A not so nice Libra woman


I've been single for 7 months now, recently getting dumped after an 11yr on and off relationship with a Cancer who was extremely moody and mean. I'm currently on the dating scene and have even met a few nice guys with lots of potential but they all seem to want a relationship and I'm just not ready. I have lashed out at every last one of them and I'm constantly apologizing to them for my mistakes. What am I to do? What is wrong? How do I change my wicked ways?

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not so nice libra lady
by: barb libra monkey

I can fully relate to your attitude, but do realise it is also a lot to do with astrological situation worldwide and it is easing. I have also been a little harsh on two ex men friends of late, but feel it may just be the new cycle and they didn't fit in. They are lovely men and we shared lots of nice times, but in reality I won't get to see them again, and if I meant as much as they claim, why are they not with me???
Your best bet is to not see anyone until you have done a bit more soul-searching so you don't have to apologise for your outbursts of frustration. I find Cancer men can be a downfall for us and best to steer clear of all water and earth signs.
Maybe find a good Aquarian man who is able to cope with no-attachment situations...and if the friendship is strong, may decide further down the track to stick around. They are very open-minded and don't put restrictions and judgement on you.
Get some Bach Flower essences, a good massage, essential oils, a rose bath and glass of champagne and relax with some nice cruisy music in the background.
I know there is nothing worse than feeling guilty for not being nice to those who are trying to be nice to us, as we like to please everyone...but sometimes we just need some me time and not have anyone around. Good luck with that(:

keep them closed
by: curious757

Hi crystal! If you want to find someone worth value you should try closing your legs.

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