre me that he is not a player. Hope he is a honest person.

I hope you are right also. We will see.


shall i stay or shall i go
by: pisces woman

He's my first Taurus man and how true what's been said here. Almost no communications - very few text, phone calls, email and no instant messaging even if he shows avb in Gtalk.

When we do see each other, the feeling's strong. Unlike most men, he doesn't bullshit. I love his dark humour and am attracted to his almost gloomy view of life. He's romantic, affectionate, and we share some most sweet intimate moments.

The downside.. He lied about the divorce. At the beginning he told me he was divorced for one year and later admitted that it was only a bit more than one month when we first met.

I start to wonder if I'm just here to bridge thru a difficult time - and equally bad, is he trust-worthy? (he cheated on his wife which finally led to the divorce)

He sorta apologized for appearing to be cold or distant. Since his ex-wife's been thinking moving back to their original country with the kids, whom he can't live without, he might not be here for too long.

I should probably leave it all behind but I know I wouldn't be able to say no if he asks me out.

am i doomed? :(

shall i stay or shall i go
by: fong

Sound likes yours lied to you in the beginning already and he cheated on his ex-wife? hm... for me once a cheater, always a cheater, and you found out he lied? Why stay? I am sure you can find someone better than a liar right?

For my case, he does call me or message me once every 2 days if I don't communicate with him. The problem I still have is I feel kind of distance from him since I am leo girl, I do need alot of attention. Not sure if it will last but I am trying not to whin about he will disappear or 1 or 2 days.

I also read about Taurus, you have to let him chase you. If he knows that he aleady has you then you are doomed! I think I am partially doomeed LOL... when I am with him, ya, he makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world, pay all the attention to me. However, that also making me feel like that sounds like a player... have found anything to proof it tho. Hate that feeling, the insecure feeling.

Dating is hard!

The Real Deal about Taurus
by: Brama Bull

I am a taurus man and I have been married for almost nine years. I am on the verge of a divorce myself. I can understand what everyone is saying when they say that a taurus man is more likely to stay in a bad marriage and cheat vs. breaking it off and starting new. Its a very very hard thing for me to imagine leaving someone that at one point I pledged my heart to Especially when we have two kids ourselves. The one these other people are not saying is that when a taurus has made his mind up and is set on his next move there is not an army in the world that can change it. Granted I have been thinking about this decisoion for over a year now but that is only because at the very least for the sake of love a taurus man will do everything in his power to make it work like i have but when he reaching the breaking point and his heart is closed for business it is almost impossible to reopen it.
Now as far as the taurus men who string girls along I can understand that because i have done that myself but what most women dont understand is that if you can take it extremely slow with an unhappily married man and get him to fall in love with you then you have achieved to first step in getting him. Then all you have to do is be patient. but if you end up giving up the booty to early or start nagging him about leaving then he take a step back and consider you a booty call. Sad i know but the truth is no taurus man likes change but if he is compelled by love he has have for another women then there is no stopping him. Trust me i know b/c i am currently in love with a virgo(a more compatible sign i might add) who i have known for 5 years. She sophisticated and classy. We have always stayed plutonic but there has always been undeniable energy between us. The more that i am around her the more i realize that she is the one for me. If we crossed the line in the past then I know that it would have ended in a broken heart for her. I'm older now and the one thing i refuse to be is unhappy no matter what situation i am comfortable in. I love my wife but i haven't been in love her for quite some time. I am like LL CooL J and "I need love" and i think found the women that can give it to me in a way that sustains me. For most taurus men they get married at an early age to disastrous results. Its usually after that do they truly find what they want. Another factor that plays into you women getting heartbroken is the maturity of the man that you are with. If the man isnt really mature than chances are he will dissapoint you. Taurus men have wonderful natural qualities but it depends on the person. Lets not forget Hitler. Naturally So if you find yourself in a situation as the other women and the taurus man you seek is worth it then be prepared to wait and make him fall in love with you. A well played seduction will capture any taurus mans heart. Being sensual beings we are susceptive to seduction. We actually would love it.

The Real Deal about Taurus
by: Doomed

Brama Bull,

What do you mean "but if you end up giving up the booty to early "? So if you stop having sex with him then he will probably end the relationship?

Since Taurus men don't tell too much about his feeling to others, how do I know if he is after only booty call? or if he is really falls in love with me?

I kind of feel like he is taking a step back but I am not so sure. He still want to do things together on my date off. The last time I spent a night in his house, we didn't have sex. He still want to spend time with me on my day off. Does it sound like he is taking a step back or something else?

