Gemini Scorpio attraction

Gemini young woman who just met a Scorpio young man a few months ago. We've started dating, and like many other Gemini females who've fallen for a Scorpio guy - WOW. I can honestly say I've never experienced this sort of magnetism in someone else before, nor his uncanny ability to break down my barriers without seeming to try. I can also see his potential for deep loyalty, intensity, possessiveness, and vengefulness towards those who he perceives to have wronged him or someone he cares about.

As a Gemini, I'm actually very, very loyal, and adore this trait in others. I'm also very sensitive, and so is this Scorpio, although I can tell he tries not to let on to it. Rather, (try this one on for size) he self-effacingly admits to it in a way that suggests it's not a big deal...when it really is.

Here's the kicker - I'm actually finding myself the one more concerned about fidelity. Although this Scorpio appears loyal, I'm quite aware he's had quite a number of girlfriends (that Gemini moon, maybe?) And as soon as there's even another female present, I can no longer read him! He doesn't exactly flirt, but isn't unaware of the effect his magnetism has on the girls around him. This serves both to intrigue me more and cross my wires!

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