A Triple Scorpio woman?

by simone
(long beach,ca)

I am a Triple Scorpio (sun/ Moon/ Venus) and I am wondering about the affect this is having on my love life..it seems I have NO problem attracting suitors; but I have found that I am often too "intense" for the most of them, and although I dont feel I am compromising who I really am, I do wish to ask if this is a common thing among Scorpios- my intense nature. Even more so because of the ' triple scorp thing' ?

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Yes We Are Intense
by: Scorp42

I am a Scorpio women dating an Aquarius man. We are very intense and a lot of men don't know how to take us. I am at the end with my Aquarian because when I get intense he is distant. Then back in the picture when he thinks my intense nature has calmed down. Pieces man love our intense nature and feed off our personality. Just a fun fact from my experience.

We are who we are
by: Anonymous

I am also a triple scorp and I USED to have the same problems. It seems like the only men who take us seriously are Pisces, Cancer(especially cancer), and other scorpio. I have to say my best relationship(that is still going on now) is with a cancer. He makes me feel safe and I can share anything with him.

by: Anonymous

I completely feel you. We are intense by nature and since we're triple or even quad in my case, we expect unrealistic expectations from the guys we date. It's hard because it would never "good enough" and we're sadly disappointed. We rather let our hearts break silently and hurt ourselves than let another hurt us first. Sometimes i feel that i'm so intense that it would be impossible for anyone to handle me. We have to choose to face this reality and evolve to stage two or three in our evolution phase. Phase 1 is when we don't fully comprehend the way we act towards people and we can come off as harsh, malicious, and cold, but don't worry we're professionals at change and its easy for us to mold our personalities into something we want it to be. That's why scoprions are the most powerful sign because we're able to channel our ideal perceptions into reality. :] I hope i cheered you up...there's no problem that a scorpion can't handle nor fix.

Perfect match
by: 3Scorpio3

A perfect match for a triple Scorpio woman... the only one I have found to be a worthy sparing partner emotionally and sexually...he was a married Pisces. It's tough, I'm 50 now and the man that I'm married to is a wonderful person...but not the soul mate I had always dreamed of. As the years progress your wants, needs, and desires change...and often times you have to settle in certain areas to have other meaningful qualities in a mate. The Pisces...literally palpable energy between us any time we were in the same room, down side was he could not be trusted and the future I thought we were moving toward, was nothing more than a mirage. I have been married twice, both men have been Aquarian, I suppose the "fixed" portion of our charts is a binding element. Be careful though, as Aquarian has proven to be a good companion and provider, my first was a little too controlling... Good luck in your search.

Quad Scorpio Man
by: Anonymous

Being a male with Sun/Moon/Rising/Pluto in Scorpio I have a hard time keeping a partner around. We are very intense creatures and our energy is so powerful that it can be overwhelming or even scary to others. I dont have a hard time attracting women when out and about but it is a challenge to sometimes control the intensity but every once in a while you will find some that are very attracted to the "outbursts" if you want to call them that. Anyway, its quite intense, feeling everything all the time.

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