I have read that Taurus men likes to chase. Maybe he treated me like this because he knows I am already doomed? What step can I take to go back the he chasing me stage? haha.. please help.

to the married taurus player
by: Anonymous

that taurus man is talking bull, he sounds like a player... these men talk about love, but if they really loved anyone they would not start new relationships , whilst they are married.. if your unhappy in your marriage why should a woman wait on you, waiting on a married man to make is mind up is a mugs game, he is using you matter what star sign he his

To Anonymous who called Taurus a player
by: Aphrodite Bull

He speaks the truth. Why would he choose to lie on a forum? Tauruses are possessive by nature and DO have a difficult time letting go. This is why we tend to be overly-cautious when choosing a mate. But being stubborn natural bulls, if we're miserable to the point of no return, not even an army will be able to sway our decision. His marriage is pretty much over! Trust me, he will end it. If you evaluated his genuine appreciation and respect for his female Virgo, then you would know this man was NOT a player.

The 'Taurus Players' who play the field {when they're single} do it for the sole purpose of preventing themselves for being placed in sticky situations like this. This is why we over-assess every one we come in contact with. Our stubborn and resilient nature prevents us from letting go and admitting we made a mistake. But once a decision is made, it can NEVER be reversed. He's on his way out of his marriage. POINT BLANK!

what makes a taurus stray?
by: Anonymous

I thought I was in a good relationship with my taurus partner of over two years. We have had some moments when he thought I was flaky but overall the relationship has been stable and solid with good sex and both beening there for each other. We had a seemingly good relationship..but then I found out that he cheated on me with someone that I thought was a business associate turned out that she had been an old girlfriend. The month of him acting different he did let me know that he did not think I wanted him..I had been preoccupied with a lot of family and work related issues that had me very stressed. He was also dealing with stuff, but we were working thur our differences.. How did someone so loyal who said that he would walk away before he would cheat on me..ended up cheating. I am a gemini and I think now I must have been sending him wrong messages..but all seemed good and loving..I was really blindsided by this event. The breakup has been involved. He wanted to talk but I said for what? Now I wish we had communicated better. Your thoughts on what may have led to this out of relationship affair. Is there any hope of working out our relationship?

reply to what makes a Taurus stray
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini Woman dating a Taurus Man. We are only 5 months into our relationship. I would have to say that you already know what made him stray. Men are men and need your love and attention, I have had moments that I am stressed about family, and work. I get distracted easily and he is so patient with me but I know deep down I need to work on this to keep him happy and I NEVER take him for granted. That is probably where you went wrong. Love always needs to be constantly tended to or it will fade. It takes work! I love my Taurus man so so much, he is wonderful, so loyal, would do absolutely anything for me, showers me with attention, loves to cuddle, he is thoughtful, and most of all I trust him unconditionally. I am realistic though, if I were to start neglecting him, he would disappear eventually, its human nature. You have to appreciate what you have every day, that is my advice, no matter how you feel, always take time to let him know how great he is and he will do anything for you...

will i fall in love with him
by: what should i do nextwill

I met this taurus man about 4 months ago. When I was around him something deep inside me was pulling me 2 this man I'm a pisces woman I told him how he made me feel. Of cours he said I had a strong sprit also. Well I asked him out 2 eat but when its said give them a few days 2 think about it that's true cuz the first try was a no but when I asked 5 days b4 that day he said yes. So lunch was at my house. Wow I had it all planed cuz I think I want this man. Well I cooked a good meal n we both enjoyed it well back 2 when he can n my frount door I asked 2 hang up his coat. He asked me. You didn't give me a kiss when I came n I was unsure but I did n I made it quick cuz I'm goin 2 get this man I think. I let him smell a lot of oils I own n how I mix them up for many things like body rubs. He had a good time n told me next meal is on him when I have him over again. (Not sure y he said that ) I also told him I'm not rushing into sex cuz I want him I don't want him 2 think I'm a booty call he said he is n for more than sex so I'm not sure if he is truful with the thingshe say

Tauras are confusing...
by: Anonymous

,well, I have been around a number of tauras men as well as females... one thing stands out over and over again,they just say it like it is. It can be rude and down right disrespectful and they think nothing of it. I don't think they think their being rude, they just don't care at that given moment. I'll give you a piece of advice, stand up to them. Don't yell, scream and insult. Say with a solid firm voice your point and give them examples and they will listen. It might take them three days to come around, but they will. They like to banter and get off on regular intence conversations. One tauras male once told me, "I can control anything", I laughed. Seriously, if you think that, your life will be living hell. To CONTROL: is the ability to purposefully direct, or suppress, change. Well, to suppress is exactly what tauras people do, they turn you off. Like in relationships, if it's their idea and they want it the relationship, it will run 100% smoothly. If on the other hand they decide your being to clingy or controlling... clip, the cord is cut. They can master their own universe by trying to control, but a confident independent thinking man or women will challenge them and that is exactly what they want. Yes, fly paper attracts flies but why would anything so easy be attractive? As for loyal, i think that is something gained by how much trust is given. TRUST: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. 2. confident expectation of something; hope. 3. confidence in ... so, when it comes to relationships if you truly think of EQUALITY: It refers to the belief that all/some people ought to be treated equally. Well, That will make the best partner for a tauras...

