Advice for a pisces man looking for a scorpio woman?

by Ryan
(Austin, Tx, USA)

Actually I am an 18 year old going into my first year in college this fall, so i guess im not really considered a man. I've come from two extended relationships with Gemini's - average about 2.5 years each - and while i have learned a lot from these girls i always found myself not feeling very compatible with them. I've read all about how much potential a relationship with a Scorpio woman has for a Pisces such as myself, and i couldn't be more jealous about all of you other happy couples! I know God has blessed all of you.

That being said i guess what im trying to ask is, going in to my first semester in college what would be a good way to get out and meet Scorpio women? What kind of activities do they get involved in? What are their interests??
Anything that you think might nudge me in the right direction would be much appreciated!

Someday ill get that soulmate all of us pisces men dream about!

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So you want to try to win a Scorpio girl?
by: Kay

First of all, I am a scorpio girl with moon, mars, and pluto in scorp., needless to say I understand scorpio's. One quality I have found that pisces people posses, that is magnetic to scorp.'s is the romantic side as well as the compassionate side's. We may come off as cold heartless people at times, but there is truly a highly sensitive side underneath all that B.S. One of the ways you can seek out a scorpio female, is perhaps joining extra. clubs (i.e. peer support, any metaphysical type clubs, or even multi-cultural clubs) I've found that both myself and other scorpio's flock to activities like these. If interested in a scorpio and want to pursue her, I advise doing it in a way that appeals to her emotions. Surprise her (in a loving way, of course....also if you can figure out a way to get something past her), and pursue her in anyway that you feel is right. There is suppose to be a natural affinity between these two signs, so if it feels right things should flow naturally. However, one last tip, you will need to be the one to pursue her.... THIS IS IMPORTANT. She will lose both interest and respect if that initiation is not attended to, because than she will have the impression that she intimidates you. I apologize for being soo long winded, I thought it was very sweet that you would ask something like that, and I really wanted to help. Good like, and I hope you find the woman of your very vivid dreams!!!

Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I myself am a Scorpio woman, also going into my first semester of college. I definitely understand your quest, because I am looking for a Pisces man. The things I've read make me fall in love just thinking about it. I personally love ANY place that is artistic and so do many of my other Scorpio friends. I like art museums, books stores, coffee shops, places like Earthbound where alot of spiritual or mystical things exist. Scorpios are intrigued by the supernatural so perhaps adventure down that venue. I am an artist myself so anything different, nonconforming, exotic, or just anything that gets my creative side going is where I want to be. I hope this may be of use to you.

Go with the flow
by: Ivy

You're 18 and so am I. I'm Scorpio and believe it or not, I was once attracted to this Pisces guy without even knowing how he looks like. I'm not gonna go to that point why I didn't know how he look like and stuff.

The thing that got me attracted was that, he was different compared to other guys. He was the one who made the first move, didn't ask any personal questions like my name. Instead, he just commented on how he agreed with my point on a certain subject and that's when the conversation start. I guess, it all start with comfort. He was being himself, and being a water sign, he understood my feelings and such. Maybe it's best if you don't try too hard until she trusts you enough. Don't forget to smile, Intelligence plays a part too.

Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman totally in love with a pisces man, he is not good looking, he is not the type of guy i usually like but with hes personality he drived me crazy and what i like more about him is hes romantic side. A scorpio woman needs security and make her laugh this is an important point to make her fall in love with you. She like it more when she is called clever or smart than sexy, actually don't call her sexy (even that scorpio woman have that sexualtity in their attitude that is immposible not to notice) but she prefers to be called beautiful, sweet rather than sexy. And the mos immportant if you don't know the true meaning of the word REAL MAN don't go after a scorpio woman. Good luck

I'm a young scorpio girl as well.......
by: Anonymous

Honesty. If you lie to a scorpio woman such as myself we will know instantly.Always be truthfull with her from the very begining becouse she doesnt need a lie to see that your an interesting person. She will know by talking to you what kind of person you are.Another thing, well once you've become close-ish to a scorpio girl is letting her know you want and need her. Being needed is the biggest comfort for us.Dont leave her alone TOO much or she'll feel she's uneeded or unliked. Last but not least scorpios cant be found in specific places. Or found at all for that matter. We like being alone and arent social butterflies. You have to snatch us when we come out of our den's. XD. Good luck.

