Is my taurus just not into me?

by marty

I dated a Taurus male for a month and a half, five months ago met due to work related reason. The instant I met him it was an intense attraction and I know he felt it too. But my intensity go the best of me and when I pressed about his interested in me he bolted. HE said next time we'll go out as friends and that I was cool. He never asked me out again but always called me at work. To me it appeared as an excuse to talk to me. He said he was shy. He really didn't have too because he already knew the answers. He totally confuses me he'll ask "call me when you return from vacation to tell me how it went" " We should go out for coffee, what your doing this weekend." but never sets it in stone. I'm taking it as friendly conversation and just respond sure but I wished it was more. Since he said friendship I've never called him at home but neither does he. Everyone say its obvious he's not into me. This week he called at work to tell me the results of the case which means there is no reason for us to talk anymore. I told I enjoyed working with him he said we should go out for coffee some time. I said how about Sunday. We are going for coffee this Sunday. I cant let go of him,and hoping hell reconsider. But I'm scared i'll be strung along always hoping for more when he just sees me as friends. Will he reconsider, is he evaluating me. Or should i give up?

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He's not that into you
by: Sam Cooke (ha)

Your Taurus just wants to be friends. He's being nice. He cares about you, but just not in that special way. Yes, Tauruses can be quite bashful, but it's only when we want the other person to make the 1st move. (Which you obviously did...and was quite blatant about it too). He's just not that interested! When you expressed how you felt about him, and he bolted, he was not being cowardice. He just didn't want to hurt your feelings. As Tauruses, we tend to suffer from a diahhrea of the mouth. We blurt things out w/out thinking...just to regret the words later. In his situation, it was either face you and hurt your feelings, or run off and spare your feelings.

Result of coffee Met up
by: Anonymous

We met for coffee . He was very engaging and appeared more relaxed. I was too. We talked about everything. I actually cut it short to remind him he had another function. It was left as call me If u want to hang out . I'm just hoping he'll reconsider. I really like him. He doesn't let me go either.

take it slow
by: Kellen

Basically, take it slow and feel him out. I'm recently trying to be with a Scorpio girl myself. All I can tell you is, as compatible as these two signs are...we give each other a lot of first. Learn to understand him and give him time to understand you. Give him space to take it in. Believe me, I was ready to walk away several times. The more I stuck around, the more I understood her. She cares and she just wanted to make sure I did too.She's my ONE.

Just remember one thing...we don't like to be pushed to do anything we don't want to. We'll do it on our own time. We may not tell you we're going to do it, we may be doing it already. Just don't rush us. It drives us crazy.

I read it here that if you survive the first year, it's golden after that. I believe it's true too. So stay patient, stay strong, and pick your battles. Learn to compromise. Believe me, when all is said and done, he will be the most loyal person you'll ever have. When you desire something, he'll put it in his heart too.

by: Anonymous

As a Taurus what was it that u found us scorpios confusing? I'm pretty open but I realize I've have been walled up and at times hot and cold. I think that's a natural reaction after his comments of friendship. To top it off he has Venus Aries squares mars cancer.

Hot and Cold
by: Kellen

I'd say the hot and cold thing sums it up pretty well...calling me every day for two weeks straight and then disappearing or unresponsive for the next. That's my job to disappear! If I didn't love her so much, I'd walk away already.

Opposites may attract, but it's easy to forget how difficult being opposite is.

Now what
by: Anonymous

Well after the text I haven't call. He did not text me for new years neither did I. Don't know wether 'to not call at all until he makes the first move. Or call him in a couple weeks. It feels so one sided even in friendship. I feel if I do nothing its over. Maybe that's what he wants.

by: Kellen

Make the first move. He's just being a pain in the ____. I know I can fact, I'm being that right now! Hahaha. He's either in the "if she wants me, she has to come and get me" or...if you're unlucky (or maybe even lucky), he's gone. I dont' know about him, but I have a switch that once I've had enough, something switches "off" and I walk away. Once I walk, I don't turn around. So no drama, ok? Drama is a deal breaker. Stand up for yourself, but learn to compromise and pick your battles carefully.