My Taurus
by: Anonymous

To: Brama Bull

I love your post.... I would love to have an email conversation with you. I am a pieces female - and very same story. I would love to share with you - I don't want to wait forever for nothing - but I know he loves me deep.

A Married Taurus
by: Anonymous

To: Brama Bull

I have a question regarding being married and having someone on the side...

i made that mistake on letting myself get involved with a married man. (please dont judge me)
i knew what i was getting myself into. i was deeply hurt in a previous relationship and well maybe i just craving attention and he was the first to show to me. this Taurus man & i have been friends for 2 yrs. in the beginning, i told him i dont like to share my man when he first asked when he would be able to go to sleep with me. It took me about a year & i finally gave in to his seduction. After,i felt bad & i told him i couldn't do it anymore, he told me the same but he added "he enjoys my company and can't say no to u." (what does that mean)? i mean, i know what he is talking about but im referring towards feeling's?
We have ALOT of things in common. So much that at one point, i though he was agreeing with me just to agree with me. when he would talk about things, we had the same likes and value,i was like WOW!!! we text and email everyday. We both made it clear all we wanted was fun with no feeling involved. He already told me he is not planning on leaving his wife (w/2 kids & a son with an ex). In the beginning, he would tell me he didn't know what it was about me but he enjoys my company. We only had one misunderstanding. The last time we hung out, he gave me this nice big long squeeze and well, it put a question in my head & at the time,i didn't think anything of it. Until i started reading post from here and then that's when i got curious. We enjoy each others company very much and i know we are using each other for sex but his body & certain words are telling me different. He is very comfortable at talking about his immediate family(excluding his wife) & when he misses or even thinking about me though out the day. though, he does not want to leave his wife, why does he cheat on her? I know guys will be guys.
He has told me that he cares for me but i don't know how much and to some extent..
You being a Taurus, can possibly help me out on where his emotions and feelings when he tells me these things. he has that security to be able to discuss some feelings. but he did say that he doesn't want feelings to get involved...? i think they have on both sides.
i am also curious to know where his head is at with me & his wife...I know I shouldn't be messing around with a married man, my plans are to just stay as friends with him b/c he is a great listener. i don't ever want to lose his friendship even if it means to be his secret friend with out benefits b/c he's married. Eventually, i am going to tell him that the benefits will stop.
I hope this all makes sense. Can you help me out here? thanks for your feed back.

by: Anonymous

@ above comment that is currently messing with a married Taurus I am actually in the same position as you in a way the difference is that before he got married we dated each other for over a year we worked together and were always together he met my family and I met his we talked about our future and everything but due to my past when he asked me to be exclusive I got scared and shot him down..things changed after that, we broke up because his now wife hung taking the kids away from him over his head once again, we were madly in love and I still care for him he makes it know to immediate friends and me that he is in love with me and not her, but for whatever reason stays miserable in his marriage. I know everyone has a choice but he feels like being there for his kids is what he has to do right now, I'm moving on and told he we can be friends I did sleep with him a couple times.. the now wife is fully aware of me she has admitted that he has told her that he married her for the sake of there children and that he loves me... he will call me or text me out the blue to say he will always love me or he'll have mutual friends contact me..I know I need to probably move on but we have a awesome friendship..we have so much in common is a taurus ever leave??? I would never as him to and he knows that and I wouldnt expect him to be with me because he left either...I'm just confused by him...he disappears there pops back up...just tiring...need advice...please no one is perfect...

