A moody and lazy Pisces man

Hi, i am in a relationship with a Pisces man who seems to get moody, tired & is ignorant. for example when I'm talking to him he starts a conversation with someone else that may be in the room, pub or car etc. He's the same with the T.V he has the control & flicks & flicks & is in a world of his own.

I'm an Aries so i tell him about this then he's so sorry etc. He's not sensitive at all, just a dreamer with big ideas, lazy to a fault & like i said ignorant.

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lazy pisces
by: Anonymous

Than why are you still with him???

power play?
by: Anonymous

It sounds to me like he's pulling a power play trying you force you to pursue him , I mainly say this because most pisces people can't shut up to save their life plus you the Aries are the dominant personality which does tend to threaten the male ego especially if his heart isn't in the relationship

pisces suck
by: Anonymous

hi im married to a pisces guy for last 13 yrs..
he had been a piss. it has been so horrible.. he appreciates other women and now he seems to be going around with this virgo colleauge..i dont know what to do of his arrogant ignoring behaviour towards me..

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