A Cancer Man Dating A Cancer Woman

by Nicole Wells
(Trotwood, OH)

I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over a year now. He is a cancer and so am I. Its been the most craziest relationship experience in my life. Emotions run high in this relationship. The need for love and security is wanted by the both of us. Were so much alike that it gets crazy sometimes when we both think were right, however, the moments we have shared together has never been like any other. Since our personalities are similar, we both have a sense of humor. It is true about saying the " I love you" phrase plenty of times on both parts. If its sincere every time, you will immediately feel that spark like you did when you first met. Our feelings are easily hurt so we try not to hurt each other physically, mentally, or emotionally. Cancer men have a hard time sharing how they may feel about you. I actually left him for a month to see if he would miss me and come out and tell me so and it worked. You never realize what you have until its gone and when I left him I cried a lot thinking that he wouldn't see what amazing girlfriend he had, but if your having this thought or problem give it time. Sooner or later he will express everything. Since we both are cancers we tend to go in our shell when we both feel that we are not loved, that"s why we both have to express it unconditionally. Furthermore, this is the most interesting relationship I've been in and marriage will be an option soon.

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To Cancer Woman dating a Cancer Man
by: ABCD

I met this Cancer man three years ago. Things moved pretty quickly, well on his part, not mine. I prefer to do things slowly. He was quite impatient, assertive, and came on way too strong. He acted as if we were going to be married the next day. I ended things and started seeing someone else.

Fast forward to three years later. I contacted him. He wanted to know why I ended things, so I told him he came on way too strong and was too impatient. My gut feeling told me that he was still interested. He was in town. I could tell that he wanted to see me, but I was going to be busy for that weekend. So i didn't suggest meeting up with him. He came out of a relationship. I gave him some encouragement & told him there were plenty of nice girls in his city, and not to give up hope. I live in CT. He lives in NC.

The craziest thing? I haven't heard from him since. Did this Cancer man absorb what I was thinking...and reflected it back?

I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with him.

But I think I may have send out the wrong signals.


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