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Tarot card reading is a separate discipline from astrology. Often astrologers practice Tarot reading and vice versa but the two can be learned separately and aren't dependant on each other. As such, I know relatively little about Tarot personally, though I have friends who swear by it.

Free tarot card readings and tarot reading courses

How does a Tarot card reading work?

A friend described a simple reading, and as it's one of the more succinct descriptions I've seen I'll include it here for those wanting to get a taste of what's involved:

I've been practicing tarot for about 4 years. It's hard to understand though. The cards have so many different meanings and a card's meaning changes with the surrounding cards. Certain cards have very set meanings for me when I read and others obviously don't. The meaning also depends on where a card lands in a reading - its position. Let's say I'm doing a four card reading...

I ask the question, "Does so-and-so love me?"

Position 1 is the Situation-4 of Cups meaning = He is withdrawing his emotions from me and needs time and space to clear his head from our situation.

Position 2 is the Obstacle or what is coming between us - 2 of Swords meaning = Right now he is uncomfortable with our situation and there is no movement. He needs to speak up, but because he is withdrawing his emotions and still trying to clear his head he's not ready. This is only a temporary situation though. Eventually, he won't be able to hold out much longer.

Position 3 is the Action Recommended - The Universe or World card meaning = I need to put my trust in a higher power (and so does he) and when we do we will reap the rewards. We will have success in every endeavor, our relationship, etc. Trust is the key here.

Position 4 is the Outcome - 9 of Cups meaning = this is a great card!!! And if you get it in a reading with the Universe it's even better! Yay! And I pulled it! It means success, triumph, everything you want and hope for, a wish come true. So when I pair that with the Universe card, I see that I will get what worldly endeavor I wish for. I will be a success. Provided I follow the action position's advise and trust in a Higher Power.

I can do a more in depth reading on this and ask more questions, which is what I did and the outcome is yes on it, too... here's the kicker though. Nothing is ever set in stone with tarot. It all depends on my actions. If I don't follow this advice then I will screw things up.

Learning Tarot yourself

Due to the dificulty of finding a reputable reader a lot of folks prefer to learn for themselves, and there are many excellent books available for this, often coming packaged with a tarot deck.

I'm using Amazon for the examples above, as it's hard to beat their selection or prices, and many products have extensive reviews from previous purchasers.

Finding a good tarot card reader online

This can be difficult. On the internet most legitimate tarot readers now have to advertise free tarot card readings and classes in order to compete with the myriad of scams which exist.

To obtain a free reading you typically need to give them your email address first. They hope that by supplying you with free information and developing a relationship of trust with you, you'll eventually use one of their paid services.

When used by legitimate readers this is a fair and upfront way to let people try before they buy. Sadly, this is also a model which is often exploited, and used solely to harvest email addresses for aggressive email advertising.

Two services which I've had positive feedback on are:

Easy tarot reading


[edit: I received some negative feedback on the second service so I'm no longer listing it. I'm looking for a replacement if you know of one.]

The feedback has indicated that both offer genuine readings, with a minimum of advertising or sales pitches. If you would like to learn more about Tarot, they also both offer free online courses.


Tarot really isn't my thing, so I welcome additional feedback to share with future readers. Please feel free to send me a note of your opinions, experiences or recommendations.

Your Tarot experience, feedback or recommendation

Previous visitors comments

Free tarot card reading

I'm an Aquarius (male) and don't have much to add to your page on Tarot. I wanted to make the observation though that women who practice tarot are sexxxxxy! I think it must be that hint of taboo

Free tarot card reading

I'd like to hear some peoples experiences with actual tarot readers or readings.

Tarot is something i've looked at a number of times but it always seems bogus to me.

Free tarot card reading

I agree with the poster who said it makes women sexy. It definitely gives them an intriguing dark side. It also seems most common amongst Scorpio women who I guess have a head start in that direction lol

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