Advice for courting a Scorpio female?

I'm hot for this elusive, artistic Scorpio female (painter/sculptor). Right now we're in the middle of the great game and I know I'm being tested. There is attraction and chemistry, but as soon it was obvious she fancied me she pulled back and I went from conquest to spectator giving her some space.

Mostly dated other signs, never Scorpio. But I find other signs too shallow. I like her intensity and confidence as I don't like women who aren't strong willed or willing to debate with me. (I love good debates in an impersonal way) It seems easy to intuit what she's asking for, but I'm not the most patient hunter as I am honest and direct and play so few games (too old for that).

It seems she's feigning indifference to see how I react to being ignored. I usually get what I want and have been called all those nice things they say about Leo males. (none of my ex's can say a bad thing about my treatment of them, and all of them came back once or twice as 'friends') I am still friends with a majority of my ex's, or on friendly terms rather.

Since this is my first courting of a Scorpio female what should I know/do or not do.

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game over...
by: scorpio woman

She reminds me of myself and I can tell you this you were an easy conquest. Since you're not very patient and you're direct, you probably ending the flirting game to quickly for her liking. As soon as she knew you were her's; game over. Personally, I love a mystery because it makes the challenge more interesting/engaging to me. I would flirt/test his ability, curious to see what really makes him fired up. I have this period of immense infatuation and then I would go to detective mode. Once I figured out he's 100%-really-crazy about me, I get bored. Bored because I have an idea of what's going to come next. But if he's unsure of my ability to please him, I'm more than happy to show it to him. Hope this helps some what, but just remember not all scorpios are the same (don't generalize). We like to be individuals as well ;) Good luck.

I agree
by: Anonymous

I am also a scorpio women and I agree with the above comment. You are to easy and she's getting bored. She might really like you but your coming on to strong and you need to back off so she can see if the relationship is worth giving it a try. Stop calling her for a while and it will drive her nuts. She will probably break and call you to see what's going on. When you do finally talk, don't talk about how you are into her unless she brings it up. Then of course go on and on and she'll love it. That's my advice. Hope it helps. Scorpio's are awesome! Good luck.

Might want to give up
by: Maia

I am also a Scorpio and I also agree that she is getting bored. Also, I am not sure if she has the lengendary jealousy streak but she may have also lost interest in you because you are still friends with most of your exes and have gone back to a few once or twice. I know I would never date someone who was still friends with their exes, especially not if they have re-dated them. Also, Leo's and Scorpio's are supposedly not supposed to get along very well in relationships, I barely can stand my Leo guy friend and other Leo girl friend. If you knew her while you were dating other girls then I suggest you give up. If your life is not totally devoted to her from the first minute you realized your infatuation with her, she will think you are not serious and no amount of pleading will change her mind. Men who are easy to get may be flattering to us, but it gets old before long. Playing hard to get will drive her crazy. Leave her alone for a little bit and like the last comment she might break and call you to see where you've been. Scorpio's love a good challenge!

by: Anonymous

If I were her, I'd be having deciding whether you're worthy of my trust. You've even re-dated those girls. She might not want to get hurt, knowing your background and all that. Well, be patient but not too controlling if you know what I mean (:

trust issue
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio and we women dont really like to chase and grovel people who plays hard to get. This is a trust issue, she cant trust you enough to let her guard down.

no no...
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio and dated a leo before. Our relationship was too fast for my preference because i love a bit of game and mystery. Unintentionally, i would find myself testing them (by being viscious) to see how much they can handle and earn my trust.

Basically, you need to keep a distance like what the others said and act like YOUR NOT AFRAID TO LOSE HER. That will draw her more to you and make her think you're "worth" her full love, devotion, and passion. I also had a problem with the "ex" situation. My ex also was friends with his exs and i hated that. It would always turned me off to know that the guy i was dating was still talking to his exs because it made me believe that i was not the 1st love of his life. That's how i like to think of it. I want to be someone's ONE and only love. Scorpios crave passionate love that only exists once.

by: Anonymous

"I am still friends with a majority of my ex's" lol your talking about a scorpio woman here thats a BAD thing :p

No dabblers
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman and the ex situation would leave me cold. You will need to give that up for her if and prove to her you are trustworthy. I have been married to a Leo for 17 year and together for over 20 years. He had good report with the majority of his ex's but NOT friendships. Sorry thats a dealbreaker. Wish you luck.

PS We fight like cats and dogs. For Leo/Scorpio to work you have to communicate OFTEN of your feelings because of the emotional misunderstandings. Unless your a Scorpio Moon...
Try Aries=)

As a scorpio I can tell you....
by: Anonymous

I agree. The past needs to stay in the past in order to really get your Scorpio to fall for you and commit. She doesn't fool around with this type of behavior. I know it's great for your ego to be close to your ex's but as a Scorpio I can tell you that it would be a deal breaker with me. All or nothing and unless you prove it, she isn't likely to let her guard down.

It would be worth it to you to do so. Leo and Scorpio matches are very passionate and direct and the intensity from both of you being direct could be amazing long term.

Good luck!

too much game playing......
by: Anonymous

what a waste of time to be testing this one or that one....

if you have a good nose for people, you will be able to sniff out the good ones, and instead of wasting time with high school games, why not enjoy each other's company and be each other's rock in this crazy world? why create extra drama when life will supply you with plenty of them externally?

courting a scorpio girl
by: Anonymous

I too face a similar situation with a scorpio woman. its been six months since i noticed her glancing at me... our eyes meet for a few seconds and they shes away. this has been going on for a long time now but she has declined all my requests for a date. Now the intensity of her glances are more, so i tried to call her on difference times but she does not answer. even after that when we see each other, our eyes still meet for those brief seconds. Is she really interested in me... Scorpio women please advice

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