Virgo man dating a Capricorn woman

I'm a Virgo guy and I'm in a great relationship with my Capricorn girl... We have only been dating for about two or three weeks and it feels like we have known, and/or have been dating for months to years.. I love her and right away I knew that she loved me, and then she told me.. Nothing has tore us apart, or even kept us from each other so far.. We have the same interests on our future, and we love the same things which there are some difference...

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Virgo man dating a Capricorn woman
by: Anonymous

hi. I'm a Capricorn female and would just like to know why there isn't any womanxwoman and manxman data here. I do think that is rather unfair and thought I must point this fact out.

um also I had a virgo man and it didn't work out, but the reason was he betrayed me. at first i thought he was sweet and kind and oh so wonderful, but then after being with him a while things got ugly. i've never really trusted men to begin with but him i decided i could and that trust was betrayed. i have always had a preference for both sexes but now because of all of my bad experiences with men i lean more to the side of women.

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by: David-admin

In reply to the above: good question! I have a bunch of gay and lesbian articles which will be uploaded at some point. The problem is that there are already 144 straight relationship combinations to cover and some visitors already say this site has too much information...

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