Getting my Virgo man back

by Kayla

I'm a Capricorn woman with a Scorpio rising and Sagittarius moon... im still in love with my Virgo ex (he has a cancer moon) after like.. 8 months. he's dated a few other girls since me, but none have worked out yet... every time he has a break up, we seem to end up talking again, but when I tell him I miss him (NOT in a obsessed sounding way, lol) he says has not sure if he can trust me again, and that we are too different. we had something special, I almost feel like I wont ever feel like that again.... I just want it to be him that I end up with... idk how to make it happen... im persistent in a way that's not overbearing. I know a lot about the Virgo man... but truthfully, im stumped. PLEASE HELP ME :(


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Trust is an issue
by: Anonymous

I'm a cap. too and the man I want back is a virgo. He told me that he doesn't trust me and that I don't trust him. I told him we can try to re-build trust... Anyway, I was wondering how your situation was going... My virgo left 6 months ago and he's dating too, nothing serious though. We decided to not talk to each other, so he can see how life is without me. After 3 nights he called, but didn't leave a message or text. I called him the next day and apologized for missing his call. He sounded so excited to hear from me and said it wasn't a problem. I went to see him and we hung out, but nothing serious. Well, I haven't heard back from him yet... All I know is with Virgos you need to give them their space to think and I wasn't until now. I can only pray that he comes back... However, I'm scared that he won't... How are things in your front?

You can email me at mis.dias.mis.noches [at]

love him
by: Anonymous

I am Virgo man, if he said he can no longer trust you the first thing that comes to mind is you cheated on him, if not you are not out yet, we need to be needed, try calling him and asking for help with something (be sure its something he can do if he can't he will get depressed) then don't mess around tell him you want him and/or need him, he may not show it but he is weighing it in his head, then you have got a 50/50 chance as apposed to none, you can build on that.

I agree
by: Ronnie

I'm a virgo man, with a capricorn women right now. And there is a trust issue at hand. she seems to love me but yet, she still talks to a lot of other guys, giving out her number and says they are just friends. sometimes she makes me wonder. She is everything i need and I give her my all. I'm very loyal, but doing stuff like that makes me unsure at times. And to me that i a form of cheating. If you want to keep us, loyality is a big issue with us. You need to make us your eveything, make your friends second in your life to you virgo man, show us that we are really important to your and that you really need us, and for that your will be treate like a queen that your are to us in your eyes. To us you are perfect, but if we don't fell wanted and loved by you then will leave to find that girl that will give us with what we are desperately searching for.

To correct my article above
by: Ronnie

I have discussed this issue with my girl, and I found out that this is just something she like to do for fun. My initial reaction to this, was she was doing this because, I wasn't good enough for her or she wasn't happy with me. But this is not the case at all, she just gets a kick out of this. She doesn't hand out her number or nothing like that, she is just having a little fun and I can except that, for I know her true nature, and totally trust her now.

And I know that my girl would never cheat on me unless she broke up with me first, which is very important to me because, I'm a loyal guy. And that would show me respect if she told me first before that would come to pass.

Therefore after discussing this issue with her I have banished all my forms of jealousy. I'm very happy now and feel a lot more secure with her.

She thinks jealousy is not sexy, and I totally agree. Think about it people. If you are to insecure with your other half, then they will feel that you don't trust them. And that will go back to the trust issue, so it just becomes a repeated cycle.

So learn to trust each other in every way or form, that is the utmost importance.

So you see, it is very important to communicate with your significant other to clear things up like this, to assure that you have each others trust.

Trust if a very important factor in a relationship that can either make it or break it.

The more you understand one another, the better your results as a happy couple will be.

by: Anonymous

It's so crazy how these comments are so similar to what is going on with me.

I was dating a Virgo man for ten months and I can honestly say I did a lot for him. His license got suspended so I would drive him everywhere. I would pick him up and take him to work and pick him up again and take him home. I trusted him completely even though the first time we met he failed to mention he had a girlfriend. I didn't talk to him for 2 months and then when we did (and he was single now) we hit it off. He has said a lot of awful things to me and I was always able to forgive him. Then as soon as things got better, we broke up. I mean we did argue a lot, but I never thought it was SO BAD as to break us up. He said he doesn't want to be with me and is unsure of how he feels. I just don't understand...I don't know what I did wrong. Was it the fighting?

-Thanks for taking time to read.

get my virgo man back.
by: im Veronica

Im an aries im very independant
I want my virgo man back n im pregnant but
He doesnt trust me help plse.

i totally feel you ,im a cancer female...
by: Anonymous

I also fell in love with a Virgo guy,and I helped him out a lot ,I gave him money because he didn't have enough to pay rent n I bought his medication and took him places . He greatly appreciated me and we would hangout three times a week ,for fun we didn't go out ,we would stay at his house n cuddle n watch movies or sit outside n talk or cruise around,enjoyed his company he made me feel so secure ,relationship wise ,and gave me an amazing feeling inside . But after a month he told me "can we hangout right now?" N it was two in the morning and I was sleepy so I said no and then he went off on me and said "I don't want to see you :.." and I got sad and I said what why not,what did I do wrong?' N he said " I don't want to bring you down,but I need space ,I have a lot of shit to deal with and fix ." He always told me that he needs a job n stuff so I understood him. N I just told him how I felt about him and he said he felt the same but tha. He just needs space. It breaks my heart cuz Idk if he's gonna come back or not n he always accused me of lying to him ,I'm a very honest person ,it made me mad n sad when he would but other than that he's amazing n I need him back

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