Tips for dating Aquarius men

by f

I'm an Aquarius woman who has dated many Aquarius men. OK ladies don't despair! Yes they have mixed signals but that is because they usually don't know themselves. Let them disappear for awhile. Do your own thing and be glamorous, be mysterious. NEVER explain yourself.

Be sexy in a relaxed way. Aquarius men are actually very emotional, and if you stop them
From have sport sex, stare deeply into their eyes, run your teeth over their neck. Sport sex can turn into emotional love sex.

They are wary of being hurt. To get your own way tell them they are being mean and closed minded. Leave often don't be predictable, but also give them compliments-
Ones do to with... "I was impressed at the way you handled that..."
They don,t like to be jealous.
They do like to categorize women.
They want an all rounder (sexy, clever, talented interesting)

Unfortunately if they categorize you, you might be found wanting hence the mixed signals.
They actually want a life partner.
If you have slept with one and he is distant,
Try telling him you just want to be friend then hang out together.
But chat to other men.

ALWAYS be classy. Never vulgar.
Be vulnerable, not by crying lots but by sighing at the sorry state of world affairs.
Kind of pretty and melancholy.

Also if an Aquarius man really likes you he will hide it. He is always friendly so you will find he will be distant to you. He might stutter or go red and be nervous. Smile at him. Big smiles but just get on with your life. It takes great courage for them to ask you out because they are
Shy and misunderstood (not at all but they think so!)

Also they might do this moody thing where they decide you are too good for them and are downright nasty.
Don,t get angry just say very calmly "do not talk to me like that" and wait. He
Will apologize, then talk to them in a soft way, with plenty of flicking eye contact and starring at fingers.

Sounds all complex but they are perverse, yet sexy and very loyal in a loyal.

Good luck xxx

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by: Summer

These are great tips. I hope they help people who are willing to compromise

Re: Tips for Dating the Aquarius Man
by: Hope

Hi f,

Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences with dating Aquarius men. What are your sun and moon signs by the way?

Interesting comment about them needing lots of compliments. I'm curious why you say that.

by: Manda

I just read all about the guy I dated (not anymore). He's bolted. And I have this feeling he'll be coming back. I think he got scared. This SOUNDS exactly like him. Thank you, you've helped me understand.

by: Anonymous

I have been getting mixed signals too. Like I thought he liked me, but he seems to be more stressed. I don't even know what to do anymore. How can I talk to him? PLEASE!!! I want him to make a move on me.

Because we're MEN, Silly!
by: Jamie/Aquarian Man

To answer Hope's question...first of all, because we're MEN, silly! All MEN need and want to know that we're cool in your eyes, even when we pretend to be indifferent. We want to MATTER to you, and to the world at large. But make sure it isn't one sided, girlfriend...he needs to show his appreciation for you. I make damn sure to let a woman in my life know she's my Queen.

You have validated so much for me.
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I was deeply attracted this male Aquarius. Everything that you mentioned was exactly the way things went. I did not date nor did I have sex with him but he was sending all of the mixed signals that you described. First, he is asking me perverted questions, then he plays the Mr. Flirting game, and right before I moved, he was introducing me to his friends (mostly guy friends, I felt like I was on display). If I had been single, all of this would have intrigued me but I was married and my husband means the world to me. I was simply trying be a good friend. I wasn't looking to have an affair at the time but somehow I felt as though he was looking to mess up my marriage. I made my husband move to get away from all of that.

Oddly enough I miss those things about him but it was interesting to know that my speculation was on the money.

by: Anonymous

WOW! That was very informative, I just met an aquarius man online 2 wks ago we have been talking non stop literally, even while he is at work, very suave and everything that was mentioned was hit right on the head. He is 25 I am 29 a Gemini.

dont give up on aquarius man
by: Anonymous

i had an aquarius guy after me and i found him irresitable. he was tall, physically attractive, funny, kind, with sparkling eyes. i felt an instant attration and he said he felt we would be great together. then suddenly he dropped me like a stone. (we had not even been on a date let alone had any physical contact whatsoever) saying he did not know if he was ready for a girlfriend, and even though he thought a lot of me, he needed more time. I was devastated, i just could not believe how something we both felt so strongly, could be dropped in such a manner. when i texted him he would completely ignore me. he stopped all communication and actually acted as though he did not like me. it was so so hard but i had to let him go to keep my sanity, so i stopped texting. when we met i was cool and detached, but kept a big smile on my face.after 6 weeks he suddenly out of the blue text me, but i did not answer until the next day and even then i was afraid of being hurt again, so i kept my replies very short and blunt. he asked me on a date,and i agreed. it turned out to be a fabulous evening, he was great company. when i asked why he had run away the first time he refused to tell me, but i actually feel that he was getting to like me too much and was afraid of his own feelings! now he tells me he loves me and loves having me as his girlfriend, that is music to my ears!! saying all that he is a very proud man and likes to say what does and what does not go. he still sometimes refuses to answer text if he feels i have overstepped the mark. he does like his freedom and so i dont ever get jealous or clingy. when he goes out i go out with friends. he likes me to be an independant woman. we have a great libra aquarius relationship. we were made for each other

by: Coyote

We Aquarians are generally aware of ourselves. Don't "never explain yourself," as honestly that will just piss us off and make us not trust you as much as you'd like. It may be intriguing at first, but gets old quick. Never try and get your own way all the time. We will get callous and mean very fast, and once we dig in our heels it's a battle you'll never win. Unpredictability is intriguing, but it can and often does follow the same line as never explaining anything. We tend to read between the lines and guess things correctly, but if we don't concretely know our minds go along eighty million different lines and it's very frustrating. If we've slept with you and seem distant, than all it was was sex. We're fine with being friends, just don't be awkward. We won't hide that we like you, we just wait for you to come to us. That's how we decide right off the bat if you're a possibility, that you had the kahones to ignore our distance and talk to us. Usually we are shy when we first meet you, and it seems as though we're weird and extremely eccentric, although once you get to know us you wonder how you didn't understand us before. We do get moody and think you are too good for us, and that's usually if we think you are someone you're not. We tend to notice perfection and get angry at ourselves when we don't match what we think we should do or say. 75% of the time, you just have to give us a look when we say something hurtful, and it might take a day or two but we will come back and apologize to you, unless you have severely violated us. We are simple in action, but complex in thought. Once you know each of our personalities and combine it with the astrological concepts, we're very easy to understand on a general basis, but our intellectual side can often mess with relationships as we always lust for more in that department.

Accurate enough...
by: Tre

As an Aquarius man, I must say... this post is pretty accurate. I'm curious about the sign of the author... she must be a Libra. ;)

Aquarius Woman dating Aquarius Man
by: Anonymous

I am an aquarius woman and I met an aquarius man in June and we started talking and talking and a few weeks later we were dating. We have continued to communicate in a way that I have never communicated before. I have dated other aquarius men who were distant and aloof, and too be honest more than eccentric, but this man is funny, intriging, adventurous, compassionate, unpredictable(in a good way) and like myself a parent and from what I can see a very good parent. He has passion and ethics and only wants to do what's right. I don't think I have ever been is such a good relationship - he is definitately someone that I could be with for a long time. FYI - for 15 years I was with a Virgo - two signs that should never be together.