Thanks kelly
by: Anonymous

I will call him because he is so worth it to me. I will bring down my walls and hopefully he can appriciate it. I've never in my life chased anyone so this is so difficult. Specially not knowing if he likes me. But he never rejects me. It sounds silly but for me it was love at first sight. Thank you
You've been of great help. When a scorp is in we are all in.

no prob
by: Kellen

Good luck. Taurus' appreciate the little things, so I know you'll be fine :)

Now I'm off to try to solve my own problems with my scorpio girl...that hot/cold thing kills me, it seriously does. Right now she's cold.

PS - did you just call me kelly? i'm not a girl, haha

Kellen sorry I missed typed
by: Anonymous

Our emotions are so deep and intense it scares us and we need to retreat. Ie the cold. Specially when we feel its not reciprocated. Our outside exterior is strong but were more vulnarable than u think. We hate being out of control and we don't want u to know that. Be gentle with her and love her. A Scorpio will be loyal forever.

by: Kellen

That I know...from what I know of her and from what a scorpio friend told me. Yet it doesn't make it any easier when she goes cold. Believe me though, I do my best to make her feel very loved. She does her best to make me jealous so she knows the extent of my love. I do my best acting because I'm not jealous (they're not in my league. I'm conceited, huh?)but I know she wants me to be jealous. She's a realist, I'm a dreamer. She's studying to be a doctor, I'm trying to be a published writer. Could we be any more opposite?

And wasn't this about you, not me?

by: Anonymous

Lol I just love a good love ending. Hopefully it works out for u. I called yesterday. We spoke he was not rejecting me and had a great conversation. I feel he is more open and includes me as to what's going on at work and his life. But still no sense if he likes me or if he is just being nice. I don't know if he'll call me. It hurst because during the 1st month we dated last July each time I'd call and he'd ask me out. He didn't this time. When I met him I had just recently been out of a 10 year marriage and in his mind I maybe a red flag. Bad timing I guess.I'm not calling him daily but I'll call him back in several weeks at a time. But if there is no response ie him calling me, I may have to talk to him about even in freindship it takes two to make that effort. I hear once u guys make up your mind about the person there is no changing. I just hope that's not the case.
Are u guys in the begging stage like me or have u guys already expressed ur feelings for each other.

by: Kellen

I'm hoping it works out for me too...because I've been unsure of whether I'm going to stick it out for awhile. Last night I decided I'm giving it my all.

I don't know if it's a red flag or not, because each person is different. People make mistakes and people change. Sometimes marriages don't work out. I'm sure he's understanding and compassionate enough to know that.

Yup, it's true. Once we made up our mind, we don't look back...but it takes a loooong time for us to make up our mind. Don't assume he made up his mind just yet.

Um...we have our own ways. I'm vocal and upfront about how I feel, she's more subtle. I told you, we're opposites! haha

@ kellen
by: Anonymous

Maybe talk to her about how you feel when she gets cold and why she does it. You ' appreciate security so do we. Perhaps she is insecure as to were she stands with you. But only way to know is to ask her. We wont come out and say it because its hard to express by words our needs.we communicate physically. That was our mistake in my marriage to a leo not expressing each others needs. Ask her trust me she can't wait to tell you.
I feel scared and vulnerable that I'll give it my all and lose but then I may win. Arrrg you guys make us work for it. Trust me I have no problem getting attention from men and not to sound concieted but I'm a catch inside and out. Moments like these make me want to quit.

by: Kellen

She's pretty aware of how I feel, I make no secret. I'm pretty upfront about it. This being said, she's also very aware of where she stands in my life. Her insecurity, I think, is that I have a lot of friends who are girls, a lot who are very pretty. My best friend is a girl. She knew this when she first met me.
Hey, you want him, you have to work for him. The best love is the kind you have to work hard else will you appreciate and treasure it? If I didn't love her, I wouldn't have put up with all this. I already told her I'm going to marry her someday.

@ kellen
by: Anonymous

Oh I hope she realizes to learn how to trust. In my younger years I'd be like her, insecure about ur girl freinds. It took me my relationship to realize to trust and that there are good men out there. But let me assure you after the first couple years of my ex being patient with me I was 110 percent trusting all through the end. Never did I doubt him. It just took time.
The way I see things now is I will completely trust and it's upto the other persons conscience and risk to loose me.
Kellen my plan is to call him every other week to check in with him wether he calls me or not(to show consistency).
Or do I now hold back now for a while since Ive extended myself twice. I hear Taurus like to chase too.
Kellen if it weren't for your information I would have given up. Thanks I'm hopefull.

tired of putting in a subject
by: Kellen

She doesn't seem so concerned anymore about me having pretty girls as friends. I know because she's stopped trying to make me jealous. I have to wait a couple of years? I kinda want it now...although I don't really need it. I don't do anything suspicious anyways.

