I slept with an Aquarius man, then he changed

I have a question! I met this Aquarius guy about two months ago. He was obviously interested and chased me for a month, I mean text messages all
day everyday. He's a little younger than me, so I wasn't really interested until about three weeks ago when I hung out with him again and my feelings began to grow. Since then we've taken it to the next level and, well, spent the night together.

The next day, he does a 180 and I hardly hear from him, its been a week and we haven't hung out since. I'm a Aquarius woman, so I understand the freedom thing, but I just want to know if he got what he wanted and is done, or just getting his own self-time back?? Then I can decide to wait
it out or move on!

Any advice????


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by: David-admin

It's certainly possible that he's gathering his thoughts and doing the aquarian independent thing. It's also possible he's testing to see how needy or clingy you are.

Honestly though at this point it sounds more like his goal was just to get you into bed, with no intention of a relationship or anything further. Guys of every sign can be guilty of this, and women of every sign get fooled by it. If you can, look on it as a warped and indirect compliment - obviously you were so attractive to him that he felt it was worth all that effort chasing you.

I'd get ready to move on, and half anticipate him to become 'obsessed' with you again when he wants another booty call...

Ima sagg
by: Anonymous

Well by most male aquarious having this unpredictable mind.. You would never know what the're thinking. Now ofcourse the aquarious guy and the aquarious women are different. And guys fall short at a lot of things that us women don't.
now come on now we're talking about sex.. aquarious men take time to get to that point if he's really interested in you.They already know the're not interested in a person like that because the're good at reading people. And ima tell you if they hit it, he's out because thats all he wanted. But that also means that he is committed to someone else or working in that direction....and they are very experimental...

Comments are not totally true.
by: Scorp42

The comments that sex is all he wanted may not totally be true. The first time me and my aquarian beau met face to face we had sex. Of course we started as friends w/ benefits, but after we did that for a while we discovered that we liked each other's company. We it has been a year and a half now and both of us are in love now. I get the flowers, sentemental cards and great dates. We are the best of friends as well as lovers. It was a long hard road, but if it started with sex it may have been what you both needed. He will come around again and each time he does he will notice something else that interests him. Who knows.

I'll bring you up to date...
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the comments!
Let me bring you up to date now if your interested.
He eventually told me flat out that he didn't want a relationship but just to have fun with me. I'm not that kind of girl, so I told him I was out. Now he calls me every week or so to come stay the night but no sex. I let him one night to see if he meant it and we just had a good time talking and cuddling. He likes to tell me how perfect I am. And got pretty butt-hurt when I told him I dated another guy after him, and how he hadn't "played" with anyone since me. I get the feeling that he really likes me but is scared to death of a relationship, plus I'm a few years older and I think it intimidates him. I know his dad and he says he's never had a girlfriend before, and thinks he is insecure in that area. I also know he has slept with A LOT of girls though. Anyway, I don't ever contact him because I'm not interested in getting involved. Two weeks after I let him come cuddle, he calls me at 2 in the morning to stay over again. I told him no because I don't want to get attached, then he says kind of quietly, "I may just follow you and get attached too." And goes on to tell me how he's gotten his shit together. Then asks to go to breakfast the next morning which totally surprised me, but then never follows through. Honestly, I think his confidence lies in seducing and getting the girls, but he doesn't know how to go beyond that. Anytime we got into a situation that would require him to act like a boyfriend or date, he'd get totally nervous and his confidence seemed to go down the drain which I think really bugged him because he likes to feel capable. I'd like to know how he REALLY feels about me, but at this point, I don't worry too much what he does or says, I figure actions speak louder than words. Its too bad because aside from all this stuff we really could go good together.
After all this, does it still sound like he's in it just for play-time? Other than him I've never dealt with a guy who was in it for a booty call, I've always had the relationship type. I'm very curious for my future reference! Thanks!

stupid im not
by: Anonymous

wow I just experienced the same thing. I slept with my Aquarian male friend and he changed big time. He began texting "i miss you", "I love you", I'm thinking of you and no action....I told him It's gonna take more then those words to keep me interested. He also asks to see me we set dates and he always calls and cancels. I decided to move on because I don't like the games and the confusion. After I asked he stop texting and calling me that when he shows better interest but sorry its too late....

