How does he feel about me ?

by Confused

I met an aquarius male in October09. I'm a Sagittarius female. We hit it off right away. We met online and we became good friends. I know I have feelings for him but I don't know how he feels about me. I've read enough about Aquarian men to know they won't talk about their feelings so I'm scared to tell him as I feel he will 'run'

I should explain that we have met up twice and both times had a great time and he always says we should do it again. He then disappears for a week or so afterwards tho which I find hard as when you 'like' someone you make the effort to talk to them or see them more. We have a great friendship and he opens up to me a lot, tells me personal things and sometimes ( not often ) there is a little flirting.... Each time we've been out tho he hasn't made me feel like he's interested in me but yet he still bothers to spend a lot of time talking to me. It's all very confusing. I really would like to tell him that my feelings have grown for him but I'm so scared of losing his friendship. Aquarian men seem to make you feel so special and that your number 1 in their lives but after reading a lot about them I think it's just how they are with everybody. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm not sure what to do. Tell him? Just carry on as friends and hide my feelings? Or disappear and not be friends with him at all? Help :-(

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by: Confused

I told him how I felt and he bolted.

Re: How Does He Feel About Me
by: Anonymous


I am in an online relationship with an Aquarius man as well. We are coming up on the one year mark and have met in person only once due to the distance, but maintain our relationship via dinners by video chat, email, and some phone calls.

Ditto on the need to know if his feelings are progressing in line with your own. You probably will not get and clear and direct answer to that until he is ready to share his life with you.

Not to give you false hope, as I can only go by your post, but I don't think he has bailed. I think he is avoiding you until he can figure out wording that:
1. Acurately describes how he is feeling.

2. He can find wording that he hopes will avoid hurting you.

3. Finds the words that do not give you false hope.

Naturally, the longer he delays, the more awkward it becomes and so he will try to wait until you contact him and he will hope the you will not bring it up again. If you do not contact him first, he will contact you to gauge how upset you are and act like nothing happened.

Doesn't mean he is not interested. It just means you two are still in the friends zone and it is far too soon for him to make proclamations of exclusivity or love at this point.

Just know it truly is not you, it's him!

Best wishes

response to ur question
by: Anonymous

well, aquarians are free spirited, i'm sure he wants you. the only reason an aquarian may not open up is
1. his doubt abt ur feelings.
2. to make sure y he's not commiting , check his finances, does he think he has enough money, cause he wont commit till he's enough to keep you happy and for marriage.
3. thirdly to make him do what you want , dont suggest it, ask him in an indirect way not too many queations slowly one question a week. but dont be too much emotional, not too jealous and never too possessive, also they may seek time out they might be busy and might into toher activities. but never ask do you love me ? you'll never get a proper reply.
4. most important , make him dependent on you for sharing himself, but dont suggest unless he asks. also once he's dependent on you, dont make him realize it, once the trust slowly builds, i'm sure he'll stick to you for his entire life.

in response
by: gemini in montreal

this are the exact answers why an aquarian never commits himself. ive been dating this guy for almost 7 months and the friendship is on and off. but i remain grounded and patient with him cuz i have a very strong feeling towards him.
slowly he is opening up with me but sometimes bec of the long delays i m loosing that excitement and i dont feel the spark anymore.

by: Emma

I was seeing an Aquarius man, it was very on and off. If we had little fall outs.. it was always my fault, never his.
He would come see me of a weekend.. then in the week ignore me.. or not contact me, leaving me wondering what happened or what id done.

We'd fall out.. he says hes ' had enough '..he blocks me on his msn, tells me to delete his phone number .. then takes me off when he feels ready to talk..or will text me when he has nothing better to do.

He said he wanted to give it a go.. but then i found out he was chatting up other women behind my back! I dont get him at all!!

Fear of Commitment
by: Coyote

As an Aquarian i'm fairly open and blunt with my feelings when i trust who i'm talking to. Generally you can tell with body language, if they look like they're closed off from you, they won't talk about it they will circle around it, as I am very good at, but if they look open you can ask. For me, it's my legs. If i have them crossed usually i'm closed off, and when both feet are on the floor and i'm reclined in the chair a little bit, I'm open. Subtle things often speak more than words can. I guess if I had given my advice earlier, look at our eyes and facial expression. Unless the Aquarian is very conscious of our giveaways, like myself, it is often easy to tell what's going on in their mind. For me it's a certain look i give someone and after they get me to tell them what it is they know. Generally we have a fear of commitment, as we don't like to be tied down in any way, shape, or form.

by: Anonymous

They are a complee mystery, like the universe, but thats why they are the most valuable, Loving them is like loving god. Cannot see them nor understand them yet the yearning never stops.

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