Trying to break up with Aquarius man

by Jennifer
(Birmingham, AL)

I have been dating an aqarius for over one year. At first, there was a good bit of sex, although he did have some ED issues. However, sex is very sporadic now. He calls me almost every night but does not make many efforts at all to see me. We both have busy lives and are single parents but there are times he could see me and chooses not to see me. Therefore, I called him and stated that I have no hard feelings but that I thought we should stop seeing each other.

He said, "I respect your decision. I will not be a dick about it. But I wish you would reconsider." I did. He made more efforts to see me. Still no sex. Then in a conversation shortly thereafter, he said my son (who is 7) is none of his business. I called him to the mat on that and he said that he didn't mean what I thought he meant. He could have seen me this weekend and chose to do something else. Still calls every night.

What is going on? Should I just insist we're broken up? I love him and will wait this out if other aqua males state I should but if not, please let me know so I can move on. Thank you very much. Pisces Girl BUT my Venus is in Aquarius.

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