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Capricorn Leo Compatibility

Capricorn Leo is an interesting and complex combination. Traditionally considered a poor astrological match it often works very well in practice, partly because both of you are too stubborn to accept otherwise!

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Note, this article is written from the viewpoint of the Capricorn man or Capricorn woman. There is a separate article from the viewpoint of the Leo man or Leo woman available here Leo and Capricorn

This is often a solid partnership, and one which often gets stronger over time. You both have similar goals, yet a radically different approach to getting them. You're more ambitious than your Leo is, but they're more competitive, and won't let you get far ahead in the success department without racing to catch up. You may notice a radical difference in your approaches.

You can be somewhat pessimistic by nature, while your Leo is the eternal optimist. This is the start of a giant circle of bringing out the best in each other. Their optimism will inspire your ambition, your ambition will feed their competiveness, their playfulness will balance your goal orientated life style etc. To examine some aspects of this Capricorn Leo dynamic in detail:

You're both very stubborn and there's a high potential for this being a giant battle of wills. Unlike some combinations however it's typically both healthy and productive in this combination. You're sensible and long sighted, while your Leo is intense and short sighted. You plan the course and your Leo will often be happy to drive the car.

While you prefer steady progress towards a goal, this is a partner who is very impatient. They're either not interested, or a tornado of energy; typically with no middle ground in between - Leo is far more suited to short high intensity bursts, often leveraging their charisma to win others to their cause. This 'lazy short cut approach' to reaching goals may both fascinate and annoy you - especially when you see how powerful it can be. Leo's are often 20% work and 80% 'selling' of it.

Outgoing, charismatic and bold, Leo's are the natural 'salespeople' of the zodiac. Often bending others to their will through little more than genuine warmth and well intentioned but bold requests - no matter how egotistical they are, it's very hard to hate or say no to a smiling Leo. This combination of your patience and hard work together with your Leos 'human leveraging' abilities can be incredibly effective if you share a goal.

You're far more analytical than your lion, and a common mistake in a Capricorn Leo combination is to try to analyze them logically - Leo is a sign governed by whim and passion, and often doesn't make a whole lot of sense on the surface. More than anything, their incredible self confidence makes them want things they can't have. Often for no better reason than the small ego boost it gives them when obtained. A clever Capricorn can use this predictability to great affect!

You both want the respect and admiration of others, although you want it for totally different reasons. While you're validating your accomplishments your Leo is just fueling their massive ego. You socialize for the sake of making contacts, whereas your Leo does so largely for self entertainment - they want to have fun.

On the negative side you may find your Leo to be very egotistical, self centered, aggressive and spontaneous/reckless. On the flip side of this Leos are one of the most predictable signs and this often translates to stability, in an indirect way. Stability being a key quality you look for in a partner.

You both can be controlling in a relationship, however again your combination of patience, analytical abilities and being stubborn makes you ideally placed to turn all these traits to your advantage. To be a good idea something needs to be 'their idea' - master the art of this and you'll have your lion on a leash. Best to do so because Leo is one of the few signs more stubborn than you are if handled incorrectly..

You're far more practical than your Leo when it comes to day to day tasks and life organization, and this may be the biggest difference between you.

Capricorn Leo sex

You both prefer light and fun sex, and if you're a workaholic this is one sign with the skillset to get your mind onto more carnal subjects. If you've been previously accused of neglecting relationships, this can be a great combination for you. This is an exceptionally playful partner, and one who will typically be bold and outrageous enough to drag your attention back to the relationship at will.

So is this article conclusive?

No! This article is based only on sun sign interaction. In order to provide a lot of people with information it's a convenient and fast way to generalize, but it's far from conclusive at this broad level.

To get a complete picture we need to take all the other planets and their interactions into account. If you would like more information for your unique relationship please see the astrology compatibility reports page.

Other resources

Often the best way to establish for yourself how compatible you are is to ask your partner questions. Sounds obvious and easy, but in practice it can be awkward.

Often the hardest questions to ask are the most important - for example, what are their views and expectations for raising children? sharing housework? saving money? career goals? etc.

One subtle and fun way to approach this is by working through a couples question book together - that way it's not really you asking, and delicate subjects can be covered easily. The best book for this I've found is Michael Webb's 1000 Questions For Couples

For reviews of this and other relationship ebooks on subjects ranging from improving your sex life to getting an ex back please see the relationship ebook reviews page.

A third method of further research is to share experiences with other couples of this same sign combination - you may be amazed how consistent they often are. Please see the links below for visitor experiences and questions.

In any relationship there are also very significant external factors. One of these is how well you understand yourself, your partner and your partnership - the more you do, the easier it is to make the relationship more exciting, fulfilling and satisfying for both of you, regardless of your starting position. The articles on how to Make him fall in love with you and Make her fall in love with you have information on how you can use astrology to revitalize a relationship.

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I always welcome feedback, so if you found this article to be totally accurate (or inaccurate!) I’d like to hear about it. Similarly, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. While I can’t promise to respond to all letters, I do respond to many as part of an ongoing effort to improve my content.

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