what am i to do?
by: Anonymous

I'm a Capricorn woman that has had a past relationship 3 different times with a Taurus man. We had always been able to keep a good friendship even after our relationship didn't work out.. he ended up going to jail and getting out starting a relationship with another woman and having 2 kids by her, but the whole time he was with her he would run around asking family and friends about me, when he seen me he would always want to touch me and hug.. we both have a passion for music and he would want me to sing on the songs he was rapping on.. one night we were out he asked me to come to his house and chill with him, i would turn him down because I once loved him hard and didn't want to mess up the friendship, but he kept insisting so I went over, of course he couldn't keep his hands to himself so, I kissed him back that ended up going further.. we ended up being together, but he would say that we were only friends.. for 9 months we stayed in this friendly but intimate relationship.. I ended up getting pregnant, but I lost it from the stress of catching him with other women, he insured me that he loved me and that he would never replace me for someone else because his mother that had passed loved me, but he didn't want to be seen with me other then in the car with me.. he started wanting me around all the time because I left him alone, but after going back he changed the way he was, started acting more like he loved me wanting with him every night.. I ends up picking him up from work one night and he wanted me to meet him at the gas station, knowing that one of the females that he messed around with works there it made me every upset so i called it off with him and started seeing only a friend that was a man, but before I cut him off he would put hickys on my neck just so another man would see and know that I belong to someone else, but he wants to only be friends.. I'm confused and don't understand, why not just be with me as in a relationship then play with my head.. I truly love him and he loves me, but why would he be so mad at me because I was with another man if he don't want me? He has loved me since we were kids, will he come back after this?

what am i to do?
by: Anonymous

I'm a Capricorn woman that has had a past relationship 3 different times with a Taurus man. We had always been able to keep a good friendship even after our relationship didn't work out.. he ended up going to jail and getting out starting a relationship with another woman and having 2 kids by her, but the whole time he was with her he would run around asking family and friends about me, when he seen me he would always want to touch me and hug.. we both have a passion for music and he would want me to sing on the songs he was rapping on.. one night we were out he asked me to come to his house and chill with him, i would turn him down because I once loved him hard and didn't want to mess up the friendship, but he kept insisting so I went over, of course he couldn't keep his hands to himself so, I kissed him back that ended up going further.. we ended up being together, but he would say that we were only friends.. for 9 months we stayed in this friendly but intimate relationship.. I ended up getting pregnant, but I lost it from the stress of catching him with other women, he insured me that he loved me and that he would never replace me for someone else because his mother that had passed loved me, but he didn't want to be seen with me other then in the car with me.. he started wanting me around all the time because I left him alone, but after going back he changed the way he was, started acting more like he loved me wanting with him every night.. I ends up picking him up from work one night and he wanted me to meet him at the gas station, knowing that one of the females that he messed around with works there it made me every upset so i called it off with him and started seeing only a friend that was a man, but before I cut him off he would put hickys on my neck just so another man would see and know that I belong to someone else, but he wants to only be friends.. I'm confused and don't understand, why not just be with me as in a relationship then play with my head.. I truly love him and he loves me, but why would he be so mad at me because I was with another man if he don't want me? He has loved me since we were kids, will he come back after this?

My Taurus
by: Anonymous

Ok, So I am not one to tell my story to the world but I would love some advise from Taurus men on this one. Ill try to keep it short because I know you guys dont like to read long notes (makes you nervous) oh and my spelling sucks (sorry--- Im a creative fish - not an english major). So...Couple years back I started working with this guy (he was married) I never paid him any mind..he was just another dude. I was married too but VERY unhappy and was in the process of growing the balls to say good bye. My focus was on my problems, marriage and kids. Well one week me and this Taurus went to Florida with several others at work for a sales convention. I have recently taken my heart from my husbands possession and saw this man in a very different light. The entire time I knew him ( a year or so) he had always (very politely and vague) mentioned that he was in a love less marriage but he never spoke down about his wife....just made comments about how at some point its just about the kids and things of that nature. Well I was in the same boat but never mentioned it and never thought of him other than a coworker ( a quite shy guy) until this trip. I cannot explain it but I fell in love with him that week. We discover that we have the same passion for music (same bands) wanted all of the same things out of life...just weird stuff and he started this gaze that made me fall even harder. We never touched one another physically but emotionally we bonded in a big way. The next few weeks at work were the best time of my entire life. I had never been so happy to go to work, or see someone ..hear someones voice - in my life. He was a stumbling fool around me and I was so nervous I couldn't speak but we could not wipe the grin off of our faces. Everyone had always said we were a lot alike - and all of these past things started coming back to me and I though - wow all this time my twin flame has been sitting in the other room. I almost lost my job due to this jack ass we worked with and he went to bat for me like you wouldnt believe. The story ends like this.... I dont work with him any more and for the last year we still kept in touch. He made lunch dates for us to meet up monthly and a few weeks ago (being the fish that I am) I called him up and just shot it straight. He was tongue tied and didnt know what to say but said that he never had feelings for me at all. I ended our friendship. The thing I forgot to mention is that we are connected through a music network and hes still posting songs with lyrics that are shaped around me. I am almost 110% sure he does have feelings for me the same as I do for him but he is too afraid to leave his unhappy marriage and doesnt know how to let her down.....Please thoughts from Taurus men or women...and its cool if you shoot me down about the married thing....I have my own thoughts on that.

