About a Leo

I know a a couple of Leos and currently dating a Leo.
All young Leos I know are serial cheaters. It seems like they don't even care, they will regret it only if their current girlfriend finds out and then play a nice dramatic scene of how sorry they really are and how it breaks their heart to see that girfriend leave.
It is just wrong that they are loyal. Maybe only if they really find their true love, but because of their ego they will have difficult times finding this.
The reason why i'm with a leo is because he is in fact very caring, supportive and charismatic. He is still just a boy with wandering eyes and i'm not going to be with him for long.
What I've learned is that he doesn't really know how to ask what you want from him or tell you he wants something from you. He thinks he already knows best how to please you ine very way and gets mad at you if you are not all smiles all the time. And when he starts nagging and being sarcastic, it is a secret code meaning "Come and worship me, compliment me and admire me".
He likes to help out and give advice (orders), but you have to appreciate and thank him for that. Don't lean on him and don't give your life in his hands. It may seem he likes it at first, but actually he admires independent women more.
He can be so blunt with words that it feels like he's trying to hurt you, but it's not always the case. Other times he will say the most romantic things. It's just he has to focus when he talks.
A true Leo loves with his eyes. If he really loves you, he can't get his eyes away from you, he will watch you when you clean up the floor, do paperwork, talk with a friend. He will want pictures of you to keep in his computer or wallet.

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