How to know if an Aquarius man likes you?

I like an Aquarius guy. We seemed great friends when i first talked to him, and now i like him. I told him so and he took it freely. He keeps avoiding me but catches my eye again and again. Do you think he likes me too?

-Pisces waterbaby

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I'm thinking yes
by: David-admin

Based on the limited description.. yes, I'd say he does. Aquarians can be notoriously independent sometimes, which can be mistaken for a lack of interest and even unfaithfulness. They often tend to be emotionally distant or aloof, especially at the start of a relationship.

by: Anonymous

I'm in basically the exact same situation as you. I'm a Pisces as well, and when I first met my Aquarius we got along great. We flirted and talked, and mutual friends kept saying that he couldn't stop talking about
me. He would never text or call me back, though. A few weeks later we saw each other at a party and things got really heated up, so I could tell he was attracted to me.

As soon as the party was over, though, the few texts and calls went back to being more like "just friends." From everything I've looked up
(trust me it's been a lot) I think it's because Aquarians are very independent. One website said that it is better for them to have several casual affairs than to be in one long-term relationship. If they are going to be in a serious relationship it will be with someone they are best friends with already and is intelligent and as ndependent as they are. I've stopped trying to be
as..."Pisces" on him. I'm sure you know what that means. For other visitors I'll just basically say that Pisces tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves and like to express them A LOT. So I've stopped that. I'm trying to get close to him as a friend only, and we'll see where that goes. I'll cross my fingers for me and you. :)

by: Anonymous

Ok, so I met a guy, online, and we hit it off great. Started off by emails, which became more and more frequent. This then progressed to instant messenger. After a few months of this we decided to meet up. There had been some flirting online but not a lot. The evening went great and we didn't get home til the early hours. I didn't think anything other than this was going to be a friend thing at the time and I definitely feel he felt the same, just to be friends, there wasn't a spark for either of us I think....After we did meet he disappeared and I wasn't sure how to feel about that, it confused me as we spoke so much before we met. I became worried he thought I was 'interested' in him and he'd decided to back off. After a few weeks he came back and we began talking on IM again. This increased to everyday and the more we spoke the more I felt I started to feel differently about him. He would open up and tell me things about girls he liked and other personal things, which was hard because I had started to develope feelings but I was his friend and so I 'listened'. He asked several times about meeting up again and reluctantly I agreed. Not because I didnt wasnt to see him but because I was worried about getting any deeper feelings for him...He cancelled on me tho. He disappeared again. About a week later he returns and asks if I want to meet up. We did meet up and again it was great. The difference this time was that I knew right away when I saw him how I truely felt and my heart sank a little because at no point did he make me feel like he was interested. Then he disappears again....He's an aquarius and I'm a sagittarius. Aquarians seem to be able to make you feel like your special when really they are no different with anyone and it can become confusing.

I'm an aquarius male
by: Dahron

To: Pisces waterbaby,

The answer to your question is "ify". You made the first step and letting him know that you like him, good for you, because he would have had you guessing for a million years lol. Don't get me wrong, aquarius' are great at making friends, we are "humanitarians", just don't try to double-cross them, thats when you should watch out, because we have a very tempremental side, and we will do a complete shut down. If an aqarius see's you as being emotionally attatched, then he may tighten up, and get detatched, because we are emotionally detatched. You have him so far, just don't keep persuing the issue at hand, take it easy, because we are very independent, and selective on who we let into our lives. I mean Aquarius and Pisces is a very good match, but remember this.......he'll have to show more emotions than usual towards a Pisces, and that's going to be where problems may come in, because once again, we are emotionally detatched. If you made it this far with him, hold on a little while longer, he may have a change of heart.

Word of advice, follow his lead, stay friends as long as you can, because we love our freedom, and we are outgoing. An aquarius is more likely to be in a relationship with a person he considers a buddy, don't rush it, because we are known to be QUITE SPONTANIOUS ;)

Listen to his ideas, if he offers you something, dont try do the same in return, because that's competition for us. He offers because that makes him feel better as a person and the SPONTANIOUSNESS may kick in. Let him make the final decision.


Oh, and the reason he keep's catching your eye, again and again is because your attracted to his intellect. Between me and you, if you two do happen to be together, ther will be an UNUSUAL INTIMACY that both of you will enjoy. We are adventurous, and like to try new things.

Hope I answered your question.

my 2 cents
by: Anonymous

@2nd pisces lady : how could you just 'turn your pisces things' off in front of your aqua boy? is he that important, your soulmate, your half life or whatever you watersign feel about him? i mean come on, you deserve to be loved and treated as a real pisces from your partner!! i really just dont get it..

