Should I tell my Taurus man I love him?

by Ms. O. jackson
(East St. Louis, Ill)

He is the sweetest man, sometimes I doubt him because of prior relationships but he has been there so far and I'm just crazy for him, but do you think I should let him know that. We have only been dating for a few months

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Signed Taurus
by: Anonymous

Express how you feel about him. Be bold and unafraid. Honesty is very important to a Taurus. He will be enamored, trust me. Let him know that although your feelings for him are strong, nevertheless, you prefer to take things slowly. You don't want to rush anything! This is very important, because while he may feel the same way about you, this Taurus will need some time to assess you, and collect his thoughts and feelings about you. If he feels rushed or pressured in any way, he will be stubborn, dig his heels in, and will not budge. This simply means that he will simply keep you at arms length.

If his feelings for you are strong,and he knows you feel the same {yet there's no pressure}, he will be more inclined to become your Prince Charming. This means doing any and everything to make you happy. Don't expect any verbal communication in the beginning. This man will show his love for you through tangible gifts and generosity.

If you want to keep this man happy. Be the ultimate ideal woman. These men are visual, so it will be extremely important to keep up your appearance. Buy a couple of beers during game night, and bake some buffalo wings. Take him to a music concert or an art show on your spare time. Avoid flirting with other men. This man has a jealous streak. Love his friends and family, and this man will be eating out of the palm of your hand.


Should i tell my taurus man i luv him
by: Ms. O Jackson

I don't want to push him away, if I move to fast, is there any way possible I should hold out for awhile

Signed Taurus
by: Anonymous

I would not recommend playing hard to get. With a Taurus, that causes confusion. We hate being mind readers or not knowing where we stand with an individual. Your actions need to be consistent with what you're feeling. Tauruses are somewhat selfish in that way. We keep our significant others at arms length while we assess them, but we expect nothing but complete loyalty in return. Which in fact is very UNREALISITC! If you choose to hold out, we will forget you. Out of sight means out of mind. Trust me, there will be other prospects. Tauruses, both men and women have a gravitational pull towards the opposite sex. We are quite charming people.

Your Taurus man is shy and introverted, despite his obvious happy-go-lucky facade. He has a fear of making the wrong choice. This man rarely divorces. He needs to know that you're in this for the long haul, and your actions will show proof of that devotion.

Don't hold out. Be bold, unafraid, and tell him how you feel. But tell him "I am willing to take things slow with rush, no pressure." This will put him at ease!

Do you love a Taurus?
by: Anonymous

If so tell him! I'm a taurus and there is nothing wrong in being bold in these matters. Actually if you truly confess your love to us in a very deep way, even if there wasn't much physical attraction at the beginning, there will probably be a positive answer or it will give you a second chance. If you are really don't like the idea of waiting, don't worry. If you are direct to us in matters of heart, we will respond in the same way ;)

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