Does my Virgo man like me?!

I am a Taurus woman. A Virgo man and i would always joke about getting together and one day it actually happened. We went to a friends house and made out. He then texts me the next day and skips 2 days then texts me again. He said "hey" and i said "hey hun whatcha up to" ...I had a strong feeling that adding the hun to that sentence was a bad idea. He then takes about thirty minutes to text me back... he then says "i'm about to pass out" which means he's drunk. It seems like the only time a Virgo man can get close to me is when they're drunk. and usually they are the ones that show interest in me in the first place. What should i do?

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virgo man
by: Anonymous

Virgos have a bad habit of being very self critical and self conscious. Activities such as joking and drinking are fairly common ways they handle the very early stage of a relationship. My advice in this instance would be to.. get drunk with him! I'm betting that once he starts to relax around you the issue will go away on its own.

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by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman. Met a virgo man via internet. We've been in contact for less than a year, chatting almost on a daily basis. I've seen him on cam, he's seen me. We practically enjoy being together. when i was gone for couple of days he would write to me...saying he misses me...Have never felt so much passion in my whole life! Via internet? Thought that is not possible! I wrote him and gave him a poem (no big deal, no outburst of emotions, a poem about reality of internet relationships). He cried while reading. I was watching him. Two days later he said he is preparing a surprise for me...he said you would never imagine what it is, and that he enjoys working on it (he is IT, so I assumed is a video or something)! He said he is working on it over the night...and that I will get it the next day...The next day came...he was gone...the day after came...he was gone...three days from then...he is still gone...I'm desparate! He is not online...And I worry, not that much about the "surprise" but about him! I think something might have happened to him...And this is the first virgo man I've been emotionally attached to. I don't know what to do...Do they keep their promises??? Any advise coming from a virgo man would be helpful! Thanks

by: Anonymous

A few things
Angry drunk virgo= wines and complain about everythin

If a virgo is happy and drunk= flirty very very flirty

But all the above is irrelevant lol your a taurus virgos love y'all.

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