Aquarius Man/Aquarius Woman
by: Anonymous

Hi, great comments folks - im aquarius and 2 months into dating an aquarius man. Im more than happy to give him space, i like my own space too - but does the aloofness improve with time in a relationship - or am i going to go through periods constantly of his being extremely distance and at times non existant lol
Appreciate your experienced advice on this one ..
Im !!

by: Anonymous

i, unfortunately, like an aquarius guy. i am a virgo... and hate when i hav to put myself out there. i see him alot. i used to hav fun with him, whenever he would see me hed go crazy, start calling out to me, and point me out to whoever was near. then he started to get crazy distant.... so i came over and started chatting up his mom, ( i am only sixteen) he was over there ( i ahd actually taken his seat) i love his mom, but the only thing he asked me was if i was going to be at church sunday, and if he could borrow apen!! ive heard some pretty bad things about him, i am a virgo, so i try not to be too suspicious or judgeing, but when i hear the same thing from like, 30 girls, (especially ones who have dated him) i get worried (as virgos do) he and his mom said they didnt even know what those girls were talking about. and i didnt just outright ask them about it. but, hes dated practically EVERY girl ive hated since the third grade... so then i was like, youve dated her, and her, and WHO ELSE?! he didnt answer... then i hugged is mom goodbye and turned around to give him a hug... he leaned in a little, the totally leaned out and was like "bye" and that was it. i swear, hes been acting so weird lately, he doesnt seem to want to talk anymore. Hes got the BIGGEST EGO EVER, every time me and his mom said something was cute hed be like "are you talking about me? are you talking about me?!' anywayy, whenever i see him now, he hides his face, looks all nervous, messes up his hair, and basically tries to hide..... i am not ugly.... so, does he just hate me?! it takes alot for me to like someone.. but i guess i could get someone else... but hes the first boy to make me cry.. what should i do????? is making him jealous a good thing? he told me (in front of his mom) who he thinks the hottest girl in school is... and it was not me. he stares alot though, and i do too, can somebody help me?

To the virgo 16 year old in trouble
by: f

Hey Girl chill out... You have gotten caught in the Aquarius wheel of torture.

The reason it works out ok for me is because I am an Aquarian and I GET them.
I care but I can also turn it off if they are pissing me off.

Basically you are 16 and you should NEVER base your notion of confidence on what one man thinks.

Don't let him fuck you over, he thinks your hot but it trying to burst your ego, or come across cool. He is friendly to everyone accept when in a bad mood so if he is shitty to you its because he likes you.
date someone else, go out, have fun, be cool, not a wall flower or clingy. Get your own bunch of friends.
And you also broke the cardinal rule of going to the family... if that was me I'd be vex in the most.
To undo this LET HIM COME TO YOU.
Listen, it doens't matter what you look like to an aquarian man as long as you are cool and sexy. You have to know it yet be demure, can you do that? Its a little hard for a Virgo, otherwise DUMP HIM.
Look I know we are hard work, believe me I know that.
Thats why I always think its best if we have older lovers, they don't take our Ice queen crap seriously. On younger men it has them hooked... and it's always nice to feel powerful, even if your bloke won't admit that to you EVER.
So he's dated loads of girls, so what? He hasn't taken any of them seriously. I have dated loads of guys but I didn't care about them I was bored- don't judge me what am I supposed to do stay at home all day reading Proust?
Get some distance, if he likes you he will be back after he has sorted his head out and admitted he actually does like you in a deep way. xx

Wow, this is great!
by: Anonymous

I am an aquarius and I am good friends with an aquarian man. Both of us are in a committed relationship with our own problems. We have became friends and I understand him to the point of feeling like I am talking to my soul mate sometimes. There is both an intellectual and physical attraction between the two of us and if we were at a different place in both of our lives or had we met sooner, I think the chemistry would be unreal. I am married to a virgo and it is a constant struggle with communication and ethics/values. My virgo atleast understands my independence and need for freedom which is why we have lasted 15 years I suppose. Oh, but those aquarian men always catch my eye!

taurus girl, aquarius male
by: Anonymous

i met a aquarius,on line, chatted a few times, went over and we were intimate and it was fire. days in a row hes said if i want to come over im free to do so. ive made some food before cause they said they were going thru difficult times and he really wasnt eating like that and i helped him out in something else to, maybe a few bucks. so, he went to new york to visit his cousins and neices on thanksgiving, and i would think i woulda got an email here and there

hey how you, but nothing unless i sent an email. anyways, ive seen messages he would leave for girls on a public networking site, that i thought was outta line, now im wondering if i was just a piece of meet to him. im a taurus. should i say something about the msgs or cut the friend ship off

soo, you want to date an Aquarian...
by: a girl..

So I dated an Aquarian for a few years. Here's my experience with him as an Aquarian. They are prideful and have a self-esteem problem (this one at least). They are in constant need to be put first, and as a Virgo, I am also like this. So with the first sign of hurt, they retrieve back and if you continued, they fall out of love and leaves you wonder why. Even if you say the slightest mean thing and even if you told them didn't mean it, they'd take it as if you've killed their family (sorry, a little bit exaggerated). So be mindful of their sensitivity when you get into an argument. I feel that what they find most attractive about a woman is showing that she really cares, but do it moderately. I agree that they are witty and loves a woman who is on their level, but if you show a slightest sign of distance and uninterest, they'd get turn off quickly. They tend to fall in and out of love very quickly. Yes, they are manipulative and stubborn. Even if they are wrong, they will make it sound like they are right (because they are so clever and witty), and once you get them in the argumental mode, don't expect to get your way. There are also good qualities about them though. I liked him because he was intelligent. His comments were always witty. He pampered me so much that it spoiled me, and he never expected anything in return. When they love, they love you with all their hearts as long as you show that you love them too. This guy was extremely loyal when we were "in love", whatever that meant.

Anyways, this is my experience with an Aquarian guy. Some of the stuff may not apply to other Aquarians.

pisces aries cusp with an aquarius
by: Anonymous

this really helped me out alot thank you this sounds so much like him and kinda opened my eyes a little more me and him have been together for four months we have our spells where we spilt for a little bit but he always tends to come back yes at times he kind of shuts me out but i jus tell him about it and it usually works like he trys not to shut me out as much things are rocky at times but they are getting better and tht i am very happy about because i am very much in love with him sometimes i wonder about him but then he always does something tht makes me realize tht he loves me :)

thanks, f! Very helpful
by: Kinky Cap


'f' you seem to really understand the Aquarius man...I guess being an Aquarius helps matters. Takes a nutter to know a nutter, what?

Thanks for sharing your insight and tips.
I've been involved with an Aquarius man lately & all your insight rings REALLY true. good times.

Happy Birthday Aquarius peeps-

Aquarius men are to hard to figure out
by: Kim

I met my Aquarius about a year ago. when we first got together he was so damn charming. He always committed on how beautiful I was and how much he wants me. We finally hooked up and all that sweetness faded away. He likes to drink and that seem to be the only time the charm is present. I think he loves me, but I really can't tell because it seems as if he treats every woman in his life the same way, well he does seem to be a little meaner to me at times. Sex was always just ok but I have tried to bring new ideas to the bedroom but he just wants to do it one way. It's hard because it was not like that in the beginning. I'm a sagitarius/capricorn more sag, and I don't like knowing where I stand. He tells me he loves me from time to time but is it really true. I have to wonder

aquarius and aquairius
by: Anonymous

I was with him for five years. It seemed like it was made in heaven. Then my life got complicated and I needed more love than he was willing to give. He just stopped talking to me so I had to let him go. This is the most painful breakup of my life. I had no idea his love for me was so small. It was a complete shock. My birthday is the 9th and his is the 10th. He said he lost track of our birthdays.

by: Anonymous

i met an A 4 months ago, he asked for my phone number and called and we've been going out no sex but long stimulating conversations, then he stopped calling, i called once all seemed OK, i called again a week later he suggested we met but never called so I called another week later and asked whether he did not want me to call again and he said no why would you say that, but then he never called and when I saw them by chance I was a bit angry and said so and told them they lied to me and me and they said NO! and we agreed to meet and he called me but still was a bit 'I do not know what time and when I could meet you and what do you think' and I said I do not know either, when you know let me know and he never did, 4 days ago, does that mean he will never call me again?

