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Pisces men are the lovers of the zodiac and as a consequence are extremely sensitive and need to know the person they are to take a chance with, is honest, loyal and genuine. Since to have any meaningful relationship, the Pisces man will ultimately fall in love, and you better be ready for this since it will be more intense and intoxicating than anything you have experienced
before and is likely to surprise you with the depth of emotion.

As a Pisces, I appreciate the woman making it known how she feels about me, romancing me, wanting to seduce me slowly and deliberately, not brashly or crudely. I can easily spot someone's deceit and sense their ulterior motives, and can usually read a woman's body language better than she realizes. So don't try to fool us. Be kind, generous of spirit and time. Be a caring, intuitive and adventurous lover, and I can not withhold anything from you. I will be your completely and unreservedly. If you fancy a romantic fling, or casual affair, look elsewhere.

Perhaps the very best combination for Pisces is Scorpio, we fit so extremely well and they are so darn sexy and feminine. Not for them dungarees, trousers, tights, cosy jumpers and practical shoes, or blatant short skirt, tight blouse and bare skin. They love pleasing their Pisces with sexy outfits, stylish
dresses, high heels, glimpses of flesh, stockings, expensive discrete underwear, a prelude to an evening of intoxicating love. If you find one that is free, marry her.

Avoid at all costs, Aries, Gemini and Aquarius. They may be drawn to Pisces, but will ultimately seek to inadvertently destroy that which makes us so loving. Be warned!

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I don't agree with what is said about an Aquarius woman with a Pisces man.
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aquarius woman and I really like an Pisces man. What all that I know about him I think he is so awesome. I do like ever thing about him and I do think it will work out. We both really like each other.

Gayman needs advice - part 1
by: Anonymous

Nice posting. Thank you. I have posted a thread under the title "Pisces Leo gay compatibility." I simply need an advice as I am really overwhelmed by the existence of this fish who appeared in my life on the first day of the new year. We met once a month so far as we both were busy.

It was supposed to be just a hook up, he was affirmative in his reply, we hooked up and I admit the sex was simply amazing in all three times. He lives about 45-60minutes away, he comes over, I take him out to dinner, and we come home and get intimate all night long and the following day so much that we don't chat or eat or relax.

Anyhow, 3 dates, 3 awesome night with him. From the long love making scene, I think that he finds me really appealing. I don't think anyone would have made love to one whom he/she is not attracted to.

Here is the thing, he doesn't even know my name, he wanted to learn the correct pronouncation of it on the second date but we didn't have the time to work on it. So he calls me with my nick name currently. That's not the issue, though. He really does not call or send e-mail between two meetings, just 3-4 days prior to meeting, he calls and asks how I am doing and whether he can come over.

part 2-
by: Anonymous

I have read anything and everything about pisces personality. Therefore, I give him space to approach me the way he likes. During the second meeting, while we were having intimate moment, he asked if I would like to be his guy, then he said "maybe special guy." I thought it was said because of the heat of the moment, I said "yeah and sure," but that was it. The subject never came up. When we are out having dinner, he flirts with me and say, he wants to finish the dinner and go to my place and have intimacy right away without wasting any moment. Here is the other information: The first time, I offered him that I could meet him at his place, he said his son was there so he wanted to come meet me at my place(he is divorced many years ago though he is still in touch with his X quite often). On the third time, I offered him because he made the first two trips to my place, he said his son is around and that it wouldn't be comfortable situation. He is out at home and work. Then he said 'he thinks it is rude to bring a guy home when his son, who is not living with him everyday, is around. I just said "okay" knowing that Pisceans avoid conflicts like leos. I mean what if he was still hetero and decided to have a girl friend, would that be okay? I guess he probably doesn't want his son picture the scene about two men having intimacy especially one is his own dad. I didn't want to argue on that.

Anyhow, I told him during the first meeting that I had a buddy, who is partnered, that came with benefits and we have been best friends for more than 5 yrs but for over a year, I don't get to see him as often; and moreover, as much as everything between he and I are great, I prefer a man who can spend the night over and not just leave when midmight arrives. So if this is pisces listened to me carefully, he would know that I have a bud and just open to meeting others.

Part 3
by: Anonymous

I like this piscean guy really very much. I like his great look, incredible body regardless of his age. He seems so vulnerable to me, when I look at him, it is as if he wants to be loved, taken care of, showered with gifts and stuff. I am a leo, I am generous, honest, loyal, I think of me overall as a really very nice guy. I get a lot of look from men and women to a point even though I work around many blue collar workers, quite a few hetero married guys hit on me, flirt with me although I am very masculine and act like one and never talk or share sexual expiriences, jokes etc. To make it short, I think that I can really provide what this pisces might need as he is in his 50s and I am in my 40s. He is not a very good communicator because he simply talks a little and I don't want to ask many questions as I am a very curious and talkative person thus annoy him but I want to know if he wants something serious with me. If he does, I would end my sexual encounters with my wonderful buddy and hope that he would understand me although he did say once that if there is no sex, then there is no friendship either. I know he doesn't mean it but yes he would be very saddened to lose me for another guy.

Anyhow, as a leo, I can't and wouldn't like to really chase him. After all, I don't know anything about him, I don't know if we can make it work. I like to take it slow but I wat to know if he wants anything serious and just afraid to ask me. I really really don't want to be the one who opens up such a complicated subject as I would not like to dissappoint him. I am a leo and if I like a guy,I want him near me and that won't be really possible with this pisces, I would think. We would just have the weekends for us.