@saggi chick : its a common story that aqua-saggi are trapped in this kind of platonic situation.we can see that aqua and saggi best traits are their playfulness, independence, and friendship. thats the problem i think. me as aquarian see this problem (been there done that with my saggi best friend),from my point of view, that im affraid im lowering myself when i choose romance over friendship. but i see its not fair if i dont tell my saggi friend about my feeling to her. from your post you give me that an idea that PERHAPS i should tell her AS A FRIEND of how i feel.

taurus/gemini cusp girl
by: Anonymous

i am married to a gemini, his best friend is an aquarius. my marriage is ok, and i would never consider doing anything with my husbands best friend but...i am just curious what my husbands friend thinks about me. if we are alone together for any reason he rarely talks to me. i am kind of shy around him, i am usually quiet to begin with. but he seems to find an excuse to touch me when saying hello or goodbye and always seems to notice what i am doing and makes comments like how quiet i am. the other night we were all out together and he wanted me to dance with him but i said no, i thought he was just joking, anyway he seemed ok with it, but then he danced with another girl and ignored me the rest of the night, i am just uncomfortable with the whole situation and wonder if i am sending him the wrong signals or reading his signals wrong.

scorpio female aquarius male
by: scorpio cougar


I met this man 6 weeks ago he came on very strong at first we dated 2 times times in the first week chatting and texting then he became very illusive literally no texts and do response to mine ...whatever ... i just stopped texting and life goes on then out of the blue makes contact again on the telephone texting wanting to hook up ..i think but never really saying so confusing and dam frustrating on this goes till now he starts texting again and i just say look here is what i am doing here is were i will be if i see ya i see ya ...and walla to my surprise he shows up and now back again to NOTHING. Its absolutely insane. I am very attracted to this guy and honestly each time i see him i like him more ...when he stops texting i delete his number and really just get on with life thinking he is not going to text again and he is just one big pain in the butt anyway ...and he does and it
surprises me because we will be right in the middle of fairly intense interactions ...the bang? Oh he is also 14 years my junior i am late 30's he is early 20's just to mix it up a bit ...I AM CRAZY this i know. can anyone help sort this out for me?

in addition.
by: scorpio cougar

Oh just wanted to add that we never did hook up in between when he was texting and "eluding" to hooking up i felt wasting my time i kindly ...well not so kindly told him to basically go to I also have told him to go to hell another time (in a more polite manner) when he made a plan then changed it at the last minute ...considering it was his idea and I had to adjust my schedule the literally i am walking out the the door and bam...almost every interaction ends with me telling him where to go ...he does not even seem remotely phased by it ...never brings it up and we just carrying on like i am not crazy...the crazy thing is that when we are together its so great ...I dont think i have been afraid of a man in my life ..but this one scares me... addition
by: scorpio cougar

not sure but my other post vanished...i wanted to add that We never did hook up when he was "eluding" to it and he did again just stop texting and i did also stop texting but only after i told him exactly what i thought with a few choice words...and he seems completely not phased by this ..never brought it up and another time as well ...i also in much politer fashion told him to stick it but that was after he came up with this crazy plan ..and i agreed then at the very last minute he "changed his mind" i had to make adjustments in my schedule , he did apologize and i had to make it clear that i do not just sit around waiting for him to call me all day i am very busy if he makes a date i have to make room for him infuriating..however the crazy part is ..that when i am with him ...i am so stupid and giddy and totally smitten and so is he ..what a mess.

Leo woman and Aquarius man???
by: Anonymous

About 11 years about I saw this young man who for some reason or another he stayed on my mind for years to come. Well about 8 months about while entering a local bar there he was with mutual friends. I was in all to see the guy who I from time to time would think about. We were introduced and that night we exchanged numbers. At the time we were both in relationships so we would have casual conversation. Two months into our friendship he broke up with his girl and a month after I broke up with my guy. I began to see a possibility with him but I could not read him. Things he said didnt match his actions and I began to feel like he was just playing games. Well around christmas time I had him along with other friends over for a party and ever since then things have progressed with us. More recently we spend a lot of time together (about 5 times a week) together. But I still dont have an understanding of where he is emotionally and if he sees a future with us. We have yet to consider ourselves a couple so we say we're friends. Im not sure what to think but dont want to overwhelm him either. What should I do? Do he care about me? Any advice would be great....

