How can you get a Sagittarius man back?

by adeline

How can you get a Sagittarius man back?....I feel he changed he's not the same person that he was at the beginning of the relationship...for example we used to talk very often on the phone because he's from a different city but now... :( by the way I'm a Pisces

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Married to Sag
by: Anonymous

I am also a Pisces and was married to a Sag for 30 yrs. I divorced him and have never been happier. It is typically not a good union. Why 30 yrs. you ask? Children, low self-esteem, mostly created by his put downs and self centeredness. I was always TOO sensitive and he was not a kind loveable person. It may not be the same for you, but if he is not contacting you and he lives far away, chances are, he has found someone else. Why don't you do the same?

Sag gir's advice
by: Anonymous

I'm a sagittarian girl who understands what u're going through. If he's not talking to you it might be because u became a bit too emotional for him, maybe u told him u love him every chance u got, that's guaranteed to send him running in the other direction. Even things like I miss you would give him cause to disappear. Maybe u got jealous, that too is no good. And if it's a long distance relationship, he's probably got tired of not having u around and it seemed a bit unreal to him so he found someone else. Move on, and don't try to contact him again, if he misses u, he'll get in touch with you but the chances of getting him back are very slim. Good luck

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