Hang on for a bumpy ride!
by: Shasta

Let me start out by saying I am also an aquarius so I can somewhat understand them because I have a lot of the exact same traits. I recently dated an aquarian man for 6 months. The beginning was very stimualating. We had known each other for a while prior to dating and he pursued me hot and heavy. When I finally gave in and decided to date him, a few months were absolutely dreamy and I truly thought he was the one I had been looking for, I fell hard. Then like a light switch, he turned it all off. He was cold, rarely called unless he wanted a booty call, etc. His issues were he had became very jealous of how many guy friends I had and how close we all were. Me being outgoing and having a large network of friends was something he knew prior to getting involved and I was not going to change that so I let him and his jealous and stubborn ass hit the road. 2 weeks later I find myself in yet another relationship with an aquarian. This one doesn't have the jealous streak but all the other qualities I adore in aquarius...especially understanding my own need for freedom. I have always been attracted to this sign but the ones with a jealous streak are terrible to deal with. If I wasn't an aquarian myself and understand them so well, I would never date one of these guys honestly. They can be hard to communicate with and rarely open up and get attached. But its the way they can turn their emotions off and on that is irritating. But I am the same way so I can't complain much. I just know better to fall for one of these guys again. If you are looking for a good time, they are the key. If you are looking for a commitment, proceed carefully.

by: puzzled

so what are these traits? is it like you are interested in someone and then indifferent in the blink of an eye? or I do have feelings but will never show them? or I do have feelings but will choke them to avoid commitment? the fact that he hasn't called means that he may be thinking about what happened or that that was it, gone, not interested? could they really loose interest so easily or is it that they force themselves to lose interest so that they avoid commitment? and how being with someone you like is a commitment? isn't commitment something you are obliged to do but really do not want to?

how do you knoe if like is love?
by: f

Yes me again, just wanted to say there is a difference between an
A who likes you and loves you. If they are friendly and turn on all
The charm they want to know you- I do the same its this intense curiosity I have.
My sis says its mixed signals- can't help it I'm buillt that way.
But if they love you they will drive you nuts.
They will stalk you without letting you know they even care. They will be
They will be Rough and sound angry at you- they can't deal with their emotions.
They wil yearn for you, they might even chat to girls infront of you to get a reaction.
They will do stupid things to get your attention.
The usual *q friendliness will be hard for them with you if they love you, it will cost them.
They will try to mimic behaviour you do to seem cool, or intice you.
(Because they feel so uncool around you). Finally you will know if they like you if you ask for help.
A always help a damsal in distress, I am not asking for a leo like help me seduce me here; very wrong.
No more like a little bit upset and confused'Having a bad day'and see what they do.
They are lovely, but if they like you they will pull them selves together to say the right thing ang give confort.
Tell you it will be oik; its the insecurity- Aq are insecure in love. It makes us dizzy.
But they like most people- it love thjat difficult for them.
Once you get into that soft place and they tell you they love you- they usually won't lie unless you are needy and they wish to escape,
He will tell you. “Tell me a hundred times or I will kill you” I siad to my aq lover, and he whispered it in my ears and all over. I know he means it because -
Well because his fae changes when he sees me unexpectedly and he can't put the affable mask on- he shakes, his voice trembles. Catch them unexpectedly to know how he feels. Xx

Libra/ Aquarius
by: Anonymous

Okay so I slept with my married aquarian boss. I know it was a huge slut move on my part but I don't care it was just sex! Anyway, after we slept together it wasn't the same between us anymore. He has a hard time speaking to me and he even has a hard time looking me in the eye. I don't know what the hell his problem is. I wanted to continue having sex with him but I don't know how to tell him. I don't know if I should be blunt with him and ask him what his problem is or should I just play his little immature game and become disstant? Please Help!

by: Anonymous

You want advice from people on here on how to keep sleeping with a married man? He got what he wanted from you and now you are used garbage. Why is that so hard to figure out?

Aquarian w/Aquarian
by: Anonymous

I am an Aquarian (in every aspect, poster child for the sign) and I have been dating an Aquarian man for the last few months. This is my second real relationship with another aquarian and he is so different in so many ways than the first. This man is as loyal, fun loving, even tempered as any person I have ever met and he adores me. He was born on the 18th so I wonder if he has some Pisces traits though? Sometimes he does things, like being very open about his feelings and intentions in this relationsip, that are outside the Aquarian comfort zone.

Aquarius man
by: Anonymous

I have been chatting on line to aquarius man he does not say much i am a virgo a few lines in e mail thats all i get.Dont know how to get him to open up more or just give up help.

sag gurl
by: Anonymous

i confuse with my ex aqua, he drives me crazy like a roller coaster @.@ hes charming but he has sharp tongue! he likes black joke xD we live in diff country so yea we met after 1year ol chat, he kept postpone his coming many excuses i cant handle it so i broke up with him n he seems ok with that but then he bought plane ticket vacation for us, i mean he full of surprise ( heart melt =.=) doh! we had fun around vacation even he often sleep while vacation! i cant just sleep while vacation lol i like hang out! so yea we argue a lilbit but most of the time he was very sweeet he always tickle me when im mad xD carried me when im tired and always smiling! how come? =.= and at nite he purpose me, wow! but the ring was too big so he took it back to resize it, and u know what? i found out he is still in contact with his ex!! after he purposed me?? i mean his laptop on cus he wants me to speak with his mum, and he fall asleep so i accidentaly see whats contact on his msn and i got so mad but i didnt show it cus i wont ruin vacation! and i talked about it on phone almost break up cus yea somehow im a jealousy girl but finnaly he got me again =.= hes just like a cute puppy! a very cute "AHOLE" I felt guilty, his suffering he cried alot on phone and begged to come back, so we got back again, and then he forget my b'day! :O Ive gone silent,i was really mad -.- but yeah he sent me bunch chocolate and tedy bear and flower with poetry i mean aquarians like casanova they r very good at words! and after couple months he visited me and we had appoinment to watch movie after i finished work but then he called me said he wanna hang out with my friend and her bf while im kinda sick at work! i hang up the phone cus he went go kart and didnt show up at mall -.- and didnt care bout me, but next day he brought me flower to my office, that so sweeeet seems like nothing happened yesterday >.< he bought soup and take care of me T.T so sweeet u know what?? we broke up again after 1 week vacation with me he said he cant get married with me bla bla bla, and after 8months break up, he called me everyday i mean everyday! i cant stand it and i think he is serious so i should give him another change, and after a month we got together, he said "we need to tal" he said i still same i still funny and cute but he is just doesnt love me as much as before! he dumped me! yes! and after about 4days he said hes sorry, and we talked on the phone he said no other girl cus he just get interested in a girl at his friend cafe but he said yesterday he found out that this girl has a bf, so he felt stupid and oh yes i was so emotional and i said NO! and then he never called me again but he still send msg on fb =.= i what should i do to handle and should i still respond his msg?

My Aquarius
by: leo in love

I don't normally do things like this but...I need help. I am a Leo woman and right now I'm going through a break up with my Aquarius man. He decided to end it because he feels that in order for him to be in a relationship he needs to find himself. He believes that in order to be happy in a relationship he needs to be happy with himself. I understand being lost and confused in your life because I'm at that point in my life as well, where im just not satisfied with how things are going and im confused about what to do. But I guess I thought that being with him we could help each other out. Especially because we get along really well and can relate to each other and many ways. He makes me really happy and though he doesn't show it much I know I make him just as happy. We would fight sometimes but we got through it and our fights wouldn't be terrible. There were maybe one or 2 big fights but we were able to compromise. I did feel that he would be distant with me emotionally sometimes but I tried really hard to not let it bother me. But I guess it just really got to me. I know its hard to say whether he'll come back to me when he's figured his life out but is there a way that I can get him to stay? Or is it best to just let him go. I mean I know I'm not in love with him, but I definitely felt something, I felt like I was starting to fall but then this happened. I just need an outside opinion from someone.

