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As a virgo male, I would like something simple and prectical, new headphones for my ipod would be awesome

I am a virgo man and I am new to astrology, but I must say I have found some things to be highly accurate and therefore all the more interesting. The best gift I've recieved so far in life was from a girl I dated in middle school. It was my birthday and she knew that I was in love with those Flamin Hot Cheetos. She gave me a gift bag and in it was a stuffed animal, a picture of her, and a ninety nine cent bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos. I was as excited as someone who had just been won cash money. I really can't say that I expect most people to understand it, but it was not only a nice gesture, but I freakin loved those chips at that time in my life. To be honest I can't think of any other practical gift she could have given me to get me as excited (lets exclude the obvious). When I say I was excited I mean excited like the kids are on Christmas morning. Now this is not to say that if you are interested in impressing a virgo male go and whip up his favorite dish. Absolute ly not. Because if they are anything like me they will not be comfortable eating just anyone's food. The point is give something that has a direct purpose and can actually be put to use instead of something that's just nice to have.

I'd choose books, kindle or music

Virgo man gifts

Below are some suggested Virgo man gifts sorted by category. We're always looking for more Virgo gift suggestions so if you're a Virgo man we'd love to hear what your favorite gifts have been. There's a form at the bottom of the page.


With hundreds of thousands of books available anywhere and anytime (they use a wireless internet connection) a new book is always just a few seconds away (even large books download in about a minute).

The more expensive Kindles allow you to send and receive both emails and texts with no monthly subscription. This can save a small fortune if your man currently uses a cell phone with an expensive data plan to do so.

Video games and consoles

There was a time when video games were for kids. These days however there are many titles which adults enjoy, and it's not uncommon for a video game to be the centerpiece of male gatherings.

I've even heard of couples who use console fighting games to resolve arguments. If you can kick your mans butt in a boxing or kung fu game you will score major sexy points. Every guy under 45 secretly wants a woman who likes to play video games.

Netbooks and laptops

Laptops and Netbooks can get fairly expensive ($300-$1500), however there are also lots of accessories for them which are much more affordable, and ironically often last longer than the laptop itself (so buying universal accessories which fit any model is a good idea when possible)

Some accessories are really just gimmicks, however there are a few which can be invaluable. Amongst the more useful ones are carrying cases (the stronger the better) external keyboards (many built in keyboards are very uncomfortable to use if you have big hands) and portable storage devices (USB drives, passports etc). Spare batteries and cable locks are also very useful if your man travels much.

Tools and the home

If your Virgo man takes a lot of pride in his home, or is the practical type then tools may be a good choice, especially if you've recently bought a home together, or plan to do so.

As a side note, women are sometimes reluctant to buy tools for their man thinking it's the equivalent of them receiving a vacuum cleaner (which generally they don't want!) Guys tend to look at things slightly differently however. Tools are more like toys, and receiving them from a partner is often seen as a tribute to ones manliness. So don't hold back due to the practical side of tools.

Car parts, tools and toys

If your Virgo man enjoys working on his vehicle then there are an abundance of gadgets, toys and technology to choose from...


If your man is the scruffy type then birthdays and Christmas can be the perfect time to modernize his wardrobe a little. An often overlooked option in this area is to give him you! Many Virgo men will agree that lingerie bought for you makes a great birthday or christmas gift for him. If your budget is tight then there are good ways to distract him...

Gourmet food

If your Virgo man appreciates fine foods and snacks then gourmet gift baskets often make a safe choice especially if you're on a budget. Most men prefer the more basic items such as cheese, wine and summer sausage over the more exotic things such as caviar.

Action gifts!

If your Virgo man is the active type then you can't go far wrong with anything related to his favorite hobby or sport. The main thing to keep in mind here is that guys tend to prefer 'toys' which 'do' things more than something less animate such as clothing.

If your Virgo is into a specific sport or hobby then the decision is often made easier for you. If all else fails a swiss army knife or power tools are a good generic choice. Remember though, we're looking for big boy toys here, and not creature comforts - you want something to embrace his manliness, not to impede it! (No snuggly socks with the multi-colored toes please!)


Watches are an ideal personal gift which will make your Virgo man think of you regularly. When choosing which type to purchase often the best approach is to take note of his old watch and buy one of similar design (ie if he has a rotary watch buy another rotary watch etc). Most men appreciate a personal message which is engraved. If you're feeling bold then a sexy one liner will make him smile for years!)

Gardening and the outdoors

Virgo men are some of the best BBQ chefs you'll ever find! Even if your favorite Virgo isn't normally much of a cook, you may be surprised what he can do in front of a a gas grill...

Home theater

If you Virgo man enjoys spending time at home then there's a good chance that secretly he would like a bigger sound system.

Movies and DVD's

Movies often make an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift. Perhaps the first movie you saw together?


If your Virgo man wears jewelry (check first if you have just started dating!) then it can make a very personal gift:

iPhone and iPods

There's a good chance your man already has one, but if he doesn't it can be another solid gift idea, and technology changes so fast that newer is always better.

Hobbies and Interests

If your Virgo man has an obsession other than you, then this gift category can make an obvious choice. Generally it's a bad idea buying something in the hope of inspiring him to take up a new hobby however.


If your Virgo is a sportsman then it can make for some easy and fast gift ideas.

Books and magazine subscriptions

Books and magazine subscriptions can be a good choice if you're looking for a cheap or non-intimate gift. Most men would place them fairly low on the "I really want this!" list however. For avid readers the kindle mentioned above is better all round due to the instant delivery times, and of course it saves trees too.

General Virgo man gift tips

There is a lot of traditional advice on buying for each star sign. Personally, I've found most of it to be fairly worthless.

Virgo Colors

For most guys colors just aren't that important. Go with his favorite colors as astrology can't help you much here.

Virgo birth stones, star stones, month stones

I suggest avoiding these because there's no agreed upon standard for them. There are various conflicting systems which match a stone to months and sun signs. It's almost guaranteed that if you give your beloved a necklace or ring with a certain significant stone, someone will later tell him it's the wrong one!

Wrapping paper, bows etc

Most men are more interested in the goodies inside than the wrapping, so again this isn't an area which benefits from too much thought or expense. This is one area where guys almost universally differ from women when receiving gifts (yes, we'll tell you the wrapping is awesome, but generally we're just being polite!) "Save the money on the wrapping and buy us a bigger toy!"

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