Regaining an Aquarius woman

by John
(Cleveland, OH, USA)

Can I regain an aquarius woman? We're in a relationship for a little over a year and a half and I made a few mistakes (irrational decisions). We never had sex, something that I am very proud of. Towards the end I said some hurtful things and pushed her away. I asked if we could be friends and she said she needed time and space.

Being a Taurus male this is a supreme task for me although something I am committed to giving her. My fear is that she will forget about me if I give her too much space. What is the best approach at this point? Is it best to move on or can I become her friend and eventually regain her trust. She is very special to me and if I have another chance I hope to be able to show her I care, thanks!

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by: Aquagirl

Hi, from the Aquarian perspective, if you really have hurt her she will never come back to you. We Aquarians are more than anyone else aware of the amounts of the fish out there :)We also move on easily...
Just learn from your experience and do not make the same "irrational" mistakes again.
Much Love
Aqua Girl

so true
by: Anonymous

i am an Aquarius and that is so true once you mess up with us there is no second chance and to be honest we hold grudges so to be on the safe side i would say chalk it up as a lose. If she let you back in you better sleep with both eyes open because if we let you back in it's usually to get even

Still need this info?
by: Spacegirl

I'm friends with most of my exes. The only ones I keep at a distance are the ones that get clingy after we start talking again.
I have a Taurus ex who's getting married, and I'm going to be godmother to his child (who so happens to be Aquarian!!! How cool is that?)
We had a bad break up, and when he eventually called to apologize (6 months after) I'd moved on but I was still furious.
We eventually bumped into each other, and we get together to catch up once in a while, and I'd say he's one of my very few very good friends.
A few times, I could tell that he wanted to get back together, but if you're ex, you're ex for a reason and that reason always shows itself.
Im quick to forgive because my memory does not hold grudges for too long, but once I give up on a "relationship situation", I never go back.... Especially after I start dating again.

Go with the flow
by: Anonymous

On a positive note, if she said give her time/space, I would go with that. As an Aquarius woman myself, I don't mice words and if I said give me space then there is something still there possibly, and possibly she is still trying to figure things/you out. How you react to giving her space is critical. She needs to very strongly sense that you understand you made a mistake and that you are patiently waiting to get back with her...Patient persistence is key. If she is still feeling you, this will be vital.

On the other hand, if I was no longer into you I would just say so and not lead you on. Everyone is prone to mistakes, but what an Aquarius woman appreciates is a "thinking man" who will admit his faults to make amends (hopefully you are not always saying the wrong things which is an indication that you are not a "thinking man" or just plainly an uncaring man). If you have issues with apologizing when in the wrong, then there are bound to be problems in the future. She definitely won't appreciate that and WILL move on.

Hope this post helps.

by: Anonymous

Im An Aquarius Girl & I Have Gone Through This
Depending On What Was Said She Jus Needs Time And No You Wont Be Forgotten Jus Put Aside For A While..

We forgive BUT
by: Miss AQ4real

we NEVER forget. Give her her space. If she misses you she will make contact. unfortunantly, if she is no longer interested-u will probably never hear from her again. Moving on is VERY ez for us. We shrug our shoulders and say "Oh well ure loss".

Good Luck babes
P.S. If she comes back-refrain from sex. It may turn her off and she will disappear. If she wants it-she/we take it. TRUST ME

What do i do
by: Naz

I was in relationship with a aquarian women for two years and i believed we were best of friends(she told me we were)i am aquarian. then she said on our 2 yr aniversarry that we werent forever and she didnt want to lose her best friend but said it was over. she called me 3 weeks later and we chatted for 40 min and i had her smiling and laughing and she said i always knew how to make her happy and she said she likes to listen to me talk cuz i have lots to tell her. she hasnt called since. she said she cudnt do the 1 hr long distance and my age(she 21 me 34).shes in college and i supported her all the way. where did i go wrong?

2010 July
by: Aquagirl

Hi John, are you still around? It would be interesting to find out how your story ended and who of us was right? In other words, are you with her now or not? x

by: John

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contribute to this.

I saw her recently at a function and it was pretty uneventful. Afterwards I asked her if she wanted to stop communicating completely and she said yes.