Me again... Sorry it's been awhile :) to the Leo sag and Virgo...
by: f

Hi girls! Hope your Aqu man isn't driving you crazy.

Dear online Virgo girl- an Aq man is very hard to get to online, they used the technology because we love that stuff but he is also hiding behind it. Face to face is best because you can reach him through the vibe- that awful/ beautiful intensity.

Sag girl... Dump tis up, I know it's hard to for Sag to admit defeat but ask yourself, are you in it for him or because you like challenges and want to win? We Aq loves competition secretly and when pushed will do whatever it takes to win so unfriend him on fb.

Leo in love
He has a if secret he doesn't want to tell you about because he is ashamed.
You are describing typical behaviour for that. Leo and Aq are symmetrically Opp. So eventually ou meet in the middle but you do thing so differently. My sis is Leo and is took along time for us to get on, but being friends is SO much easier that lovers for Aq. It's about trust... Can you get him to trust you; really trust you knowlping that he probably doesn't trust himself? Also, there is very little reward in this sometimes because usually an Aq man can't give the Leo woman what she really needs, but at the same time it so exciting and sexy and He seems to really listen to you and give supportive advice...
OK so there are two ways this could go

1. Walk away let him be, he may come back but in his time not yours so by the time that happens you will probably be seing someone else.

2. Persistence- which know you Leo's are good at. Get through to him, find out what's what but mind you have the right reaction when you find out. DON'T do the Leo thing and blow up or loose your temper or get more emotional than he can handle. Listen, think, react. Be wise, supportive ask insightful questions, help him figure things out for himself.
You may still break up or this may bring you closer together. Either way at least you get

Hope this helps.

Forogot to say
by: f

Aq turn their emotions off when it's too messy and they can't handle it. It's disassociation... If they had been to counselling they would say " I'm not sure how to respond or I don't like what is happening, I need a few mins of calm time to figure it out, please don't push me to respnd right now" t most of them can't do that!

I have no clue...
by: Anonymous

Well, I'm pisces, and the mess, of course, involes an Aqua guy. We went to the same highschool, graduated the same year...thought that he was a jock, never paid attention to him, but have had a few classes together. One decade later, we "bumped into each other" on a sex site...that was a year a 3 months ago. Like most of you, it went as WOW! He was a chatter box, we discussed a lot of stuff, sex especially...and other things. To me, he is too good for me, but I can't let go...and so I kept going. We chatted and has gone on cam for a bit before we hooked up. At the beginning, we did discuss about what we are looking for...he's looking for a sex friend because of his busy schedule, but he is open to anything...and I did say that ideally I'd want a boyfriend, but only if the right one comes along...

We never kissed, as much as I know where he hangs out etc...he would not give me his phone number, we e-mail...and of course, even before we hooked up, he's had "cold feet" and he did admit to me...
I am a pretty rational person, as much as I'm a pisces...I'd think, I need to give him space, and so if he's not interested, at least tell me...there was a point when I forced him to "help me out" and tell me that he doesn't like me...he refused--I have no clue of whether he's trying to be nice or what but I managed to get him to say that the feeling he has for me is lust...and after I'd say that we'd never talk again, we'd find ways to start another conversation. He sounds too suspicious, but my gut tells me that he likes me but I don't trust my own gut feeling anymore...

He is a guy I look up to, because he is focused, and he became my role model. There were times when I would ask him questions, because I was really stuck in my career, his words made sense and I was able to overcome challenges. I love his bluntness and so if he tells me that he only take me as a friend, I know that I'll be ok with it...I just want him to be happy.

I just don't want to be involved with someone who potentially has a gf/wife, I have the patience and I don't have to be clingy, but if I know that all this has been a dream, I'd rather walk away, even if it's going to take me a long while to recover. I like him as a friend, even things don't work out romatically, I still want to be his buddy.

Please help!

You won't like this...
by: f

You won't like this Pisces girl, but it's a dream; walk away. He won't tell you what you want to your face because of three reasons; it's nice to have admirers and friends, he doesn't want to be the arsehole, he gets to have sex on tap...

Sorry honey x

Sag woman with Aqua man!!!
by: Sag Girl

Please tell me why Aquarius men are so hot and cold?!?! It's seems when things are going well and getting serious...he backs away, needs space and break up. We've been dating for 19 months. I respect his request and give it to him. Please give me some insight...

Why he is hot and cold
by: f

Have you ever heard that Aqu are perverse? Well striding around being honest, trying to right wrongs and see things differently in the world gets a little boring sometimes so we go and do something strange and perverse.

I remember my bf wanted me to go to a party with her and I didn't; I told her I was in a strange mood and I just wanted to be on my own for awhile. She came and picked me up any way and... Long story short I ended up tying a naked guy to his bed and leaving him there to fend for himself because he annoyed me. I was, if anything, more annoyed at myself for giving in to my perverse feelings and loosing self control than him. You see? She should have left me at home to quietly work it out by myself.
Do you understand?

Sag woman with Aqua man
by: Sag Girl

Thanks for responding! I kinda sort of understand... I say that because there's nothing wrong with our relationship and I've done nothing wrong. He said that himself. However I do understand the need for "me time". I like space myself. But when we are close and everything is great...he runs. I also noticed recently he's a lil insecure too. Ive never given him a reason not to be. I reassured him "he's the only man I want to be with".

Thank you, f :)
by: Anonymous

I thought the same way. So instead of dreading and waiting, or crying my eyes out...I wrote him a long long e-mail, and then told him that I'm going to "vanish" before he does...and then poured out everything I wanted to say...I mean, I have to say...he did his best, last weekend, he was here to move my car for me, and I felt that he was genuinely excited when I told him that I started my own business, he just doesn't like to talk about his own him it's nothing special...pisces are somewhat psychic, and I do believe that he has been loyal...and I don't want to change him, because I liked him for who he is...but if it's not meant to be, then let it be

I would say, this aqua guy and I...he has never said anything or admit to me of anything...but I felt loved when he'd remember what I've said, when I'm down, that's usually when he replies...most importantly, he is a man of his words! I've dated other guys before...sadly, they were..., the aqua guy and I, it felt just sooo romantic, haha! but the best thing I can do is to set him free...(but as your typical pisces, of course I have a glimspe of hope that he'd return...)

I did cry my eyes out and it's going to take time...hence writing here for strength and all, but from this guy, I've learned a lot, and I finally learned to be myself :) Can someone just tell me that he some point, for a split second that he has liked me?! hahaha

it's the pisces girl again!
by: Anonymous

It's his clumsiness...yes, imagine aqua man and clumsiness... and when I actually saw that he was stressed...that's what got me going. His lost of words is just different from the chatterbox when we first met...he'd be able to give the right answers and such. I just don't get it, I've told him off quite a few times, and he still came back for more...can someone tell me why?!

