Taurus man falling in love with Scorpio woman

I'm a Taurus man and I've been dating a Scorpio woman for 4 months now and I'm falling deeply in love with her. She's so beautiful to me and her personality is super magnetic. From the moment we started seeing each other our relationship has been very physical. We've never argued, although, there is a small spot of hardheadedness from the both of us sometimes. Luckily, I'm not the kind of Taurus that is said to be a "rock" and I'm usually the one to move first. What gets to me is how my possessiveness is tested by her not wanting to be possessed (if that IS the case). I feel like she TRIES to make me jealous sometimes. But maybe that makes me want her more.. Also, I'm very sexual/sensual and I love trying to get her in the mood but we haven't had sex in over a month. I feel like I need it and I want her but she doesn't seem to look for it very often. Besides that I'm really into her. I can feel her love and that makes me care about her even more.

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Taurus man falling in love with Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus man in love with a Scorpio woman. We have known each other for a couple of years now, and started getting more serious in the last 18 months. The big problem is that I am still married and even though I respect and get on well with my Gemini wife, I no longer love her.

My Scorpio girl is divorced and refuses to enter into a sexual relationship with me while I am still married. My kids are grown up and have left home, but she still has two kids at home. I agree with her that it would not be a good idea to have an affair. Statistically that would kill the relationship. So, I am hanging in there with a genuine friendship with the most beautiful, fun, entertaining, compassionate soulmate I think I will ever have. She is wonderful and I know that one day we will be together. Viva Scorpio women, this one is fantastic!

falling in love with Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Was there an instant attraction?

I love her
by: knoxman

Im a taurus man dating a scorpio,I love her very much i think is the most wonderful thing that ever came on my path, likewise you know women will try to make you feel jelous but i love her still even though im too possesive and very ... when i see her flirting with other man,overall i think she loves me,care for me i would like to show her that there are still good guys out there. i love her ... its like i have known her for ever but its been two weeks.

Scorpio Woman w/ a Taurus Man In Pursuit
by: Anonymous

As far as the no sex goes, scorpio women like to be taken. I find that the Taurus man is too concerned with being polite than being aggessive. Scorpios like aggressive, original sex. Perhaps if you're a little more aggressive with her, she'll be more sexually into the relationship.

what this scorpio woman wants
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman, and being taken and aggressive is def. a good thing with a scorpio woman, but also, letting her have the control is a good way to go. Don't pursue her, then she'll wonder what the hell is going on ha. Then she'll be pursuing you ;) Doing the pursuing as a scorpio woman is a lot of fun, it's give and take right? a scorpio woman wants to be seen as an equal, not an object. She wants to find her equal.

frank and christine
by: Anonymous

ive been dating a taurus man now for 10 mnths, i love him with all of my heart we are talking about marriage... i was married for many yrs and i was very happy but my husband passed away and i found it very hard to move on until i met this man its been almost 6 yrs that ive lost my husband and i ve finally found love again with this man... and i really hope its works for us!!!

Magnetism and attraction
by: Anonymous

However her career choice will not allow relationships through clients and agency staff and this was known before hand, so although the feelings were so blatent it was a touchy subject as it would result in being moved to another supervisor and thats the last thing i wanted. Anyway things went paired shape and it came to ahead and i admitted my strong feelings for her and her boss got involved and banned me from making contact with her as it was in everyones best interest and then transfered me to a male worker. However my feelings for her were to overpowering and i continued making contact via letters and e-mails. But she was unable to return as if she were to then her newly appointed career would have gone permanantly. Shes new to her career and it is her 1st post after university. I still cant get her out of my head and life dont seem worth living without her. Ive just come back from a brilliant holiday that most would die for but all my thoughts were centred on her and how much more i would have enjoyed this holiday with her. Her boss have now involved the police as simple things like making contact via emails are seen as harrassment and although she was defending me and saying how well i`d been doing. Shes been to my house met my family and we got on so good. Our meetings would go from 1hour upto 2 hours 15 mins where as with her other clients it would be 15 - 20 mins and thats it. Our conversations had never been about what they are meant to be about, it was always like friends talking to each other over a coffee and it went very personal most of the time. She made me want to be the best i could be and she had a power over me and still does. I wish only for her happiness but it balances with how much i want to be with her in a loving relationship. If i have to wait until my supervision orders finished which is another 9 months or a bit more than thats what i`ll do. i would do a lot more to be with this girl. I`ve never experienced a love like this before, this strong emotionally. I was acctually seeing a very pretty girl at the time i met her and ended up splitting with her as i felt it to be unfair on her being together when i so openly loved another even if we hadn`t acctually got together. I`d rather be in a position to get together before hand and not let that chance go. So i will await the outcome at court and go from there. I love her more than i`ve ever loved anyone in my life and ive only been seeing and talking with her about 6-7 months, but instantly were my feelings for her, it just took a bit of time to figure out that the feelings i felt were acctually true love working its magic. I just hope she feels the same way when her career is not on the line should we be together. She certainly gave me the right wordage and body language and subject matter and topics to make me believe so. So hope and pray for that better day.

Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

Hey im a scorpio woman and im falling deep for a taurus man but i do understand we are both opposites. But us scorpio woman can be very hard to sastify and we sometimes have very srtong mix feelings and we always want you to please us and work very hard to prove you want to be with us so when we see you really care we fall deeply in love.Just always know we are a challange .

Taurus man
by: Michelle

Am a scorpion woman, who feels like am in love with a taurus man...and he is so unpredictable, and has just left me bleeding with no clue...I wonder what should i do... pursue him or wait for him ???

Waited Too Late
by: Anonymous

IMy Taurean and I went together 20 years ago. It ws the best relationship I have ever had. He was patient, and he waited for three or four months before we had sex. He waited on me. We broke up over him seeing someone else. he broke up with me first, but then wanted to try and work on it. During the "working on it" stage, I found out about the otehr girl. We broke up, and did n't see each other for a bit. Then he called me and we begin to see each other form time to time. I was so in love, that I did not want ot be rejected agian. I went on with my life, met someone and moved to another state. Twenty years later, I am back home. My ex-taurean saw a relative and expressed an interest in seeing me. He called me and it was chemistry and sparks all over agin. I am a proud Scorpio woman and I do not care about the opposite stuff about scorps and taurs, we are like magnets when we are in close vicinity. He is married, I am too. I care about my hubby, but marreid for the wrong reason. I was told by a relaible source that my ex is unhappy. But true to his sighn, he is loyal to the end. We communictaed off and on all summer until his wife found my text. He stays away from me, but still have my cousin a number to give to me to reach him. In this way, he can keep me at arms length without totally pusing me out of his life.

I see him around town. I called him on the number he gave my cousin and I told him what he meant to me and to thank him for being such a gentleman and an example for me to give my daughters. I also said he was special to me and he will always be special to me.I have ot heard from him, but I passed him last week when he was at the petrol station and he saw my car and smiled. I honked and kept going, which was really hard to do. I know that one day, he and I will have something. I do not know what it is and I do not care if we are in our seventies. I want to live my golden years with him.

It is funny, many of these accounts remind me of us. The bond between a Scorpio and a Taurus is real.

Scorpio Women
by: I miss him much

With a taurus man, you will soon change because you want to keep him. If you loose him, you will be spending the rest of your life trying to replace him.

scorpio woman dating taurus man
by: Anonymous

Im a Scorpio woman dating a Taurus man.. he was after me first and just won't give up. Determination so sexy..anyway, it's only been a month and a half but I feel as thought I've been dating him for years. When were together I feel so secured it's crazy. He does try to control the relationship and I having a lil problem with that beening I'm a scorpio

falling in love with a taurus man
by: Anonymous

i've falling for this man and he is in a relationship with a scorpio who looses her temper a lot. which don't make him too happy. they have kids wish i think is one of the reason he is still with her, he might just love her. i was taught that love shouldn't hurt.
i have never sleep with this man. the only thing we've done is touched and hug which fell good to me. this taurus don't talk much even when we have time alone. i know he like me but he never say anything. it's something about him that drive me crazy.
let me mention that i'm in a relationship my on self, and he's a sagittarius. he's a good guy but he don't give me what need outside the bed.
i just want to do the right thing and be HAPPY. so how do you just turn off your feelings for a taurus that you be around and feel connected to????????
scorpio in of help. this is a state of emergency!!!!!

by: Scorpio Gal

Taurus men can be very loving, honest and affectionate but can also be quite the opposite depending on the situation. What did he do that left you bleeding if I may ask?

Taurus to Scorpio Female
by: Anonymous

This bond is almost too strong to exist haha. I'm a Taurus man and I study psychology especially through seduction and power dynamics: A relationship between a Taurus and Scorpio is all about manipulation for power and control. Taurus should maintain extreme prudence and politeness until the Scorpio caves in. She will, like most cases of a Taurus-Scorpio bond, try to get you jealous. THE MAIN PRIORITY FOR A TAURUS IS TO MAINTAIN YOUR COOL. In the end the Scorpio is only testing you, so always show desire, will and optimism or she will give up.

Scorpion female and taurean male
by: Mary

I've fallen head over heels with a Taurean guy,we have a long distance relationship that seems to be going strong,we've been dating for a year and one month now...hes a great guy,his passionate,he loves me a lot and i love him too,we still very young and we always talking about marriage,however he has a terrible temper he can be very impatient and gets angry about petty things and his too possessive,im from a modest family and his not the same religion as me,this poses a big threat to our future together,will this really work?

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