I'm...gonna be honest. There were times when she was so overwhelming, I didn't know if I could take it. I thought if I'm going through this now, how will I make it when we're actually together? The less I talked to her, the crazier it drove me and made me want to talk to her more. I'm not sure how worried she was of losing me on her end, but it sure didn't hurt her.

I kinda get the feeling that you're doing the chasing. You should stop. I don't like girls chasing me, no matter how attractive. I'm not a trusting person due to past experiences. If a girl chases me, it makes me think she wants something from me. A Taurus loves the chase, I suggest you make him chase. I like to earn my love.

by: Anonymous

Ohh to late . I called him after the holidays to ask him how his holidays went. He was very receptive and we had great conversation. I ended early because he said he was getting sick. Although he wanted to tslk more.But . I texted him today Saturday saying I hope u feel better. He asked how my weekend was going so far. I said I went hiking and we should go sometime. He said sure. Then i said ok the ball is in your court. He said this weekend. I'm so happy but I'll back off.

@ kelly
by: Anonymous

What's so overwhelmin? Her love for you? It will ease as time passes but her love will remain for you. Hang in there it is so worth it. Don't hold back if you want it know do it. I have an uncle Taurus married to a Scorpio and it's been long lasting. It works.

She feels the same
by: Anonymous

Ohh it hurt her she just keeps it in. I felt like my world crumbled when I thought it would be the last time I'd ever hear from him. It got me to seek advise here.But I remained cool and collected to him.

by: Kellen

Sorry, I didn't mean to back off as in not talking to him at all. I meant be more elusive. Don't be around so much. Makes you look like a) you have nothing better to do, hence no life, b) you're psycho (ever see Cable Guy?), c) you seem needy. I won't pick up on the first ring sometimes, only because I know she'll call again...sometimes again and again and again.
The overwhelming part isn't personal experience. When I first met her, she was just getting over a relationship and was telling me about it. She seemed so needy and all I could think about was how she wants to talk all the freaking time. Came to find out he was just an A-hole who played mind games with her.
What goes around comes around. We're not easy to get along with at first either, but once you get a Taurus hooked, we'll be there forever. Getting us there is the tricky part, because it takes a lot of patience.

by: Anonymous

Kellen went to out. So disappointed and more confused. He doesn't like me. He was aloof but we talked alot. He did not hold Hand or nor did he act in a romantic fashion. After hike I said I was hungry we went to eat and movies at the end he suggested we go to bookstore. We did hang out for 8 hours. Said he enjoyed it and we should do it again. He said talk to you later:(.
It may be my issue because my ex was cold, unemotional and not affection. I don't think I'd like to have that again.

good luck
by: Kellen

All I can tell you is that the choice is really up to you. I don't want to tell you what you should do, because I dont' know how or you or the situation that well. If you want my personal opinion, I would say to walk away...not completely cut him out of your life, but go back to doing the things you love. Don't let him consume your thoughts and take forefront of your own needs and passions. He'll realize that he misses you and what a good person you were...if not, then did you really want a person like this to be the center of your life? It hurts, I know it does. It hurts to know how you can care about someone so much and not get it in return. It's really confusing. I know because I just walked away today. She doesn't know it yet, but she will. Since I made the decision, there's been a weight off my chest and my heart is a lot more calm. Did I care about her a lot? Of course and I still think she's a good person with a good heart...just not where I am in life right now. The only problem is...once my heart closes to that person, it never opens again unless that person proves themself. So I hope you make the right decision, whichever one that may be. Good luck! :)

I'm done too
by: Anonymous

Kellen. I too ended it. After this last date he responded saying he enjoyed it and we should do it again. We Had set another outing for sunday but several conversation with him i detected his coldness. Again hot and cold. So I decided to tell him we don't have to do this I don't think ur into me like I am . His response was he did not see me romantically but i was cool and we could still do the outing . I could not answer and he knd of suggested that it was ok when I'm ready I had his number I could call him. He won't let me go and wants my freindship. I called back and said that's fine well go to the outing I just needed to know. I just want to do it to make him sqirm because he did not have to lead me on. I'll be like watever and then never again contact him. If someone can't handle affection it's not for me.
Sorry ur going through the same thing.