I don't know, I might be imagining things tho, lol...but I think I have what it takes to handle...I've done what I thought is needed and I've put my foot down for the sake of my own sanity...I always belive that, if things are meant to be

I just want to give up.
by: Anonymous

Okay so I met this aquarius man at the end of January at a party. We both go to the same university and we hit it off, even though I went to the party sober and he was a little intoxicated. He didn't let me go, we hung out the whole night and he followed me to my car and I was taking care of a drunk friend that night so I basically ignored him and he insisted that I answer his text. Sure enough I get home and get my friend taken care of he text me, I am not one to be rude even to strangers so I text him, well we ended up texting quite a bit and a started to hang out every now and then, and we ended up being hook up buddies basically. I always had this strange feeling for him like I never had with anyone else. Then all of sudden like most aquarius men do he randomly stopped talking to me one week in February. So I was wondering what the heck was going on so I text him and basically got the whole I think you like me more than I like you, I can't go down this road right now and so on. It took him a day to answer me so all I sent back to that was alright. About a week longer I couldn't stand it and messaged him via facebook and we just started talking again like nothing had happend. I have to admit it is a little frustrating but I liked him so much I was willing to deal with this odd behavior. Well all of this continued then summer came and we both went home, talking every now and then nothing too serious. We got back to school and I saw him for the first time this semester at a bar with his roommate his girlfriend and what I thought was his girlfriend, my heart stopped and I just wanted to claw her eyes out. She ended up just being his roommates girlfriends roommate. We ended up texting later that night and hanging out just cuddling and kissing and I was so happy to be in his arms again. And we continued to talk and then a few days ago I left town for cross country and he went home to. Well he text me and asked me what I was doing I told him I was at a cross country meet and he said are you sure you're not going to see your boyfriend? and I said why would you care anyway? and he said because I like you duh. So I was just in shock after 8 months of games and tortue and he finally says he likes me. I was happy but also confused as to why it took so long. I got back from cross country and my friend and I went out. He still wasn't back from going home, anyway long story short I kissed someone when I was drunk and gave him a hickey. Well this didn't set to well with him when he found out and now he won't talk to me :( the last message I got was nice hicky you gave nate. My heart is broken. I'm a gemini woman btw.

bloody Gemini!
by: f

Honestly, we can't turn our back for a second when you are copping off with our best mate!

OK you say you like me, you came over to talk to me, you are jealous because all your mates are chatting me up, but I didn't take them up on it did I? So what if I sent my mate over with your drink, seems as though you were into her, and she is enamoured with you, so what do you want from me? A date? A date I now have to keep secret from my friend?

Because underneath I know you, so sweet, so sexy, so fun... We could talk for hours, but who, I ask, is the one playing games... Me, you, both of us, do you know the rules, are we playing chess when I thought we were playing poker?

So goes the Aqu/ gem relationship.

One of you has to stop playing games and get to the point or you are going to hurt each other more than you can

P.s. Pisces girl, he did like you, he's probably put you in the category of too good for him.

Hey f, thanks =)
by: Pisces girl

I miss him a lot...I miss talking with him...what should I do? Should I talk to him again? Or like you tell me, to drop it?! I think he is too good for me too

Hey f, thanks =)
by: Pisces girl

I miss him a lot...I miss talking with him...what should I do? Should I talk to him again? Or like you tell me, to drop it?! I think he is too good for me too

Insight from aquarius man please !!!
by: aries susie

Ten years with aquarius man lots of passion but a difficult relationship. Five years ago he thought I cheated (wrongly) he turned cold and so did I but we carried on. Then four months ago he tells me he has met another woman for love and affection as he didnt get any from me. I was devastated and cried for a month solid. He was shocked when I told him I loved him and said "you hid it very well". I felt terrible and apologised explained my feelings he said he was sorry and didnt think I cared and that he would never have got involved with someone else had he known it would hurt me. Since then we have seen more of each other and got on great. Lots of sex and love and affection on both sides. The other woman however is still in the picture I have not put pressure on him as I know him well enough to know that will not work. He said last week "dont worry about it I cant see her being around for long! " I am hoping that means he is seeing a future with me again. I know he prefers sex with me as he told me that straight out and he isnt a liar.I didnt realise how much he needed that affection until recently after ten years. I dont fall in love easily so I wont give him up without fighting for him !!
Any comments from an aquarius man would help.
Thank you

When an Aqu
by: f

When an Aqu man wants out he wants out... Whatever he says to you, he just doesn't want want a scene.

Pisces girl, let him go he's made his mind up.

Aries girl- he probably wants you over this other woman, but it's a bit of a test too- how much do you want him. Have some self respect and call it.
Make him choose, he might drift off for awhile but he will come back.
Make him drop that other woman or else. Xxx

by: Anonymous

Thanks f!

You made me feel better by telling me that at home point, he did like me. As a pisces, gotta have my pisces moment to enjoy my little romance, but I know, in reality...he has decided.

I will let him go, I know that I've tried and all. Like I said before, it will take time to move on, but I know that I can do it!
You rock!

Pisces girl

Thanks f
by: GeminiGirl:)

Well I finally got him to text me. I think he is still hurt but coming around. I now believe that he truly does like me. I just hope its not too late :/. I am tired of the games and really do want to be with him but he is being so stubborn!!! He just fires me up. He is the only one who truly gets to me...everyone else is just a total game. I can't take this one text a day business I miss him. :(

ultimatum to aqua man
by: aries sue

I do intend on making him choose between us. I have just spent the last few months rebuilding our relationship. This is how I want him to remember us to make sure I stand the best chance of him returning. I want him to see me at my best so he knows what he will be missing. Sharing him has been torture but I now feel stronger and ready to take the risk. I wanted him to come to the decision himself and it be his choice to leave her but that may not happen.

aqua lady with an aqua man
by: Anonymous

So have been seeing this aqua man 4 almost 7months now...we use to be just friends with benefits though 2yrs back then we had an issue we didn't see through out last year until beginning of dis year when we met again,then we started seeing each other again(just sex)then he told me one day that he wants me to be his girlfriend and  i shouldn't think is all about d sex becos his gotten enough 4rm me already,being d fact that  i liked him  i agreed,we started in feb and is being ups and downs,we argue a lot...until a day we had a talk abt d whole thing,he initiated d talk and we sorted out our differences,then  i found out his ex gf he said his no longer dating it seems like he lied,so  i asked him and he said dey never really broke up he just have some issues with her he can't take, i tried 2 move pass that and just do my thing but  i can't, i do misbehave sometimes becos of that...2 cut d story short,he told 2 come over 5days ago,wen  i got there,there was signs dat she came around so didn't want to argue  i didn't talk abt it,he found some drugs(anti-biotics)in my bag and he went mad dat  i have an infection,so  i explained to him dat it was 4 something else dat we can go 2 d hospital 2gether just 2 prove 2 him am innocent,he just told me 2 go home that  i sud give him space 2 sort himself  i left,he hasn't called me or texted me, i miss him so much,wat should  i do? i really don't wanna lose a bit emotional maybe becos am feb 17,have a bit of pisces trait...wanted 2 ask how much space sud  i give 2 him?sud  i call him or text him 2 check on him?@times he jokingly tells me am cold and  i always catch him checking me out and his d jealous type too but not 2 d extreme...will really appreciate if an aqua man advice me on dis one.thx

Aqu girl with Aqu man
by: f

Sounds like he is putting you through some nasty stuff. STOP him from putting you through this...

Write him a clear and concise letter as to why you don't want to see him anymore.

List items such as:-

I am not a liar, I have never lied, the only person who has lied in the relationship is you.

I don't like you seeing someone else besides me, either I am right for you or I am it.

Instead on waiting for you to sort your head and decide what you want I have decided what I want. I want to be treated like the warm, sexual, complex and interesting girl I am. Do you understand?