Patience is a must
by: Anonymous

Patience is necessary with Taureans. After some months of long conversations, I am still waiting my Taurus to decide if we can let friends, neighbours, attorneys to know we are in a serious relationship, probably they already know..He never kept any secrets from me but I've never been in his home or have sex with him, I don't call him on a daily basis, to my friends he seems to be a serious man. Once bitten twice shy. It seems that he ran away from three ladies who had been in bed with him on the first date when he was younger. He helped me a lot in the beginning, his boss is a nice friend of mine, all his co-workers love me, he shows love with actions not with words. I don't neeed his money, in fact I can handle my financial affairs nicely while he struggles and complains about his job. Astrology taught me to understand his strange behaviour, when I talk with his male friends he never take his eyes from me, his jealousy is something I need to accept. He is afree man but has an huge family problem that can't be solved easily maybe it is the main reason..Only time will time if our affair is going to work.

Cheaters are liars believe theyll leave their!!
by: Anonymous

If a man will cheat on his wife,he is a liar!!!PERIOD....Why you want that is beyond me!He is lying to you...First off these men been married and alot of yall women that sleep with married men are usually the medication that a marriage need.He wont leave his comfort zone because he wont ever trust you because you were the other woman.After the thrill and sex is dull you wont trust him because he cheated with you and at some point if he starts to show you who he really is outside of yall sneaking around sleeping together,yourer going to think he will do it to you....AND HE WILL!!!You cant hide from God nor Karma!!Everything comes back on you.You get them to break covenant and your life with them will be empty!!!Nothing but be with someone takes more the goid sex and a few things in common that is a very High school way of seeing things which is why you are not married but the side chick....Self Respect is what its called#HappilyMarriedAquarius to Happily married Taurus

agree with cheaters are liars
by: Apple

I totally agree with the comments above. Don't be fool by cheaters. Well they maybe honest about how they feel about you at the moment they see you or talk to you but can they live without you? Yes, they can. It is obvious as me or any third person can see. It is hard to ignore sweet talk, the way that they made you feel you are the only one. However, if they really love you, they will not want to see you suffer in anyway. It is obvious that what they do are very selfish. Be wise. Love yourself and dont get fool by words. Feel it, listen to you heart, well your own heart may fool you sometimes too... So, I guess try to pull yourself out of the situation and look from the outside, you will see better!

I just hope that people Dont lie about stuffs like that, time past fast, we Dont have time to waste on people that Dont really love us. Run.... To find your real soulmate. It is hard but if u keep living in a dream, I know, you wont be able to find your soulmate, so wake up.

Still in the Dark
by: Anonymous

We had a minor break up and Taurus man left with another woman. Why would he say he misses me and still thinks of me? Is it a game to keep me waiting? I won't do that just wondered if anyone had this happen to them

taurean couple
by: Anonymous

I AMA TAUREAN AND SO IS MY HUSBAND.I DESCRIBE MYSELF AS A FUN LOVING PEROSON,LOVE ARTS,people who has a good sense of humor.when it comes to love,i got deeply inlove but sometimes i committed myself to someonewho loves me so much and do everything for me untill i get my feelings developed something special for him and when it happened i stay loyal even the moment i am not still into a person.I am stubborn and attracted to beautiful things but in a guy though sometimes i appreciate their looks i stay loyal and faithful to my husband are like that loyal and faithful.the only thing you would not like in a taurus like me is if you betrayed me then your world will be a disaster:-).we commit purselves but if you fool me i can fool you ten times...but we are great lover.;->

Still Misses me
by: Anonymous

Reply to (Still in the Dark)

My Taurus guy left because he didn't want to take it slow. He moved in with another woman. He would text or call me in the morning saying: I still think of you, I still miss you.

This is just a way they do so you keep the door open for them if things fall apart with what they have now. I put a stop to it. I told him do not call me and tell me those things while you are living with this woman. He hung up and I have not heard from him in over a month. Never let any man play head games with your heart.

to still in the dark
by: Anonymous

I agree. Listen to your heart to let their words fool you. If anyone loves another person, they will want to be with that person. Just by saying "I think about you every morning" do you believe? if they think about you then why they are not with you? Wake up. Time pass fast, don't waste on someone doesn't deserve you. Be strong! They are just using you to feed their ego when they need it. So selfish!