those are the aquarius men
by: Anonymous

i had pretty much the same thing , after i had sex with him , he said don't expect me to call or anything and i said yea me too every one of us could do what he wants and if you wanna have sex with some otheer woman u r free and me 2 , we got along and then we started going out together 1 day for sex and the other was for hanging out together and then he starts cuddling me after having sex and started sending me msgs like i miss you , i wanna c u , and then i fell in love with him and when i told him i love you he didn't say a word and then i stopped everything we had together and he started calling me again and saying i didn't wanna lie and you said you didn't any relationships between both of us cuz ur last aquarius bf has cheated on you and you didn't want another broken heart , and now you are asking for another relationship and when i though about his words i found it pretty much reasonable and made sense so we started going out again together and having sex again , but he started doing weird stuff like sending me msgs i don't want to talk with you or see you again and please don't ask me why ,so i didn't ask him however i wanted to know why and then he told me later that he thought i was in-dependable and he didn't feel that i need him and all the time i don't call him expect when i want to have sex or want to go and have some booze or something and he felt worthless,
after a while he traveled and he started talking to me again and sometimes he send me msgs saying that he misses me so much and he wish if i was near him at this moment and then 1 week after i started calling him and he is not answering , so i found out they don't want you to be needy only when they want you , you have the permission to talk to them otherwise you are not welcomed .,,,so treat them bad or forget about them,,they will remember you and vice versa

by: Anonymous

This is sooo true bout the aquarius men.. If the y want u they will contact u, and find u in anyway possible… my ex boyfriend (whom I broke up with 13 years ago) still contacts me, and wants to see me.. n now I know I always have to play hard to get with him, and it turns him on ( soo weird) but we are not together because we are not able too.. ;) But, we enjoy each other to the fullest… and who’s to say when it will end……

It's killing me
by: Anonymous

So my situation is identical to the poster who stopped having sex with the Aqua except I'm still having sex with mine. Just like her, this isn't what I want. I want a relationship, not a f**k buddy. But I like him so much, we get along so well. The conversation is just as good as the sex but I suppose I'm confusing sex with intimacy. I mean, how can you have a meaningful relationship with someone who shows up sporadically? I wish he wanted to be with me but I guess he doesn't. I guess I know what I should do but ...I can't bring myself to break it off. Actually, I've tried and he just comes back--he's figured out how to manipulate me because he knows that I don't want to stop seeing him. ARgh!!

The torture is finally over
by: Anonymous

So I was the last person who posted. Anyway, he finally told me that he was hoping to get back with his ex and I immediately lost interest. Thank God. I was so tired of the bullshit.

Stay away from Aquariua man
by: Anonymous

Oh so true.Aq.guy chasing me sms,msn for 1 month.We meet and hit it off.A week later I go with him to "holiday house" 'alarms ring in my head- what is he hiding?We sneak around in there he says no noise so neighbours won't know we are there!!!Anyway the sex was awesome but since then not a call.I'm just going to ignore him seems to be what u guys recommend.I'm Cap. woman and used to loyalty and trust but...it's not going to work is it?He told me he doesn't want a serious relationship so booty call it is...well not me!!Buggar he's in my head.

Aquarius men
by: Anonymous

I to met an Aquarius man and we hooked up that night. Well I was so embarrassed that I let it go that far, but I had to much to drink. Well anyways I didn't give him my number, I figure it was a one night stand. Well about a week later it found me on the internet and asked if we could hang out again. So we have been, the thing is he hardly calls me. So he called one night at 1 am, and wanted to come over and have sex. So when he got there I told him after midnight was a booty call. He said no, I made a couple of jokes, and comments that he was a good booty call. He said is that really all I am to you. I don't get that because he is the one always stressing that we are just friends and I am not his girlfriend. Is he convincing me or himself? Well I rarely call or text him, I am not going to chase him, far to much pride for that. I was really into him at first, and I do like him but I decided to guard my heart a little better and not get attached. So now I am just waiting for his next move. If he even knows, but I refuse to make an ass of myself and pursue someone who has selective time for you.

Could It Be More?
by: Anonymous

Just like the last poster,, im ina lil relasionship like that with an aqua man,, I rarely text or call him, the last time i did he came and picked me up we had a goodnight together we didn't even have sex, but i spent the night with him. We haven't spoken since thoo. honestly i looked at it as an booty call i didnt expect a relasionship nor did i want one.. but i guess i kinda like him and i wanna see could there be something. I thot i was just sex but he dosn't treat me like it's just sex idk im very confused tho because i think theres somebody else in his life that he really wants to be with & im just a side chick or something like thatt.. should i just move on with life or should i check him out and get to know him better 7 see where it goes?? also i needed know does he want me to reach out to him cuz when i finally swellow my pride and texted he was like "I was wondering how long it was gunna take yu to hit me up?" I swear im confused lol.