The above is only an idea I don't now the details of the relationship, but it seems to me you are quite young. This guy is using the anti biotics as an excuse to express his anxiety...
The letter above should get him storming back to express his side of things, if he does makes sure he drops the other girl, or YOU start seeing someone else, don't give this as an ultimatum, just say if you are seeing other people are you ok with me doing the same? (joke) .
However, know that his anger at finding your anti biotics are reflective of himself... What has he been doing that makes him leap to these conclusions immediately?
Do you really want him back at all? He sounds like a mightily twisted Aqu man, and Aqu men are complicated already.
Listen if you want him back be cool, calm and collected. Also be sweet and soft in your approach to him, for example:- hey, you don't have to explain yourself to me, it's ok. If you are ready, you aren't ready. I have to go (kiss on the cheek) and leave.
You see Aqu are all about being diff and breaking the moul. The sign is a person, usually a man pouring water, or a winged angel.
Do you know what special about angels in this scenario? They are both genders.
This means that Aqu men can be quite effeminate; this makes them paranoid and with an inner desire to prove their manhood, especially the younger ones. I'm working on the premise that he is quite young. So to be manly, you have to be very female but not the kind of female he will resent.
So NOT CLINGY AND NEEDY, but yes to vulnerable and fey. Can you do this? It will get him back if you change the rules like this.
I suggest wearing something casual and female, a dress, with a full skirt, something that works your figure but not slutty. Wear white if it suits your skin tone. Look natural but sexy in make up and hair; Aqu men love long dishevelled hair, pin up loosely with tendrils.

OK, a warning, you might get him back but he might crush you to get him back you know?
Know two things: you can't make men fall in love with you.
2. You can't make men who love you treat you well, whatever sign they are.xxxx

Good lunch whatever you decide. :)

Can't Figure Him Out
by: Anonymous

I am an Aqu dating an Aqu for 18 months now. We live fifty miles apart we work different shifts and I still have 2 teens at home. We use to call each other everyday and he would mostly come to see me on weekends even though he was working. one weekend he had things to do so I went home early. Girlfriend calls me up to meet up with some other g friends at a small town bar not far from where he lives. I texted him if he would like to join us. The reaction I got was crazy, like I was there to hook up with guy. I was pretty sure after all this time together how much I love him and always believe honesty and respect for each other was on the top of our list.
Sent me some not so nice text messages at first, wouldn't answer my call hardly and if he did it was very cold. He said we need to talk which we all knows what that means it has simply turned my world upside down. He says he needs some time to himself and things are getting in a rut, I kinda get the same feelings to cause I'm an Aquarius. So when we had the talk, I chose my words carefully and ask him if he was dumping me, he said no he just needed some time. So is he just trying not to hurt me and he is interested in someone else or does he really need to sort out his feelings more? Its been a week and Ive decided not to text him or call him unless he calls me first. What is he thinking?

What is he thinking?
by: f

He thinks you don't love him anymore, and he's asking himself if he loves you.

Aquarius acting weird lately
by: Confused Scorpio girl

So I'm a 23 y/o scorpio woman who met a aquarius guy who is 24 two months ago. I met him thru a friend at a club and we was supposed to have a one night stand but it never happened but after he left he texted me saying he liked my personality and he wanted to hang out. Ever since then me and him have went out on dates and hang out on his days off where I sleep over. Me and him had sex after a week and half of talking but he still pursued me but he has this thing where he'll disappear for a day or two and then I hit him up and he'll say oo I missed u,where u been but mind u I hit him up first for days at a time. Now he was talking about all the stuff he want us to do and everything and I've met his mom already then one night I slept over he asked me where we stand and I said idk I figured u were talking to other girls so I never questioned it and we been talking for like two months he was like I consider u my gf so I said let's make it official then he completely switched up and said na let's wait for the right time I said cool. This happened two weeks ago, since then he's been putting his phone in front of me, hitting me up all the time saying imiss you, I'm really feeling u what do u think about me so I figured we're making progress. Now for the past few days, he doesn't even hit me up at all and last night I saw he was texting some girl for the first time in a while because he kept sneaking his phone to the side and I asked what do u think about this between me and u and he basically danced around the question saying u mean the song between me and u, I like it, and I was like answer the question but he never answered so I said I got my answer and he was like whatever. But my question is what should I do at this point? Should I leave him alone and let the other girl have him or keep doing what I'm doing now? He supposed to come to my bday celebration next week but I always have to call and remind him that we're meeting up and it gets to be like he doesn't care at all. What should I do at this point? Please Help!

Leo girl
by: Anonymous

I have known and been fairly good friends with this aqua boy since the age of 17, (so 5 years) and in this past year we had sort of re-connected on the friendship front. Whenever we are at the same venue or place we always come together and have really good chats. there is heaps of chemistry, i feel an electric charge whenever im around him. at a party he kept introducing me to his friends then saying how pretty i was to them. He's told his close friend thats he's been wanting to "be" with me (sexually) for ages. Now im a commitment phobe so him saying that does not offend me. He had asked my to hang out a few times but it doesnt end up happening, only when we accidently at the same place. the other night we were out and when i went to say goodbye we hugged tightly and he said "i think im in love with you", now because we are already good friends i just said "love you tooo" fairly casually, he then said we really need to hang out soon, then we hugged tightly again and i left. I dont know what's going on. Im scared to try with this guy because he's so complicated..

Scorpio girl and Leo girl
by: f

Tell him the truth.
Say that his behaviour is making you question whether you want to even be with him anymore. Say what you used to like about him ( you thought he was cool, sexy and kind).

In fact being a little gentle and feminine but strict might work with him.
Don't mention the birthday, just say stop treating me like this.

If he does love you, he'll come back for you on your birthday- probably a bit drunk too.

Hi there, I'm afraid he doesn't trust you so he is making excuses to be a bit if a shit in return. Very hard to make an Aquarius man trust you- try making a big change and telling him so, if you want a relationship that a bit more serious and committed try... "I'm feeling different about everything, I can't explain but I want something more fulfilling"
This means don't give in to him sex wise. Aqu men are secretly quite traditional.
Also, don't badger him or cut him off cold, be honest and caring but careful about yourself. Don't sleep with him.xx

Good luck girls:)

At last he is back with me !!!!
by: aries sue

If you read my earlier posts you will see my story. I have had six traumatic months after my aqua man started seeing someone else after 10 years together . I have been very strategic in my plan to get him back. I have not been confrontational, not asked any details about this other woman. I have just shown him interest, love and affection all the things he felt were missing. I knew this was my only chance and that I had to give him a reason to want to be with me.
It seems to have worked !!!
Last week he said out of the blue
"Just so you know she is gone"
I had guessed this as he has been around constantly for the last few weeks.
I didn;t ask any details but he was itching to tell me.
So here is a list of the things he did not like about her - this may help others.
1. She was rude to strangers
2. She tried to make him eat food he doesnt like !
3. She was needy and resentful of his time spent with friends.
4.She shouted at him in front of other people.
5. She tried to play mind games and make him jealous- by this point he said he hoped she did have another man to take away his problem.
6. When he ended it she harrassed him - ringing and texting him.

I am eternally grateful to her for behaving this way.

We are now after over 10 years together the happiest we have ever been.
If things stay like this those six months of agony were well worth it.

