Does my Virgo man love me?

I'm a Scorpio woman, crazy in love with a Virgo man and crazy enough to believe that he feels the same, only to realize that I was once again acting like a naive little girl. Our story starts three years back when he started flirting with me, 8 months later I found myself in his bed...

We've been on and off for the past two years; he had a girlfriend, but they broke up a short while back because 'she complicates everything'... I want him to myself, but everytime I move closer, he moves away, it's frustrating me sooo much!!! We spent some time together today (a whole hour) just talking; actually he spinned me a bs story about how he's gonna move 300 km away to go work for his sister; he said he's leaving everything behind, starting afresh; I wanted to burst out in tears, but held myself up; he asked me if I am gonna cry and I said no, why; he said that he could see I wanted to and I said I'll wait till I get home, he just laughed, asking me if I'm gonna miss him, I said yes, of cos I'm gonna miss him; than he said that he thinks that I'm rather gonna miss something else (meaning sex) and I assured him that I'm gonna miss him...

I asked him the same question, he refused to answer; I asked again and he said no he's not gonna miss anyone besides his mother and his kids. Told me a long story about not wanting to give his heart to anyone, not wanting to love anyone unconditionally, because he's too afraid of getting his heart broken and all that stuff; I told him that he's a coward if he's scared to give his heart just because his afraid of getting it broken, he told me that some people get suicidal because of that and that he'd never want to suffer that much... I felt like I'm getting dumped by my boyfriend... :( well, when he dropped me off at home, he told me that he was only joking about going away and when I asked him why he did that, he said he just wanted to see what I would do... the cheek!!!! Right now I'm so pissed off and don't wanna talk to him, because I feel like the biggest fool, to think, I almost cried in front of him...

Please just tell me what's going on in that mans head, because I don't know anymore, I've tried staying away from him too many times and it never seem to work for very long; whenever he calls me, I'm there... I don't understand what's happening to me, everything I do, is for him even if I only spent time with him once every two months; that's actually what's so weird and out of character; we've spent time together a week ago, so it surprised me that he called me today; the only thing we ever do when we're together, is making love, but today he took me for a long (hour) ride, just to see what my reaction will be... Please anyone, I'm really desperate; I need to move on with my life and I can't if I still don't know whether he loves me or not...

Please help anyone?

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scorpio n love with virgo
by: Anonymous

I am also a Scorpio woman madly in love with a Virgo male. I want to know if he loves me. At first it was sex and partying. He would stay with me for a week and disappear for a week. After twomonths of this him and I moved3000 miles. Away from home together. Things are great I just don't know if how to get him to be more affectionate! Please help

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