I think about her sometimes and part of me wants to contact her although I suppose if we are ever to talk again she should be the one to initiate it.

by: Aqua Chick

I am an Aquarius, married to a Taurus for almost 26 years. We have for the most part had a very agreeable relationship. A few years back, out of no where, he all but accused me of being unfaithful to him and unjustifiably so. He destroyed the part of me that endeared me to him. He has long since forgotten this, but I know now, it has done irrepairable damage to our relationship. I will never be able to put this behind me and know that I will not spend the rest of my life with this man. This is something that can't be fixed at least in my experience.

by: Anonymous

Hi John, I hope you got over your Aquarian woman. Well, I still can't get over over mine, and it's have been 3 years!! She made a very big impression on me, and other girls now seem really bland in comparison. If you still think about her, you should contact her (don't be stubborn, lol!!). By the way, have you actually apologized for all those hurtful words that you blurted out? I am also curious about those irrational decisions that you made. Maybe they were no big deal?

Just remember, you only live once. So go for what you want!!!

by: Aquarius lady

Maybe I'm a bit different, but I can sometimes go back to a relationship, if there are no strings attached.
For example if a guy gives enough space and after a while just casually contacts me and maybe we could have some fun together. Then if I see that he has corrected his behaviour and still really wants me, I could consider starting over from zero.

by: Anonymous

I am a AQ girl and I jus broke up with my girl of 6years. She was also an AQ we was so much alike at somethings..and it was a disater for me since day one but for some reason we kept geting back together and she was abusive, but being a good and loyal individual that I am I gave her the benefit of the doubt each and every time but this last time is different I got fed up and cheated on her and I told her I what was up so she put her hands on me for the last time, now shes begging me back doing everything in her power to get back with me.. I love her but I don't want her back I'm done. but can some one give me some advice on that?

to the post above
by: Anonymous

Do not give her another chance!! She is ABUSIVE!!! Do you want to end up with a depression or what!? Forget about her, please!!! It's for your own good! Take care x

by: Crazy Sexy & Cool

Thanks for that advice, I really appreciate that some one actualy listening to me. I already know whats right and wrong but it is easier said than done. I have been depressed and it's not fun, We as AQ knows we are the most attractive signs of them all and when you been in the relationship this long it's hard for anybody to leave us alone.. sometimes our attractiveness gets us in to so much bs.. Im soo stress over this!!!!

what does it mean if ex aquarius still care?
by: Anonymous

i would like to know..if my ex -aquarius broke up with me to be back with her ex gf leo but she still cares for me. what does it mean? Why does she still care?

Is there anyway i can win her back? she cannot answer me straight when i asked her she needs to leave me because she wants to be with her ex gf (leo).

btw, this is a lesbian relationship...

by: Anonymous

I too feel every comment I read. I dated an Aqua guy and Im an AQUA.... And i WiLl be honest, IF he does come bk I will get even wit him.... My ex Libra Fled to ATL On me lol..... I didnt have time to find him :), but it all depends on how I feel.. Dat AQUA guy did hurt me, but he tells me I wasnt suppose to take it dat way???????????????

Don't Hurt an Aqua Woman...
by: Anonymous

We won't hold a grudge, but we won't go back in that territory again.

We can be cool, and talk once in a while, I am that way with my ex-husband and ex-fiance' but I would never get back with either...though both would love for us to get back together..time has moved on..both of them hurt me, and it can't be recaptured.

by: Anonymous

Once an Aqua woman gets her hooks in you, its hard to let go..

I've been divorced for 12 years and broke off my engagement with my ex-fiance' in 1989, yet both are still pining..

It's not an ego thing's just easy for us to walk away when we "feel and believe" its over.

What's the point of staying where one isn't happy or feel as if they aren't appreciated..I say that for all relationships, not just those involved with Aqua women.. but we do have a tendency to just walk away and so oh well..your loss..and be fine with that..we can bounce back very quickly..we just busy ourselves with other interests.

the leo man
by: Anonymous

I was dating this Aquarius women for about 8 months now i met her back in April she had a boyfriend at the time that she had been with for about 10 year we didn't start 2 have sexual relationship till September i was very patient with her while she needed to figure out wat to do with her boyfriend for 10 year well after he leff things started to get sower in her life she lost alot and had to move back home with her parents i new i couldn't see her as much anymore but the the calls started to get less so i began to complain just last week she said she needed space till she could get herself together but its hard for me to give her that cause i love her so im texting and calling but now she won't answer either im lost cause i don't no what i did wrong besides complain alil. Do i have a chance with this women im loyal to her but by her and answering my text or calls i don't no where i stand in her heart i just don't want another man to have her


I am a cancer man, broke up with an aqua girl in December 2009.