Here's what to do :)
by: Jasmine

Hey there I'm Jasmine and I'm also 18 yay!
I'm a Scorpio (ohh yeah ;) hahaha I'm a true red Scorpio, and currently in a long term relationship with a Taurus ;)
Some advice from me would be,
1 Be funny, even cheesy funny is really cute, besides you'll get an A for effort.
2 Be nice, but don't push it cuz sucking up never works, never...
3 Whip out some flowers now and then, showing that you are willing to spend on useless things makes a good impression.
4 Be honest, even if it's something you can get in trouble for, trust me!
5 Scorpio's such as myself like to be creative and I personally love to dance so taking an art class of going to club would be the place to meet a hotty Scorpio hahaha

1 Dont be pushy, if she wants something she'll do it at her own time
2 Dont complain about stupid stuff cuz you are going to get hit hahaha
3 Dont act cooler than her, she won't like it and think you are an ass, even if you are cooler...
4 Make sure to take care of your appearence to even have a chance of attracting a Scorpio :)
5 DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT ACTING SMARTER!! it will be a total shut down :) hahaha for you!

im scorpio too
by: jhamy

Im scorpio woman too 22, and currently looking fot pisces men.

Tips that i could only give u is to be honest. The more mysteripus u are, the more scorpio women will try to dig deeper on u. Most of us want a very open communication. We can read minds.. and moves.. so no need to take cover. Just be honest. ^^

here are the facts....
by: older may not be wiser

Finding a Scorpio woman is not the difficult part since if one finds you intriguing enough to pursue, she will. You have to be able to recognize this act and as a Pisces you might just be thick headed enough not see it at first. Once you have entered the "game" be yourself and allow her to be herself without holding her to a timeline of self unveiling.

What she shows you in private needs to be kept confidential and never shared to anyone else. Her trust in you will build as you continue to show her your ability to protect her. As your Pisces empathy is adored it will also be a dagger to her heart if your empathy lay more in another than her emotional needs. A Scorpio woman will love you more if she is shown her needs are more important to you than another (and at times your own). Do not take her generosity for granted and challenge her mentally.

Physically (because you are young)use your intuition to determine if you are pleasing her. Ask her what and how she wants things to be done and she will not hold back. Little physical touches mean more than just being in the same space. She will be more physically needy than you but do not ever confuse this with sex. Sex is the ultimate end to any physical connection but she is not always needing sex - she needs physical connection with her partner.

Have fun with your search and learn from each and every single encounter you have.

Searching for a scopio chick
by: Anonymous

With female and male scorpios it's all in the eyes- they are always intense in their stare and can instantly make people uncomfortable- you can usually tell what women are scopios in any room. As a watery sign, you could also go for a cancer- they rock! and may not be as complicated as a scorpio. But hey, if you've set yout mind to this sign then I strongly second all the comments about being straight up- (no matter what the situation- eagle like Scorpios can smell it if you ain't so if u can't hack true honesty, bother trying). Scorpios are trixy and hard work, but worth it for the honest love, loyalty and support you'll get from them once they actually trust you is more real and genuine than any other! Also, the one thing no one's mentioned here, is scorps have such high (sometimes unreasonable!) expectations of others because we have such high expectations of ourselves! All drama loving Scorpios beat themselves up (worth while evolved scorps do anyway) on an hour to hour basis. If we're falling short of our own expectations, we aren't happy, and can have OTT moods because of it! I have some amazing best mates who I've been friends with for over 12 years- mostly Pieces, Cancer, Scorpio, Aries, and randomly loads of
Leos! It's because of the full on emo side of all of these signs I believe we've stayed mates.
Dude. Ultimately you'll find the person you're supposed to find. The universe does what it wants in that regard, but honestly, I am a little older and so can tell you- you're already on the right path to finding a scoripo female's love. I'd say just by deciding you want to meet one and being brave (man enough) to ask for answers, I'd say your giving off the right vibes. Best of luck!!!
Side point- High bloomin' five! To the person who added that outcast TUNE!!! Good times!!!'

does what it wants. And who are we to force fate?! Have fun finding your very cool & complicated chick- or whoever you're supposed to

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