A strong and independent aquarius woman

by Cindy
(Queens, New York)

Hi, I really enjoyed reading all of the inner aspects of my personality, they were indeed accurate. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I am able to detach myself emotionally from any situation, but that does not mean I am not sensitive or caring, just not really the emotional type or I am lost in thought. I sometimes think like a guy in the sense that I loathe clingy, needy people, I find it irksome. I love being independent, active (bike riding) and passionate. I feel I can do anything a man can. I definitely approach sex via the mind, I can't just have sex with someone for the sake of doing it no matter how much I may be physically turned on, there has to be some kind of intellectual substance and an air of originality. I love being myself all the time even when at work and I can never work at a place where a uniform is required or any standard dress code for that matter. I believe in the power of positive thinking and try my best to never dwell on negativity because it's a waste of energy. I love cleanliness, I feel I can truly relax when I know my humble abode is in order. I really care about my hygiene and that of my partner, sorry no smelly crotch tolerance here haha


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by: Anonymous

Haha you're so right. We like to be clean. Not entirely proper. Our things might be scattered in some strange, yet pleasant way, but we like to be clean.

I completely agree with the sex part. I just cannot, no matter if I'm drunk or trying to "get with" a guy, have sex with him just for the heck of it. I need to be able to connect with him intellectually and mentally. Smart guys just turn me on like no other. Probably because they get me. And if he's good looking, clean, hey what an amazing bonus. And if he's not overbearing, I might seriously consider having a relationship with him. There needs to be alot of mind flirting, not just physical. A nice debate logically argued over a bottle of red wine, on some meaningful topic can seriously turn an Aquarian girl on. In a tent under the stars on a rocky ledge - even better.

Sometimes Aquarian women are drawn to older, distinguished men because we find it difficult to relate to many men our own age. We're kind of ahead of the times where they're concerned.

Any guy that tries too hard is a turn off. No cheesy pickup lines please. We don't need to be complimented for the sake of it, but we do want to be complimented. When you do say something nice, and "I love you", please mean it, because an Aquarian girl almost always can see through your bluff or fake-nice attempt.

by: youlnda

IAM A STRONG independent aquarius all of you was right about the sex part because im the same way too. im very friendly i can get along with any one but fake people an mess people i put them out mylife im very humble about stuff i dont like to fight cause it dont solve anything i just be a women about mines thats all

I agree
by: Anonymous

That is so crazy. I agree. I have never read about aquarius being into neatness but that is me alright. I can't mentally relax until all my stuff is clean and in order. i also agree with the sex stuff. I love sex but hate to have it just for the hell of it. I need to have a mental and physical connection with the guy to get turned on. I also need to feel that he is totally into me as a person not just as a body he just happens to have available at the moment.

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