51 year old Leo man-39 yr old Scorpio woman

As a man I was fortunate enough to be "chosen" by a Scorpio woman. Let me say she is the "only" woman that satisfies my leonine desire. If everything was as good as the sex we would be perfect. My Scorpio woman says when it's great it's off the charts. "FULL" satisfaction, yet we fight far too often because a Leo man needs admiration from his mate and a Scorpio woman will not always comply. Not that she does not admire her man, she does. In order for the union to work the two have to speak their own "love language" otherwise the Leo man will feel unappreciated and possible cheat. All in all I would never trade her in or stray. She fills my cup to overflowing, her psychic ability sees right through me to my core and she is committed totally! No relationship is perfect. When you love someone you agree to take some stuff you don't like. With a Scorpio woman the "stuff" is well worth it. A immature Leo man will stray and forfeit a chance at eternal bliss. When a Scorpio chooses you as a mate YOU ARE LOVED TO THE FULLEST IF YOU CAN LEARN TO UNDERSTAND HER POINT OF VIEW AND SUCCEED IN EXPLAINING YOURS, easier said then done.....

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cup is half full
by: Anonymous

thanks, I am a leo man and have been getting to know a scorpio woman via online chit chat so far and appreciate your positive input.

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