Understanding Virgo men

As a MALE VIRGO I would add a few more things: Yes, Virgos are very shy and have problems with admitting their feelings but some of them compensate that nervousness by being real chatterboxes.

Also Virgos are very cerebral people so if you get on a topic that interest them they can be a bit overly enthusiastic, they will passionately defend their opinion don't be offended or anything.

And Last but not Least Love is a Mysterious and curious thing to Them because it cannot be explained by science they will try to analyse and study it, to control it.

Often when they've just accepted to go on a date or got back home after one they will instantly worry and think "oh my gosh What Have I gotten Myself into?" That is precisely why some of them after a seemingly successful and enjoyable date will not call back or give excuses to avoid you.

"What do I do now?"

That's the Part you tell them to take it easy and if they want you'll slow down a bit.

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virgo man date
by: xoixoi

I went on a date with a virgo man and we talked for hours. We got really close and there was sexual tension, but with both of us being virgos, we didn't make a move. As we were going our separate ways we hugged and almost kissed. And he didn't talk to me for days after that. At first I thought the date was terrible but I was confused because there was definitely chemistry there. I kept thinking about it and concluded that virgo men are afraid of their emotions, and when they think they might be falling for someone they back off. Because virgos are afraid of getting hurt. So...I'm planning to take it slow with this guy, give him space, and give it time. Its always best to give virgo guys time to develop feelings and emotions towards you.

Commenting on your comment!
by: Anonymous

I agree with the last comment in someways, I do think Virgo men are afraid of getting hurt, but I really think anyone and everyone is!
Virgo men seem to over-think everything!!! It's exhausting and maybe that is what your Virgo man is doing... and like the post above, Virgo men do tend to do the thinking like 'what did I get myself into?!' Even though it takes them a while to make a move or even figure out if they wanna make a move when they do it is made with every ounce of their being! Good luck to you, and the brave Virgo who decided to speak out for all Virgo man, props to you!

-Gemini Meagan

question on virgo men
by: Anonymous

I read a lot about them and still trying to decipher virgos. I have girl friends who are virgo & i love & understand them but i think virgo men are more complex.

I am aquarian. Being an aquarian, i am emotional & gets hurt easily. I think the best part about being one is that we are strong & positive. So even though I am confused (and kinda hurt) because I am dating a virgo man, and before I give up, I should keep an open mind.

I am on my late 20's (yeah) & currently dating a virgo man (who is 30). We've been going out for 8 months now. It started really slow. For the first 2 months, he would never try to kiss or hug or even touch me. He would always text or call me everyday & go out on a date every weekend. After the initial months, we started to be intimate & shared more personal conversations. Everything seems so great until recently. His texting or calling decreased. We usually talk about 1 hour or 2 everyday but recently, he would just send few messages (even missed 1 or 2 days of not texting). This usually happens right after our weekend together or when he would do something huge for me (like driving me to & from the airport which is a 3-hr drive, one way; or buying me ticket for baseball game; or even normal weekends together).

I am really confuse. I really don't know if he loves me (though he never said it). I am getting mixed signals. It's like, he is so into me then he is not. Everytime we are together, he seem happy & relax but when we are apart,he seems so distant & i feel like i am being ignored.

Is this a typical virgo man? Because this is very frustrating! I wish he can tell me how he feels. I wish he can tell me that yes, i need time with friends & ignore you (ouch).

Virgo Men...
by: Anonymous

They need me time...When they go into there man cave (that's what I call it) to pick things apart...In my experience, when they feel for a woman, it is very hard for them to express so they show it (action speaks louder than words)...He will not reveal his feelings until you reveal yours...He does not want to be hurt...In love they seem to want the woman/man to reveal their feelings first, and before he will reveal them, he is going to go into his think process, and play it over and over...They show their love by doing things for you...What your virgo is doing is typical virgo stuff...Don't sweat it...Let him have his space...They need space...When they are in this space time, don't attempt to make contact...For they will not answer you...They are also very moody people...That is in most cases when he needs his me time...You wouldn't want to be around him at that time...Very nit picky, but that too shows that he cares about you...Don't take it to heart...He is only trying to tell you for your better...So don't worry when he doesn't call you or text...He is really feeling you now, and he has to go through his ritual of how he is feeling about you...When you tell him how you feel about him, go slow with it...Go slow period...Best wishes to you and your Virgo man...

by: Anonymous

All of these comments are really helping me to understand better, thankyou. Also i've met a virgo man that i am truly interested in. When we first met he was a little quiet and didn't say much. Being the Leo Woman that i am, i had to spunk things up a bit and play around to get him to loosen up. As time passed things became better. We would text eachother many times, we would hang out every other weekend. once he told me he aquired feelings for me, i began to want to be around him more. Then he suddenly began to distance himself and i would ask him how come, or tell him that i was ready for a relationship and he would never answer me. So time passed ( about a year) and i seen him again for the first time in awhile. I realized that seeing him only made the feelings come up again. So after a month or so ( when i knew for sure i was still into him) i told him how i felt and he never answered back. Now i am in the process of trying to figure out if he feels the same or not. Should i just wait and give him space??

In a relationship with a virgo male
by: Anonymous

I am in a relationship with a virgo man and it is sometimes very frustrating. He is extremely polite and even after we have been intimate, he will say things like "thankyou" making me feel like I just rendered a service. Just when I think we have moved passed a certain point in our relationship, he seems to go back to square one. I try to spend more time with him but he hedges and says he has to check into it. I know he has a family he is close to and friends, a whole other life outside of us but when does it move forward. I feel he loves me, he told me he does but sometimes I wonder if he knows what that means.

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