aquarius sun capricorn moon
by: Anonymous

This aquarius likes me. I wonder why.
I'm not mysterious. He probably thinks i am. I don't really know him. He gets nervous around me and ignores me in group situations. Shy character. He appears cold and i feel him staring at me from a distance and i shiver. Lol. He's very smart. He inspires me with his views. He can read my mind :| Lol.
He always seems to be there. ALWAYS. It's weird. He keeps me in his sight and stares at me. It's creepy. I look at him and then he looks away and continues talking with his buddies and then glances at me.
He made a fool of himself tryna impress me the other day...i managed a smirk ha
He seems nice...he hates being ignored and confrontations. Trust me. He's stubborn. Eugh.
He asks my friends about me. < My friends told me. He wants to know everything about me. Creepy.
He's distant which is good. I value my space.
He wants to be friends first right? I hope so. It would be weird.

I'm Aries
Libra Moon

by: J-Lorella

I am a Pisces gal and I know this aquarius guy. Initially, I didn't think much of him but after a while, I suddenly got the feeling that he is a very important person to me.

I am usually chatty but when I talk to him, I couldn't talk much even though I really want to talk to him. And he doesn't talk much too. So it got really awkward. Sometimes, we ended up staring at each other because we run out of things to say.

Whenever we saw each other in school, we will talk a bit but after that, he kept staring into my eyes for much longer than normal people would do. I don't know what that means?

There was one time in school that I saw him from a far distance, he was in the middle of doing some big action while talking to his guy friends. And when he saw me from a far distance, he stopped immediately in the middle of his big action and kept staring at me. What does this means?

The last time I saw him was during a school dance event in club. He talked much more than usual to me and he was standing rather physically close. I like that. After he finished talking, he continued to stare at me. When I notified him about me leaving the event, he looked disappointed. I am not sure whether this is because he is under the influence of the drinks. Does being drunk lower the guard down of a aquarius, i.e. does he show his true feelings when he is drunk? During this event, I feel different for him but does he feel the same way too?

Unfortunately, i don't have the chance to see him because he has graduated. I don't see him online too. Is there anyway to improve this friendship to a good friend status? My friends keep telling me to give up but I just couldn't. My heart has a strong feeling that he is important, though I don't know why. for an Aquarius man...
by: Anonymous

Wow, I work with this hot, sexy, fun; Aquarian...he caught my eye the moment we met. He is very friendly and funny. However, I have notice that he makes an effort to talk to me when no one is around. Recently, like today, I noticed he would not make eye contact with me when we were talking business alone in his office. However, later when there were several of us talking he made every bit of eye contact he could with me. Is this guy shy? Is he interested? Or do I just make him uncomfortable? I have not come on to him, I have not said anything, nor have I flirted with him. Remember, I am a cool reserved Virgo on the outside and smoking hot Virgo on the inside. What do you think?

How di i Know if this Aqua really likes me or we really are just friends
by: Leo falling for Aqua

I met my Aqua on line about 4 months ago. we started emailing and have a ton in common. we also became intimate very quickly via email and text. We decided to meet. He tried to back out at the last minute but he ended up meeting me anyway. we had a good tiime together and were intimate. He then avoided/ignored me for a few days. I contacted him and told him that the personal part of our friendship was pretty much toast, but that his is brilliant at his profession and I still wanted to work with him. (we are in compatible businesses and can share clients.

This has been going on for about 3 months and we talk every day either via phone, text or email or all in any one day - weekends included. we both initiate but I do much of it. Conversations are both business and personal. We work together fantasticaly and we also have discovered even more things/attitudes/likes /dislikes etc we have in common personally.

He si going on a two week trip and when Ijokingly said that he was going to miss me he got ruffled and said that we arejust friends. Not sure what to think.

Why aquarius sun cap moon behave coldly
by: Cancer gal

Hi Aries lady(libra moon), I had the same experience with aquarius sun capricorn moon. I have known him at workplace for more than 1 year. The constant stares.. I always catch him staring at me. Coming over to sit at my table during lunch, staring at me during lunch! Blushed when I caught him. Got jealous when I talk more to another guy at lunch. He showed signs of liking me, finding chances to come talk to me over trivial matters etc. A few times he upset me he also came to "pacify" me. He has a serious nature to him, he does not engage in trivial talk. He often smiles very happily at me..and when we go out for whole staff retreat in April this year, he came to look for me one-to-one! As a cancer girl, I am cautious, but sigh I am also moody.. sometimes I am moody to him, but I will apologise and patch things up..