So Sorry
by: Kellen

Maybe we both made the wrong choice at first...or maybe the timing just wasn't right. It can be anything...but what IS a fact is that it's not going to happen right now. The worse thing you can do is wonder what you did wrong. I learned from my last relationship that I didn't do anything wrong, it just didnt' work out. I took a lot out of this experience. I learned a lot about myself...that I let myself get consumed by the other person too much and lose sight of myself. This is not completely wrong to do...I just did it too early. It hits me hard when I think about it, so I just let it go. The worse part? I already bought a nonrefundable ticket to go see her, so now I have to play nice until then. I also promised her when I first met her that I'd never walk away like other guys have, so I have to hold myself to that too.
I wish you the best of luck and keep me up to date. Let me know if you need to talk and just let it out.
You know the funniest thing about this is that YOU'RE the scorpio and I'M the Taurus. Ironic how we're going through the same thing.

Same but it's a scorp for me...
by: Anonymous

I'm feeling pretty much the same. With this pairing it's either all or nothing. There is really no middle ground. The worse thing is when there is an imbalance, this can be toxic where a partner is on a high but can experience extreme swings of emotions. I wish anyone well, pursuing this pairing. I still believe it can work at the right place and right time. I presume that the timing for myself and the other two who shared their stories here is off.

is my taurus friend into me?
by: Anonymous

Ok so I've been knowing this taurus guy for a very long time (over 5 years). I went to hs. With him and we actually "messed around" for a little bit the summer before my 10th grade yr. We fell off, bc of an argument, and casually spoke to each other once school started back. I ended up moving with my family to a different state after that year and we got even more distant. During my college yrs we would talk on and off again..sometimes he'd flirt with me, and i'd do the same...on one of my trips to ny, we ended up "hooking up". I found myself falling for him all over again. We'd talk every day,flirting etc. I noticed that his "coldness" started to be evident. I. Would be feeling so into him..n get nothin from him but a *shrug* or "ok" so finally I said how I was feeling and he said its not like that

by: Anonymous

Hello everyone!!! I am a girl, Sagittarius, liking a boy Taurus..he works with me, not in the same area, but still..
I am sooo confused!! please help me!! I need to know if he is interested or not..
He is really nice to me, i cath him staring at me when we are at lunch and always trying to sit next to me even when the table is really crowded he would ask me if i would make space for him next to me, he sometimes offered me to try his food.
Now that we have the same cellphone model he would ask me about applications and offer me to download what he got in my cell..i showed him and application that is really nice and he, at least, mentioned how nice it is 10 times!! It seems he took advantage of that subject to talk to me about it constantly. He knows i know how to use photoshop so he asked me for a favour and in return he bought me a drink next time we had an after office (in which by the one of my coworkers said to me he trated me as his girlfriend :S) but he just wouldnt make a freaking move!!! He has said to me he does not appreciate girls making the first move as that makes him feel less like a man, but in the other hand he is always telling me he is not lucky as a girl never made a first move with him, almost like begging me to do so!! i am a smoker, he isnt, and lately he has talked to me about it, trying for me to quit!! he even searched online for the electonic cigarrette that would help you quit and asked me to buy it and try quitting. He is really really nice to me, everyone in the office seems to notice there is something going on between us, but it isnt!!! The other day, over lunch, we were talking about stripers and he made a joke about it and then said: i dont go to those kind of places,and then looked at me in the eye and said: i am a traditional person. Everyone looked at me, most of the table started to laugh and i didnt know what to do, it was like he was making it clear for me and everyone started to make jokes about us being together. I know he told ME that as he is always saying he is traditional for everything and i laugh about it...the other day i decided to ¨make a move¨ and told him something about me cooking the best chicken ever and him trying it but he didnt say or do anything about it so i decided to step day he sitted right next to me and treated me as always, even nicer i felt.
Another thing..i know he is seeing someone..nothing serius as he says she is not her girlfriend and doesnt care for her that much..when we went out for happy our with some coworkers he said to me he would end things up with her and that he ditched her that night to go out for drinks with us, i warmly smiled at him. Half an hour later he said he would see her that sunday and that he likes her..OH MY GOD is he trying to make me go insane??? PLEASE HELP!!!