I need some a true bulls advice
by: Anonymous

Im a Leo woman, me and my taurss man have been going back and forth since 2009, I allwaysed ended the reason, why becuz I felt he didn't know how to treat me, Leo's love attention and were outgoing and we speak our mind. So me and my bull just recently reunited from a 6month breakup , at the time he moved Ohio and we decided to give another shot, so he relocated to we're I stay, we talked about marriage and our life together, Neolithic of the blue decided to get saved and you know what that means no sex before marriage, when he did that's i was glad but mad at thesametime. I blurted out " if I can't sex from you, I'll find a way from someone else. I so shocked and hurt that's said that when he brought it to my attention, I told him that I didn't. Ever since he got saved, our relationship has been worse... So my question I hurt will he come back, hes came back before, but this time I truly hurt him.. Help Taurus man

Does he like me
by: Anonymous

I am a virgo and there is this Taurus guy that i have know for a few months. When I first met him I thought he was attractive but i paid him no mind and kept going. We ran into eachother again with some mutual friends and still I thought he was cute but paid him no mind. He asked one of my friends if I was dating someone but thats it. Well we just recently saw eachother at a house party and we were both so drawn to eachother out of no where that neither one of us can figure out how it happened. He was so sweet and attentive, he rubbed my feet, my back,played with my hair and he told me that he gets along great with virgos and that he wants to cuddle with me because i fit next to him like a missing puzzle peice. We both have a very strong sexual urge and our chemistry is crazy. We exchanged numbers and I told him I wanted to date him and he said he was good with that. However, he only text me every couple of days and we have not seen eachother since the party. I can't stop thinking about him and I want him to be mine. What should I do?

Some advice
by: Taurean

I am a taurus, and for some of you women that are interested in us I do have some advice that I hope helps. First off all people are different, but if you find the Taurus man that is true blue such as I am, you will never have to worry about him cheating on you. There are a few things that can change our minds though, for instance if you find a single Taurus man and start telling him about previous relationships, it is a big turn off for us, we do not like anything that would threaten our stability in the relationship we are building with you. In addition we do love faithful women, and sometimes it will take some time for us to give you our heart if we are just getting out of a relationship, or if you are. I never sleep with the woman I am interested in the first time we get together, no matter how strong the connection is. There is much more but I am running out of space, leave a comment if you would like to know more.

should i stay or go pisces woman
by: Anonymous

i have known my taurus male for two yrs now. He has told me he is going though a ruff time in his life.well me the woman that i am i wont see someone i love or care about go hungry if you know what i mean .Well my taurus male has never met a woman like myself and remind me of it offten my questen to the above taurus is.When a man knows the woman loves and cares for his do it make him take his time more or could it be that his money troubles is holding him back from giveing me his heart?In the two yrs we have sleap together 2 times the second time he said im going to make him fall in love with me but he still keep his distanct from me . Not sure why cuz i do give him space and dont bug him. help please.

virgo & taurus
by: Anonymous

i am a virgo female and my bf is a taurus. he is a christian like doesnt swear respects ppl hes always kind and sweet he dresses nice hes tall extremely handsome nothing from what im used to. in the beginning my boyfriend was the one pursuing me he didnt know much about me he just knew that he wanted to be close to me every second that he could. i didnt really care i didnt know if he was being serious and it was kind of weird at first but after getting to know him and spent lots of time with him its the best decision ive ever made. we have been together for 4 months so far and it feels like its been longer than that. my only problem is my last relationship was really bad. i was cheated on ALOT and mentally physically verbally abused. so sometimes i feel like my bf now lies to me. or is cheating or will leave me and get tired of me something. he says he wont and yes he does have alot of patience but i just feel like bc of my past it wont work out. i just want to know if i keep bringing things up to him abt if he is cheating or lying or just anything negative will he eventually just give up and leave? its weird because sometimes i really feel like i know hes doing something like a gut feeling. but then i just think its probably just me being insecure bc of my past. and my bf is very very good looking like its ridiculous. and he says how girls come up to him all the time constantly. hes a sweet person he buys flowers calls me all the time sweet texts messages. he comes to see me as often as he can 3-4 times a week. but sometimes he just does sketchy things like not answer or comes really late he always late to everything. the other night he spent the night and his phone was on silent.. and my cheating ex used to do that. bc his other girls would call him and he didnt want me to hear it ring. he just got a new phone bc he lost his other one bc he supposedly blacked out from drinking. like little sketchy things like that bother me! idk tell me if im just being paranoid or not because if he really is this great person he makes himself out to look i dont want to lose him. i just need some advise plz thnx

The Truth
by: The Bull

Well I am 37 year old Taurus... so here is my evaluation..

It has taken me many years to self assess and realise the truth of who I am, at first I believed i was a playa, however the truth is this...