Crazy Aquarius Men
by: Anonymous

I dated an aquarius man for a year and 5 months and he was full of contradiction and paradoxes. They want to spend time with you when they want to spend time and they are self centered soci-path with narcisstic behaviors. All women beware of them because they are shaollow minded smooth talkers that have nothing to offer but bull..... If you are in a relationship with one, dump him because it is never going to go anywhere. Oh, they love the disappearing act and come back like they were never gone. All woman deserve better than that little boy mentality.

I'm more interesting in you than.....
by: Anonymous

Hello I know you're into something with that guy,I hope you'll be better at knowing that kind of whore they are. I live with a whore who is an Aquarius male. WHORE no the caplocks didn't get stuck. The aquarian woman could be or could not be(a whore that is). More than likely with good up bringing and no dark malcontent she'll be a beautiful QUEEN. I hope you'll give an Aries a chance one day. Ciao!

In love with my aqua man
by: Anonymous

Any libra experience with the aqua man. Also how do u know if he (Mr. Aquarius)is just ingnoring me because of the simple fact that he doesn't know how to break up with me or if just plain like me.

How to do it...
by: Anonymous

You ladies, men of all star signs do the same thing, ring you constantly and text before they sleep with you and tell you all the things to make you smile. Well the guy I was chilling with was a Libra he did all of the above for a month and I haven't even slept with him because I knew the game. Lol he doesn't ring as much now because he thought he didn't have to work any longer for it, we also hung out together but when it came to the cinema date he bailed out. I did start to really like him and enjoy the banter, but was glad that i didn't have anything to loose, as i never slept with him. I told him we were just friends but we did kiss twice and there was electricity, however I didn't want to give in.So as he knew I wouldn't take it further he eased off the calling and texting, I thought if i had slept with him this is how he would of been and it would of hurt, but you have to put them to the test and you'll see they're true colours simple. I did use him for lifts but he couldn't use me! The thing is women let guys control them and become booty calls so men think they can have things their own way, when you feel uneasy it's your common sense saying leave it alone you deserve better, why you choose to settle for less I don't know. Men master the art of minipulating because they've done it so many times before and women always end up in some bubble of hope.

by: Anonymous

For all the ladies wanting a relationship,and settling for a F***buddy,stop! You re settling,no matter what his sign is,this is Tue rules that you have established and if he can't play by the rules,then he ain't worth being a player in the game.
I'm a sadge,and Im currently talking to an Aqua guy.The less I feed into his the more he comes running.I told him I love making friends,but if he wants to play games,at least make them challenging...in a sweet voice.I believe they are turned in by mental stimulation,so stimulate his mind first.Throw random things out there to find out what makes him tick,but make sure its done in jokes too,he seems to like that cuz it keeps him guessing...
And for the lovely lady asking the question,girlllll,let him look fine from the sidelines.I've seen his behavior in Aries,Virgo,sadge,Taurus,and leos...its not his sign,its called manipulation,and any man will tell you they'll take what they can get. If he talks a good game and no follow up,there's hope:he just goes intothe friend box (you know,the friend that you only talk to with one word sentences) til he grows up,and you go out there and find a MAN to talk to in the mean time.
Good luck and many blessings ladies

some men who are still just boys run at first bite!.....
by: Tigs

I don't intend to hurt your feelings but if you don't mind me pointing out the fact you did say he was "younger" than you which could indicate an imaturity agenda and not all cats are alike if you get my drift; But here's power to you for any guy you come accross, make sure from now on to ask what they want out of you be clear about it too, its ok to ask dont let anyone make you think its not cause if they object then they're most likely not worth your time, im just saying this cause i dont like to see people like you getting sucked into a situation such as this.

just be cool
by: aquarian dude

im an aquarius guy so i get it, and honestly it could be anything. maybe all he wanted was to hit it, or he is trying to hard not to pressure u, or he couldve just moved on... but if u just stay cool and unphased he might come back. u can alwase lure him back in too, send him a hot pic or a sexy text and he might not refuse. if you just let him have his freedom he could drift away too, but if he put in effort to get u, i dont think he would just dip out so fast and NEVER come back. just show him what hes missing and if he dosent want it dont force him and move on. (he may want you a little more just because u dont force him to do anything)

Leave Leave Leave!
by: Anonymous

I've been with my aqua male on and off for years, he always comes back and does all of the above.. I've recently fell out of love with him and I've now moved on. These men are not worth it. It's too much of a challenge and will leave u exhausted. They're a different creature from another planet they are not like us. If your having problems with an aqua male just leave, it will never change, they like to chase and not be caught and this will leave u with heartbreak over and over again. Know ur worth and know she it's time to leave. Don't loose ur pride and dignity. There is no better feeling than to walk away with your pride and dignity. It is liberating and believe me when I say u will get over him. They are like 3year old little boys no matter how mature they seem

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