Scorpio (Anonymous) and Taurus (Kellen)
by: Anonymous

I've been reading your back and fort messages to each other and am aware that things did not work with your partners. I mean it is kinda sad but how about looking at your experiences from such a standpoint that your bad experiences with both signs brought or drawn you closer to each other. Although you did not work it with your partners, why don't you two try to work it together? you seem to be compatible with each other mentally, emotionally and in terms of commitment too.

I am a scorpio female in love with a Taurus guy who is in love with me too. Damn, he is everything I wanted in life and there is nothing I would ask for. But things are sooo slow that sometimes it feels that it will take ages until we make it to something concrete.

I wish you all the best. Think about what I said, i feel like you both are compatible.

by: Kellen

This is the hard head of the Taurus...I now avoid Scorpios at all costs, haha...

The end
by: Anonymous

Lol I saw how hard headed Taurus are. We actually got together but 1 argument and well not even an argument
and he ended it. I guess he did not like to hear the truth. I too avoid Taurus now. Lol

Trying to figure out what to do
by: Elo

My Taurus man and I were together for 6 months and were absolutely in love when we decided we would move in together. Our relationship was stressful due to an ex that was living with him. He talked about making me his wife, about having babies together. It was great. I was in an apartment so i bought a house that we both liked. We moved in at month 10 and a month later he moved back to his house where the ex was still staying. It was stressful for him b/c the ex was making things very difficult with their 3 kids while we lived together. She doesn't want him to date anyone. So, we broke up when he left. He said he needed time. But a week later were back together. A month later he was still stressed out because the ex was running her mouth for about 6 months saying that i cheated on him and she's seen me twice with the other guy, and other people have told him the same thing, which i am pretty sure she is behind. But i know that Taurus' hate to feel betrayed and cheated on. I love him too much to do that. I'm a Pisces and am very loyal to him. I would do anything. I have even let him look at my bank accts, emails, my phone, everything to try to prove that i am not cheating or doing anything suspicious. But after the month of being back together he wanted me to talk to his ex. So, I spent 3 hours on the ph w/her and then we met up at his house and talked more. This whole relationship he has tried to "scare" me by telling me how he is. He does have a different mind-set. So, the ex and him tried to "scare" me. She told me that he will just leave when he feels like it. He will take trips without me. He will do what he wants, when he wants, etc. In private she told me that he had cheated on me with her and another girl (which i don't believe now, but did then). So, he asked me at the end if i could handle it. I said no. But a few days later I thought about it and knew that he was already like that. Nothing was changing so i asked him to give me another chance. We talked and hung out for a week and he wanted me to talk to the ex 1 more time. however, it never panned out. But during that week he was hugging on me and kissed me in front of the kids, which he has never done. So, I thought for sure he was going to give me another chance. But at the end of the week I called him and he was upset. He had been arguing with the ex and said that he couldn't do this and he needed time. As long as they are living together he can't be with me because she is talking in his ear all the time. So, we are "friends" but he says more than that. I know it will be months before he ever moves out. What am i supposed to do until then? Should I wait, should i go out since i am technically "single"? help!

Good luck
by: Anonymous

Well this is Scorpio Taurus thread. Don't know much about pices an taurus. But taurus are stubborn. Their way or the high way. They are sentimentsl fools stuck in the past of long lost true love. For ur taurus is ex wife as any normal divotce and he'd have his own place even if next door to be with kids. They re some ties they cant cut and he told u he wont. For me it was ex aries of six years although he had no contact with her he couldnt be emotianally present. Lucky that my taurus was honest we were to be exclusive but when i confronted him with what he was offering he bolted. You see al though he did not say it his actions. I was second to aries ex and perhaps third to coworker he had been crushing. What he was offering I couldn't accept although at that time I would have accepted his scraps. Not now his or anyone's. Took year of inner work to get to this place.
In actuality ur Taurus is honest too. Yes ur more than freinds ur freinds with benéfits. Unfortunately once ur in their catagory their is no changing that. Don't fool yourself they are set. So ask yourself why would u take scraps?? You don't need all that drama this man doesn't love you he's feeding his own needs and ego. Yes once u get emotional hell end it cuz he's not in it for that.
Good luck.

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