The younger Taurus are driven with a high sexuality, an innate ability to understand women and the charm, sexiness and charisma to attract them... lots of women are fooled by that attraction... however the truth is that we are always carrying a mental checklist of our perfect woman, so when we spend time with you, have intimate relationships, charm you etc we are testing, being patient and allowing the lady to reveal the 'real you'.
Everybody is on their best behaviour early in relationships, so we realise this creates a smoke screen.
However we 'love' women and are pigeon holed as ladies men, unfaithful and players, my perception of that is just bitter ex's who wished they were 'The One'.
Now I realise this sounds arrogant but my point is we have confidence, attracting women is easy to us and we know what we want, if you are not that unfortunately we will leave you.
However we will remain friends because we are gentleman and will thank you for the experience.
The key to keeping a Taurus man is to realise what he brings to the table..
Chivalry, Being a gentleman, respect and he will do anything for you if he loves you.
We are very slow, patient and quiet, this is usually taken as a non interest... Do not rush us, be patient and if we think you are the one... you will know... because we will move heaven and earth to show you...
The key to realising if we love you is simple.... by the things we do for you... nothing else... If we take out the rubbish, hold a door open for you, clear our planners to spend time with you, cook for you, complete DIY, let you have a lie in whilst we take the kids to school etc, then we are in love with you... simple.
However be very careful with games and infedilty because we detest it and will not tolerate, we also are not big fans of needless drama...

Hope this enlightens

Taurus Men are 'The Men of the Zodiac'.... If you are lucky enough to have one then cherish it because no other man will come close...

Ideal partners are Cancer and Virgo, Scorpios are also a hot favourite but generally not lasting due to the games, manipulation and drama.

Love The Bull

by: Anonymous

im a pisces woman and i have a taurus friend that i have know for two yrs. Well all this time he has been going though hell and guess what? I have been there for him frount and back . He has family but none of them can help him in his time of need i kinda help him with his bills , food ,money and all but the other day i told hiom i was leaving him alone cuz he never do anything for me in return i mean i know right now he really cant but time alone can be alot but he tell me he busy working so now he is mad at me for saying im gone . o well i dont have time to be sitting and he wont even ask me over for a movie .What is this all about he say he respect me as a woman but im not sure any more. He talk about sex but never do it so maybe i scared him the two times we have cuz he say he will end up falling in love with me . I DONT KNOW THAT TO DO

by: Anonymous

Jocelyn from love and hip hop atl is that u ?? stebbie will neba change ! ^^^

Pisces women met Taurus guy who lied
by: Anonymous

I'm a pisces women and 3 months ago i met a taurus guy,there was a instant connection, which i first thought strange at the time,then he started calling me and senting texts, we had a good time laughing enjoying each other's company, then feelings started to set in, he was the on who told me and i quote" i think i'm in shit.. and i asked him why.. he said i think i'm falling inlove with you, my question to him was, you think, or you know, lol because as much as you think you are falling inlove with me, so can you fall out of love with me, and i think that was the thing thing that got him, and he tried in every way to show me how he felt, but then i found out he was married and that he lied to me, and everything changed after that,i told him to leave me alone, i was hurt dissapointed,and after i told him that, he got so upset and was always rude to me and i couldint understand why, the hurtful words, but then i realised it's not because i said he must leave me alone,it's because i called him out on his lies and he was ashamed that i knew, i guess it doesi'nt matter what star sign you are every one has their own unique sometimes disturbing definition about relationships and how it should work, trust is earned not given, and to be honest is the hardest thing to do, but rather be honest then to sit with a broken hard and a shameful ego!

pls dont judge me
by: Anonymous

I'm a married female sag and I've been cheating with a taurus . It's only been emotionally . We haven't met in person yet but we have been talking on the phone for 3 months. He recently went to jail and I've continued communicating with him , he says that he really cares about me and that he is not seeing anyone else. Can I believe him or is it game? Just for the record my husband and I are not living together.

I am a 27 years old Aquarius woman dating a 21 year old Taurus
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am 27 years old and I am currently engaged to a taurus of 21 years old.. at the moment we are not in the same continent.. but we met in his country.. we have had our ups and downs.. we are not together for so long but we have a strong connection.. what I have seen with him is that is has a way of sweet talking and is very stubborn at the same time.. but but but I know he still talks to 2 exes and talks to other women.. I have my doubts about these things.. he keeps telling me his love grows stronger for me and that he miss me and loves me allot.. the first weeks when I was back home he was doing anything and everything to talk to me throughout the day.. I could feel the love.. but we had 2 arguments and since then he has been a bit distant.. and it has turn into him not even responding quickly and ansewering me with i fell a sleep or i am tired i will talk to you in the morning.. but then he is like talking about the wedding and everything and tells me how much he loves me.. I know in the past he showed his exes off on fb and so.. but with me he doesn't.. and it kind of hurt me.. I dont know if he is really serious about me or not.. cause he is kind off acting as if i am not really his priority anymore...

Taurus & Leo
by: Anonymous

I have read a lot of what was written here, however this is my dilemma...