That day, i went to meet her.

she told : i am busy"

i replied : it ok i gotta go. CYL

But i just stay out of his house. my intuitive mind says : something wrong "

few minutes later she came out of her house

she saw me and shocked :

that smart girl promptly said for unfair reason

i just come to see you.

i replied : i told u i am gone, how can u come to meet me .

i caught her lie :

she say : ok i am going with my sister.

i said : ok u go, no problem

i perused her

she was standing there where we meet .

i called her on cellfone : whats this

she told i am on date with my fiance , i am engaged.

(PS. TWO YEAR LATER NOW I KNOW THAT HE wasn't her fiance . some other dumb ass guy. she is steel unmarried.

during three months after this event. i sleep with her three or four time .
(but she hardly show any intimate feeling. i blame myself that i was doing wrong . its like rape. )

(PS. this girls never shows emotion during sex. or even during dating ,her mind is far of from his physical body.( may be in future ) this makes me irritating. and I shout: "Pay attention ' u Bi***)

I have made everything possible attempt to make this relationship happen again.BUT NOTE that it is always waste of time, money and your brain wash.


THEY ARE MIND GAME MASTER : ( WELL BUT IT doesn't work with me , may be i have some intuitive mind.)

THEY ARE PRONE TO DEBAUCHERY : (For them : the stranger the better , and : Friends with Benefit;

So friend, i understand its hard to get recovered after break up . BUT , in aqua case you wouldn't get same when u left at breakup.( because the problem is not that she sleep fifty times with another person , but the problem that she sleep once with fifty person. (THAT'S WHY Aquarius's slogan ; ' I UNIVERSALIZE "

but my best advices that you should check your compatibility with other zodiac girl. and try to get compatible one.




Will she come back
by: Anonymous

I am an aries girl and she is an aquarius. We dated for a year and 5months. Me and her would always argue and break up. I cheated and so did she, at the end i would call her bad names and all that. I knew she was skipping away little by little. And after

Will she come back
by: Anonymous

I felt as if i didnt care if i lost her or not so i told her in a text i didn't want to be with her all she replied back was "ok". Let me say the only reason i called her mean things was because she came back everytime i did. Selfish right? Now its been

Will she ever come back
by: Anonymous

7months and i think of her everyday. I know because she's been with her boyfriend that long . Im happy for her. But i wonder if she will ever come back or is she atleast thinking of me. Will she ever contact me. Sorry my phone only lets me write a little

aqua girl help anyone
by: Anonymous

hey yall, so ive been talking to an aqua girl for a few a couple months, things started great adn i invited her to a baseball game. the game was cool she said a few weeks back that it made her happy that she found a true legit friend in me and all she seek and desired a goodfriendship. ok i was cool with that and proceded the game with that mindset. at the game she kept giving and giving me signlas to like touch her and get "closer".i was really confused and didnt know what to do so i went cold and shut down, i was a bit rude and ignored her. we got to the train station, i hugged her goodbye and all. but i knew i had miss chance and felt horrible for making her mad and all. so the next oppurtunity on school monday i profoundly apologized to her and explained y i got the way i did and what im doing for myself to be a better person. i thanked and appriciated that fact that stayed there and tried to get me out of my shell..she got teary eyes and was like o u didnt have to worry im no one special its not like i went home and made a deal about it. i knew than that i did hurt her and apologized to her. so after that she started showing me more of her interests and stuff. we didnt hug at all which we usually have done. we still txt here and there and see eachother at school and all, im wondering if completely blew it with her?
btw i am a scorpio and have not been possesive jealous or those usual evil scorpio traits

aquarius girl here :D
by: Anonymous

I think it really depends on how much you stand in her heart. For most aquarians, the more experienced they are, the less likely they are to give you a second chance. But if you are her first love, or made a really deep impression, then I would say you have a chance.

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