So what do you all suggest? Should I just be patient and let him open the subject if so how long does it take? When does he if ever he open up himself to me? We have incredible chemistry but why he doesn't call or e-mail me? I see him visiting the site regularly maybe because of addiction, I do the same thing. I so badly want him to be with me. I would love to know that when I get home in the evening, I would find him there. I am so intoxciated with this person and I have never ever felt so strongly about an individual like this. I am really trying very hard to control my emotions and I want to tell him I am really falling for you and I think I am already in love with you but I can't because I have no idea about his feelings towards me except the long hours of sex, we never stop kissing or holding each other for 24 hours. He doesn't even want to go to the shower or kitchen because he says "I can't leave you alone." Then, why can't he just say he wants something more with me?

Sorry taking too long, I am highly overwhelmed about this. Please advice.

Thank you


cancer woman pisces man
by: heather_romantic cancer

ok i hear all this stuff about pisces and scorpio and nothing about cancer and pisces. like i am close to the same personality as a scorpio but i always lose to scorpio as far as pisces man is concerned. im trying to figure out if i should stick it through with this supposed sweet and romantic pisces of mine...even though he lies to me and has a following of "available" chicks never calls then when i confront him sugar coats its so i wont be mad but i know hes lying cause he sucks at being consistant. he made me fall for him in less then a month then up and dissapeared and is talking to this other chick "friend" who is a scorpio. she says she misses him and he says it back. he wont even tell me he misses me and he says he wants to keep in touch but doesnt want a relationship but got mad at me for talking to my scorpio "friend" a month after he told me this. what gives like why does he have to play these mind games it hurts and im not as tough as i appear. im about to just cut him completely...if you have any advice for me please help me understand what is happening

Me & my pisces guy
by: Anonymous

Totally agree with yr post. Me & my Pisces man did have a huge crush on each other right from the 1st time we met (I'm a scorpio girl btw). U can say the relationship between the 2 is magical. Cos I actually was having a Taurus bf when we met. But just in couples of days, I broke up with my ex and we are now together. Yes one may say I'm selfish but I could do nothing but to follow my true feeling for the Fish.

Just to tell, I've been really nice, caring and faithful to him. Things are .perfect. btween us. Scorpio girls, my advice is to be patient with him, make him feel like home (a nice and warm home), and some small little secrets (any scorpion can have these) to keep him fantasized and really motivated!
Give him a wish for breakfast, a funny story for lunch and a dream for dinner, he'll give u his whole world!

Response to About Pisces Men
by: Anonymous

Hmmmmm...just to prove you wrong about Pisces and Aquarius, my parents are one of each (Dad~Pisces and Mom~Aquarius) and they have been married for 37 years...explain that one...

by: Anonymous

I also know a couple that is Pisces man/aries female that have been married almost 30 yrs and are still totally in love.

by: Anonymous

I am a Leo women and I have dated pieces guy for about 6 months.I liked him alot,sex was amazing.We sow each other ones a week.When we go to restaurants he was feeding me with his own fork..He was asking me about my self alot,he was telling me that I am the best partner he ever had.I could never understand my body how reacted during the inimate moments...it was flying.I wish we could be together all the time but we were both busy,,,since he is a DR.and i was on much lover level I could not even show how much i want to be with him..because i tought he can think that i just want him because of what ever he has.I only can say this that he changed me compleatly,i loved spending time with him,,,he took good care of me when ever we were meeting.He was so carring and romantic person,,and I told him that i like the way he is treating me.One day he told me that he was married before and things did not worked out,so he got devorce year ago.One day he invited me for drinks and he told me that he is not ready for serios relationships,and if we can be friends.I felt very sad inside and I was asking my self why he is not ready,,I just left the place not answering to him about the friendship.I was not mad at all I was just very sad,but happy in a way that I had a chance to experiance something beautiful that will stay with me for the rest of my life.Every day I was thinking about him in hope he will be back.I never called him after,but he contacted me couple months latter asking if we can meet.I went I met him and we end up for a night together...After that he text me in like 2-3 months,we meet and we dont never talk about anything what happend...I wish I can tell him how I feel about him,,I just cant..I am always asking my self y did he came back..after all he told me...?I just know if he never comes back that he left good memmoris with me,,and I will never forget him..I did not date nobady yet since and it has been a year now..but i am just looking forward to meet a pices man again.

pisces man will he call me again
by: Anonymous

I have been seeing a pisces man for 2 months.we were intimate about a month ago he textes me everyday and out of the blue will tell me how much he misses me and needs to see me. how he wants to cuddle and kiss. He said his life has been hectic and hopes it will be less hectic soon. I asked him when will i see you again he says soon real soon I told him i feel like im never going to see you again. he texted me hahaha Of course you will see me again i like you. I said when soon real soon. He said that this weekend would be hard so he would have to see me on friday for sure. Friday came I texted him are you out of work yet an hour later texted me said far from home at work 6:00. I told him i was hurt and upset you told me for sure u would see me tonight.he texted me back i never said i couldnt damn.so I said ok their is a chance we will see each other then. he texted me at 7 he was out of work so i said so what time will we see each other he said an hour. I said ok do you want to pick me up or meet he said meet i have limited time. he didnt tell me where so i texted him where. So at 8 i texted him again. Im ready where are wwe meeting never responded havent heard from him Will i ever hear from him again. I did send him a text this morning asking if he was ok and asked him to respond he hasnt yet. I sent him a msg That i know you have alot going on and i was sorry I should not have put pressure on you to see me will he ever talk to me again or will i ever see him again i really like this guy and i hope i didnt mess things up

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