Advice for Capricorn woman dating Virgo men

I previously posted on this site. At the time I was pursuing another Virgo. That didn't work out, but it really just wasn't in the cards. I have had a lot of experience with Virgo men, either friends or more, and I figured I would share some advice.

If you want your Virgo to respond, then you most definitely need to be ready to make the first move, but be careful because Virgo men DO NOT like trashy women, be more suggestive, use your body, but don't flaunt it. Virgo men to me tend to be pretty intuitive, so it shouldn't take too much. But let me tell you, when they are sure, they are DAMN sure, and if he's not taking the bait, than I suggest you give it up. And also to anyone that has done a Virgo man wrong, well, I did too, but he came back to me.

They don't seem to let on how much they truly feel and understand, but they do. I just think that Virgos like things nice and simple, so don't expect any grand gestures, they are Virgos not Aries. You know that quote, cant remember word for word, but it says "love is not boastful" or something to that affect, well that's Virgo man in a nutshell from what I have experienced. If you get one, keep him, he is not bored, or uninterested, he is simple. And God love him for it! The passion is intense and lasting, fizzling out just will not happen! At least not stemming from your Virgo.

Just talking about it makes me miss them a little. But right now I am very happy with an Aquarius, I guess the Aquarius brings something different out of me, and the laugh, you know every Aquarius I have ever met, male or female, has the most infectious laughter! Good luck to all of you Capricorn Ladies and Virgo men! I love you all, really I do!

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Advice for Capricorn woman dating Virgo men
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo man, all that we want is unconditional love, simple moves ..conversation is very important for us about love and everything , but we don't make the first move. we judge by actions and talks and most important by conversational responses what the other partner is saying and whether is actually a committed person for us or is all we want , and in return you will get an unconditional everlasting sparkling life with fun and sex (only after marriage).

Advice for Capricorn woman dating Virgo men
by: Anonymous

im a cap girl and I totally think im in love with a Virgo! he always seems to please me but he was very shy and I definitely had to make the first move.

There's more to an individual's personality makeup than just airy-star sign readings
by: Virgo-Guy

I must say, i've read quite a few comments regarding my(virgo)star sign compatibility and personality traits. I found it highly amusing, yes amusing, because it fasinates me how many people can just rely upon horoscope star sign readings regarding compatibility and individualised personality traits. Call me a non-believer or whatever, i believe personality traits are rather based on an individual's upbring, environment, past experiences, values and family influences aswell as cultural and socio-economic factors. In short, compatibilty should be based on these factors rather than planet-moon etc... alignments with in our solar system. Generalization of groups according to their horoscope readings is highly discriminative, futhermore, placing more stero-typical fluence on society's perception of what is compatible and ideal in the opposite sex. Some advice for capricon women, look for these traits which i've mentioned above in your men, rather than just horoscope compatibility in determining weather or not if his your ideal.

In response to “Virgo-Guy”
by: Capricorn- Female

To begin with there is no need for ridicule. Plus not everyone who visits this site believes in “Astrology” whole heartedly it’s… somewhat… like a reference. Of course you can’t simply apply this as is; it’s much too complicated to take it so trivially. Besides like you said we are who we are because of many circumstances, you're right. Although I don’t understand why you simply discard this idea? Anything and everything is composed of various and unaccountable properties; just because you may be incredulous does not give you enough reason to discard the possibility. (in my opinion) I’m not implying this is absolutely true and we should blindly believe in it I’m just saying there might be some truth in it. I apologies for: the long comment and if I offended anyone in anyway. Truth be told, I tend to get defensive when others or my ideas are criticized.
If you want to further this conversation respond. (smiles)

by: Anonymous


Be Coy yet Confident & Genuine
by: Anonymous

A Virgo male friend of mine told me, with regards to a new relationship I'm in with another Virgo male, to be coy, yet confident & genuine - always genuine.

Patience is another key factor for both my Virgo friend and my Virgo love interest... they are my Enigma men.

if cap and vig get along how com i dnt understand mine
by: MissGv

Im a capricorn woman and was happy i found my soul mate . I dated mr virgo 4 2months . He spends so much money taking me out to resturands. Every time i c him he talks about how much he luvs me but wants us to secretly b fwb because of our situation. He use to live with my baby daddy and is afraight. What ppl will say if he starts dating me . I dnt have a problem with this fwb but my question is what do i benefit? He never calls to check on me . But every time we meet we have the bet time ever but he just wont call the next day . Everytime im with him he wants to know when we are going to have sex . But his actions tells me he only wants sex from me that y i dnt put out. But he is such a nice guy and the most unemotional ive ever met . I just dnt know how to deal with him so i decided to end this relationship because i dnt understand him

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