I have been talking this Turus guy for almost a couple of months.It took him a while before we had our first date, mind you I was out of the country for a while for my sister's wedding. he said he isn't looking for anything serious. Okay, I was, but wasn't if that makes sence. After a month of speaking bavk and forth, yes it was every couple of days for like 2 weeks then everyday for hours every day. we had our first date. Everything went well. So well, we hooked up. Not something I normally do. He initiated everything that evening. After we hooked up, he continuously complimented me from my appearance, to personality, to my voice everything, practically calling me perfect. He couldn't wipe that huge smile off his face from the moment he saw me to when he dropped me off at home. We began speaking on an intellectual level and getting to know each other. He never cared to really know much about me before we hooked up. Just afterwards. As drove me home that's when he asked about my exes, my job, my best friend, my family. He did talk a lot about himself, like his job, his friends, stuff like that. When we got to my street he was a little slower and assessing my area, especially my house and next door neighbors. He said he would love to see me again. We continued speaking afterwards. Sometimes it's for hours and other times it's every couple of days. I tried saying good bye as the relationship if you want to call it that. Anyway, he would not let me go. He does work really long hours, which is why he isn't looking for anything. Did I mention he did at one point he was telling me I shouldn't be any other guy. One night I was coming from seeing my girlfriend. He didn't know I was out. I saw him in car driving up on anstreet towards my street. As soon as I think he saw me looking at him he drove quickly away. Am I missing something. Thought he wasn't looking for anything serious.

Please help me!!!

Capricorn Taurus
by: Anonymous

So I'm a Capricorn obviously, and I've been dating this taurus for a year and 2 months. He was very distant at first and I hated it! I wanted him to tell me that he really did love me and wasn't just using me. Well today I told him that I knew he loved me. I only said that because of all the things I read online about how you know if a Taurus man really loves you. He did every exact thing. So he asked me how I knew and I told him " I just do"
he responded with " I do..." that was something so big for me after waiting over a year /-: ... Was it dumb for me to get over excited when he didn't really say the words "I love you"? I mean I understand the fact that he doesn't do any of those romantic/ love things like other people do cause he was cheated on before, but i wont hurt him. Am I headed in the right direction with him. should I keep my hopes up that one day he will tell me he loves me just as much as I love him...?

I hate taurus men....
by: Anonymous

They are liars, cheaters, stalkers, bad tempers, borning, women beaters.... N st8 up jerks. #experience....

Need advice not judgement please
by: Anonymous

I am an taurean woman involved with a taurean man (we are both married to others)...but want advice from a taurean man please. For anyone wishing to pass judgement on me, please save yourself the bother, I judge myself enough.
Our friendship started a little over 6 years ago. I wouldnt say it was instant attraction, because it wasnt, however we became friends, then close friends and then eventually lovers. The chemistry was amazing, almost electric between us. Once we had reached that stage, he told me he loved me. It was too soon for me and unfortunately I repied with, no you dont. With hindsight (isnt it a wonderful thing!) I wouldnt have said it, as I know now it would have taken a lot of courage for him to open up. He has never said it since. Even though I now have.
This may seem a strange post to make, but despite the fact that neither of us are happy with our marriages, we still remain married. I dont like cheating and I know that he has had his own conflicts with this. We have walked away from each other 4 times in the last 6 years in a bid to 'do the right thing'. However, it never lasted, the pull was too strong, the desire and the loss too great.
He is what I would call the strong, silent type. He does not share his feelings too well (probably like most men) but does show me how much he cares about me. Despite what it may look like from the outside, I know he isnt a player and I know that having his cake and eating it isnt what he wants. This isnt by any means ideal for him.
I have been patient, more than patient. Yes I am still in my marriage and I know that I will eventually leave once I have plucked up enough courage to say the words "its over". My husband is a good man and I really dont want to hurt him anymore than I already am. This is where most people judge and for the record I do no want my cake and eat it either. I hate living like this, more than you realise, but I am also very fearful of making the next step into the unknown. Although I will.
Anyway, what I would like to know from a taurean man is whether you think he will ever leave his marriage, whether he does love me and what is really going on in his heart/mind. Like I said before he is a man of very few words. Strangely enough, I find that attractive, albeit frustrating. I trust him with my life and I couldnt imagine life without him. But I would really like to understand what going on with him.
If I dont contact him, he makes contact. But then sometimes he goes silent on me, almost as if he has lost interest. Then he is back again, strong as ever and then goes again. Not for long though, maybe a couple of days at most. He shows he cares about in little ways and I know he watches my back at work. In fact a male co-worker pointed that out to me, that men just dont do what he does, if they dont really care about you. He knows we have been friends for a long long time.

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