Very happy for you
by: f

Hi Aries lady, I am very happy for you! Xxx

Aquarius guy acting still weird
by: Confused Scorpio Girl

So I'm the 23 y/o dealing with the weird aquarius and now he hit me up after he got off of work saying well damn I haven't heard from you all day, u must be busy because I didn't hit him up since I left him. I told him before I left to hit me later but he never did so I told him. So I responded to him and he never responded back, I don't know what to think now. What should I do now? I haven't heard from him all day and I'm scared he may stray away, I just want him to be invested as much as I am. What to do? Thanks

libra's ^_^
by: Anonymous

this guy is an aquarius and im a libra. we texted and he told me i was pretty and i got a nice but. then the next moring we texted. then that day i went over after school and we were alone in the room and i kissed him and he kissed me back. now he never texts me back. we live right next to eachother and i go over there ever day to talk to his sister and his we kissed again. he sometimes ignores me and i dont know why. he is a shy guy i know that for sure. i dont know whats really going on

Libra girl
by: f

Hi Libra girl,

Did you read me comment about the type of woman a Aqu guy wants?
It's easy to an Aqu to be sexual but to be with someone, to love them, that's hard.
You are making yourself too available and clingy. Dot ou think he doesn't know why you are hanging around? He isn't stupid.

Aqu man wants a naturally pretty girl who is smart, not a wall flower, not clingy but not a bitch.
Go out and do stuff and if you want him to like you go do some charity work/ voluntary work. It will drive him nuts, a girl who is fit and caring and not clingy?! He will love it. p.s. don't tell him you are doing charity work, let it get back to him in a subtle way via school or your parents etc... If he asks act a bit coy and embarrasses, shrug it off like its just something everyone is or should be doing.

Libras need to be in relationships I find, and even though they are Air signs they are also represented by Venus so they deal with love a lot better than Aqu, so go slow. softly, softly...

Good luck!

Aqua help!
by: Starrgal

Ok, where do I start?!

I've known my Aqua for about 5 years in total...we reconnected last year. We never discussed 'us' we just went with the flow of things. The first 6 months were magical; he'd pick me up and take me home, we would chill watching films and he'd be really affectionate. He'd hold my hand when we would go out. One day we sat watching a film and he held my face in his hands and just stared at me. Another time he asked if I wanted something to drink, I shook my head no and he got up, turned around and kissed me before going to get one. He told me that out of all his female friends I was the only one who understood and got him, I had a heart of gold and I'm a 'rare find'. He came on quite strong in the beginning and I was scared. I told him I wasn’t used to affection in public (the EX never did it)...once I told him that he stopped!

He was honest at the beginning and told me he was seeing someone else but I had just got out of a long-term relationship and didn't want anything serious at first so was happy with the arrangement until he started blurring the lines.

Aqua Help!
by: Starrgal

A few months ago (at this point we’d been seeing each other over a year) I asked him about us as I felt we were very much in limbo land...when we were together it was like we've been together for years, a proper couple. He'd say things that were out of the realm of FWB, like wanting to have children with me and things like that. It would confuse the hell out of me!

I asked him and he basically said he doesn't know what he wants but he likes how things are, and everything he said was just harmless flirting. This really hurt me, because I asked him if he meant his words and he told me yes (plus why would you feel the need to say them if I’ve already accepted our arrangement?)

I told him I can't keep on doing this because I like him more than a friend and he said he'd never disrespect me but I felt like he was using me within this FWB thing. I lent him money, he gave it all back to me but he figured because he owed me I felt he was using me and this was the reason I went weird on him (his words)...not the case. It’s the whole FWB thing I can’t do anymore because I love him.

So I attempted at being friends with him and he went absolutely berserk; stalking me, constantly messaging me and then flipping the script to say he likes me as a friend 'and more'. He chased me for weeks. During this time he broke his ankle so I didn't get to see him but he would text morning to night (not like him). I relented and we went back to limbo land but I’ve become all wishy-washy with him because I don't know how he feels and he'll never tell me properly what the real deal is (or he keeps changing his mind).

A few weeks ago I posted a message on my BBM saying 'some men need a kick up the backside' LOL after I had a run-in with another guy who pissed me off. Aqua pipes up saying 'And what about the men that doesn’t?' I replied 'I don't really care' (or something to that effect) and then he asked 'What am I to you?' which really shocked me that he'd ask me this because usually it would be me asking those sorts of questions, but it was a bad time and I was angry and I said 'A friend, why?' He was like, 'No reason, I'll leave you to it.'

Since then he's been really REALLY distant like he won't message me anymore unless to engage in convo which I initiate, won't send me any mushy messages no more (admittedly this went out the window months ago :/)and will give me one-word answers to my messages. He came so see me recently, we had hot sex but it wasn't affectionate sex like before and for the first time I felt used and like he is punishing me somehow in a way I can't describe.

I want things back the way they were but somehow I feel like we are far too gone for this to happen.

Did he ever like/love me? Shall I just disappear and leave him? Our relationship is so non-existent with us but he still won't delete me or completely ignore me.

Any thoughts?

I’m Sag with Aqua moon; he’s Aqua with Libra moon.

by: f


This one isn't Bout him being an Aqu, it's about him being messed up.
Aqu men handle love badly but your man seems to have a vendetta against love.
To be honest I don't think you will get what you need from him. He has given in to his dark side. Stop seeing him, he is attracting negative things towards him (no surprise he broke his ankle- Aqu part of the body is ankles and the break reflects his self destruction).

If you go with him on this path of self destruction he will take you with him. I'm sorry...xx

Aqua Help!
by: Starrgal

Thanks for replying, at least I know it isn't me because sometimes I feel like I'm going mad with him and his ways.

Can you explain a little bit more about this 'dark side?'

He took 4 months to get back on track after he broke his ankle and he became mean whenever I asked him about it. He HATED me giving suggestions to him...I felt like I was walking on eggshells. I'd spend ages formatting a text in a way which wouldn't piss him off LOL. He'd completely ignore my questions sometimes but would complain about it on BBM...he'd also degrade women on there saying we're all hoes...I had a mini go at him (it does affect me as I've been with him and I think if he's indirectly talking about me, even though I know my worth) about it and he shunned me like how dare I bring it up, it's no big deal. Really annoying.

I think deep down I know it can't work but its a shame because we are quite similar in personality and when it was good it was really really good. Ah well, such is life.

Aquarius girl dating aquarius guy
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm aquarius and and meet an A guy six weeks ago. The first two weeks dating was wonderful n felt like I was in a dream. We got intimate, he introduced me to few of his friends and he even invited me to a ball his parents were holding so I even got to meet his family.

I'm in my mid thirties n him his mid forties and we have two children each. When we first started dating he said he never introduce his children to girlfriends until his sure that she's the one for him!

Anyway to cut the story short, after three weeks out of the blue he sent me a very long text saying I should brace myself... That he love my company and fancy's the pants off me, but he's been thinking a lot and reflected on how his feeling a day or so ago and his found out that his not feeling the deep heart felt giddy thing he wants to feel and that we should just be good close friends and he wants to be in my life but as close friends and thought to put this in writing to get it out right and he will call me later, which he did.

I expressed my shock and wanted to know what happened but he just said maybe in his head he feels he needs to feel giddy. So bottom line he said he still wants us to keep seeing each other n hang out and want us to both do things with our children together.

Following week, he invited my children and I to his beach house to meet with his children, which was fun n we all had a wonderful weekend. Then he pulled back for couple of days, then we saw each other a lot again couple of days during the week and two other weekends and slowly he has pulled back again. I text him then he replies, but slowly his text are delaying by a day. I can tell the chemistry is hot and there by the way he looks at me. When we are together he acts like I'm the only one there with him with the amount of attention he pays to me. Next month we want to take our children away together. But I really don't know what to do. I am very confused. I've fallen for him and don't know whether to keep being his friend and see what happens or to leave and be heart broken????

Please can anyone help see this through for me. Thank you xx TC.

I think you are right together
by: f

Its just that you are Aq and he is too so he doesn't know how to push your buttons and is trying to figure you out...

Giddy, my God I bet he is feeling giddy but superessing it... Go away with him, have fun, let yourself have a fantastic time, get a sun tan and make sure you look glowy and sexy and have your way with him...