But, I cannot understand him. I asked if he sensed something special in our interactions (through email), he said he does not know what I was refering to! He has left for 1 year for studies. Sigh. I think I should give up? Can anyone shed light on this? I just want to know why he behaved he liked me (my virgo best friend with Aqua husband thinks he likes me too), yet when I asked him he replied so coldly? Any feedback is welcome. I just like to know the truth. Thanks alot!:)

aqua male disappearing activity
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorp and I have been dating this aqua male For two months things move very fast with us, the first time we meet we both were blown away with each other, he wanted me and. I wanted him.we slept together on our first date,, now all I read it said that sex takes a while, but with us it didn't and it continues every time we meet, we talk three to five times a day, I was developing deep feeling for him and I told him he disappeare for one evening, back next day like nothing happened, I did not asked what happened, did he freak out, how can I tell what he's feeling without asking directly?

by: Queen

ima [VIRGO]
women and have been earring this Aquarius man for 3mounths at first we where just friends that turned into bestfriends now we are finnally a couple as one after all the times of me wanting to be with him ilove him so much and I know he likes me a lot to but now I wounder even tho he says hel never hurt me i still have doubts because iv been hurt befor I wanna believe it with my heart that he would never hurt me but its hard to trust like he just got a cell phone turned on but when I text him he dont text me back right away Sometimes he dont text me bk for 3 holiest latter does that mean he's cheating on me because we dont live in the same house but i wanna know could if be that he's cheating or what PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND IMA VIRGO WOMEN...

plzzzzzzzzzzzz helppp !
by: ms .pisces

Okk , I'm a pisces female born on feb. 20 and I'm in love with this aquarius male born on jan.26 , imet him 3mths in 2days aqo , we never had sex because of me ijst wasn't ready but the first niqht we spent time together he walked in told me I was beautiful laid across my bed then he kissed me next thing you know he went down on me after that day he went away for like a month because he had did jail time then iseen him again he kissed me ithink imake his dick hard but anways iwanna know is he in love helpppp or do he jst want me for sex he blows my mgs box up when he's not at work .

another fish in love with an aquarius
by: lovephish

I am a fish too going through the same thing with an aquarius I've been reading all night and I have also come toglobal the conclusion that I am being to "pisces" as well.. I read in an article a second ago that said that I need to start thinking logically not emotionally with him.. I found a few sites that were a big help. And I know now that its not me...he's distant and often Appears to be moody. As a fish I absorb this and can't help but take it personally..that's the key I guess is to let that vibe roll off your are some sites i found EXTREMELY useful..I hope they help you as well as fish we are patient kind and understanding and from what i've read these are the most important traits one needs to have in order to deal with an aquarius good luck k ladies :)

Aqua guy friend!
by: LibGal

Hi all! It was great help going through all the comments. I have an Aqua guy friend who I know since 3 yrs. As far as I know him I've observed (I might be wrong) that Aquas take people who care bout them for granted. If u give lot of attention to an Aqua guy and show him u care, he'll start expecting that attention and care all the time. Its like, if they need u to be there u better be there. And when they expect u to leave them alone, u gotta do that too. Sad part is they don't do it purposely. So if u get angry bout it they will only get confused. They are like small kids who like it when someone understands them. But its difficult for them to realize one basic thing bout relationships: EXPECTATIONS!! They just don't realize that people expect them to understand too.
I asked my Aqua friend: Why don't u share ur feelings openly?
His answer: Because I'm not sure if the person that i want to share my feelings with will value it!
So there.. They want to let u know their true feelings, but simply choose to hide them because they feel they'll get hurt. They take a lot of time to put their trust in someone. But once they start trusting u, u'll definitely see the difference. I know my Aqua friend better than any of his girlfriends have. Because he trusts me and shares his feelings with me.
All the best to everyone who're dealing with an Aqua! U're going to need it.. :-D

My brother & 2 best male friends are aquarius take note
by: Anonymous

Aquarius' are very aloof. They perserve themselves with those who are rational, humanitarian and wise, and witty. My brother is by far distance with certain females, and so is my two male friends. All you can do is 'prove' to them that they can see you as more than just platonic.. This involves just being and doing 'you'. They love independent minds. They can detect from a mile away when your trying to get in their heads and hearts. They just want a real person, and then they will invest their time into your relationship. You have to get on well with their friends and family. That's a must! You must not acknowledge their attraction towards you, as they are always in their heads, and it feeds their imagination, & not the reality. It's better that they 'think' about you privately then openly! Don't question them just listen and talk in a wise fashion. And most importantly just be u. If all else fails or doesn't progress, then it wasn't meant to be.. Just be friends, and be a strong foundation for yourself.. As you never know they may come back.

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