Listen he obviously hasn't decided whether or not to let go and jump in feet first... But you should listen to yourself and follow your instinct because it seems to be doing the right thing. Don't pull away, because that is the crux of an Aq and Aq relationship- both pulling away and hurting each other, or going to the other extreme.

Be kind, to yourself and him xxx he might break and jump in:)

Aquarius girl dating an aquarius guy
by: Anonymous

I also forgot to mention how he said he didn't want any girlfriend/s to meet his children but yet a week after telling me we should be friends, straight away he invited my kids and I to his beach house to meet his kids! And also I'm not sure why he introduced me to his parents!!!
As an aquarius I can understand needing space etc which I'm very good at doing and I've been doing so. The only thing now is i haven't seen him for a week but we've text a few times and slowly it's coming to stand still. Although I sent the last text and he didn't reply but called first thing in the morning for a twenty minutes chat.
He asked what I was doing the following week so we could go shopping together, but I told him I will be travelling, even though I'm truly not! Ha.
I tested him a few times n ask if we should be friends with benefits, but he. Said it sounds tempting but he thinks it would spoil a wonderful friendship! But whenever his talking to me he moves really close to my face as if he wants to kiss me and flirts a lot with me. So one night I said right we have to be friends With benefits n he said what if one of us should fall in love and I said we ll wait until that happens...
So I told him that why does he keep moving close to my face when talking to me n said if he wants to kiss me he should just kiss me and before I could finish my sentences he grabed my head n we kissed n snogged n I told him I have to go. If i wanted it to go further it could have. He later sent me a text to say naughty girl! Ha.

I know his not seeing anyone else and don't seem interested in anybody else. He even told me about one of his staff that like him at his office n showed me her text and asked for my advice as his told her his not interested n not to text him again!

I'm a fashion stylist and he got me to change his wardrobe and said he really enjoys shopping with me and next year when he buys his dream home, he wants me to decorate his walk in wardrobe n style him every month. His told me how beautiful I am and how he fancy the pants off me, so I am really confused with one minute everything is very strong n intense, then a few days later he keeps his distance... I can understand that but I want to know if he loves me and I should just give him some space and see what happens.

Please can anyone advice me on this one, I really have fallen for him and don't know what to do. It's all still fresh and we both flirt with each other really bad and the chemistry is something we both can't deny.

Re-F's reply to Aq girl dating Aq guy
by: Anonymous

Oh thank you so much for your reply and its helped me a lot. I am also just scared of getting heart broken! I know what you mean by Aq n Aq pulling away n hurting each other. It's just that I don't want him to think I'm been clingy, so I also like to give him some space which I am happy to do but only if I know how he truly feels, then I will be more relaxed.

Whilst talking to him yesterday I asked him what his up to so that we can finish up his shopping for this winter, but he said his busy this weekend, but asked me what I was doing next week, so lied to him that I would be travelling!!! I shouldn't have, but just didn't want him to think I'm always there whenever his ready!

Although his doing a challenge called tough mudder which I did say to him few weeks ago that I would be there to watch him, which is next Saturday. I mentioned it that I might be there to watch him and he said that would be good if I can. So I'm guessing we probably won't be in touch again until during the week next wk to confirm to him if I would be there for him on Saturday. I feel like his avoiding me at the moment but also responsive when ever I send him a message as he mentioned to me that when he gets my text n hasn't replied his conscious to call or reply as soon as his got the time to! It's all just very confusing...:((. I feel happy that his "the one" but also scared and sad about him pulling back n keeping his distance as I'm still getting mixed signals. That been said maybe I am giving him mixed signals too as an Aq I can be funny like that too lol. Thank you :) xx.

Gemini female Aqaurius male
by: leah

I'm a Gemini female in love with a Aquarius male. Our relationship started out super fast we made love the 1st day we met!we have similar traits and energy. He judges me of being indecisive but he's the SAME. In the mist of our unstabledness and know mater what crappy mood one is in,we still manage to communicate once a day or more. I told him I'm his best friend 1st and everything else second. I tell him EVERTHING even if I'm attracted to another man. I have VERY deep empathy for him. I love his spirit.

Confused Aries
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have been dating this Aquarius for 3 months. He pursue me. He even said I wish your boyfriend messes up, which he did. I gave him number and he would say that we have a connection. He kissed me the first time and knocked me off my feet. He thought because I was so hurt by my boyfriend that he would get the good. I had sex with him 6 weeks later. He said I probably could have gotten the sex the same day. I had to break him down. I said no you couldn't because I didn't know you and my feeling were pretty strong for my Ex and if I did do it, well I would have been having sex with my boyfriend, but your body. So I said trust!!! Aquarius men like to be superior and right and sometimes you have to let them know. Well we begin to see each other a lot and he begin to tell me about his 4 kids and how they are needed. He just got divorce and it was only 3 months. He begin to see me twice a week and I would see him when I go to the store. He would look at all the guys looking at me and it would drive him crazy and the next thing I knew he was calling me saying I want to over. He would tell me he misses me and hold me and look at me in my eyes like I was all he wanted and then he disappears. He claims that he is having family issues, and work issues. He said he will call me soon and i heard from him by text twice out of two weeks and nothing. I miss him, but heading to the point that I want to give up. I will not text him or call him. He tell me I would make a good wife, but shuts me out. I mean he did this before, but it was only a week and a day, but this is almost 2 weeks. I'm thinking he met someone or he doesn't want to bothered by me or like me and want to control how he feels. Can Aquarius man answer me. Oh yea I'm an Aries. Thankyou

Aquarius girl dating Aq guy
by: Anonymous

Hello again,
Now I'm getting very confused by my Aq guy, I've really given him some space which is to my advantage being an Aq myself, but also still making contact. I'm getting a but bored and tired by it all now... Not sure whether I'm just being impatient or I'm beginning to get heart broken by it! Once I feel that way I know myself to take 1000 steps back. Thing now is I'm meant to go n watch him at a challenge his participating in on Saturday, sent him a text on Wednesday that I've bought my ticket and look forward to etching him on Saturday n celebrating with a bottle of champagne afterwards etc... Five hours later he replied to ask how I was n what are my plans with my children Dec 23rd? And also would my kids n I like to join him n his kids to watch the Christmas carol on that day with a ?. Totally ignored what I text to him about Saturday, then an hour later, got another text from him saying... Thanks for coming along on Saturday. And asking if I will be coming with my kids because his ex wife is planning on bringing his kids to watch. Then he said Woukd that be awkward?
Now I feel his not sure if he wants me to go as I'm not sure why he said that!!!
But my reply to that was, i can pass on it. and dont want it to be stressful or awkward for anyone n I can celebrate with him afterwards if he doesn't have his kids, and if he does, then be t time? And I also said its all fine by me.. Sent that at 8pm last night and its now next day which is Thursday n haven't heard anything back :(. I'm beginning to lose hope here and feel like I should leave it now.
The annoying thing is when we are together it just feels really rightn relaxed and we both seem so into each other.

Please can anyone help me see some sense here, I will really appreciate a genuine answer from any aqurius male or from F please :(. Thank you xxx

by: Anonymous

Erm... God Aqu plus Aqu is rocky... He wanted you to say, of course that won't be a problem and go anyway because you are Aqu and of a higher order of being- totally above all this, HE INVITED YOU TO XMAS CAROLS!!!

He wanted you there and wanted to show you off.

Not sure how you can deal with this apart from a cut the crap but funny text...

OK tired of trying to be "oh so awesomely politically correct" I want to come and and I don't care if your ex is there- I'm a big girl, tie my own shoes laces and everything.

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