Advice for dating a Leo man

by Ella

Hi, Im an Aries girl whos been dating an Leo guy. I'm on my mid 20s while he's in his early 30s. When we first met it was amazing as I just noticed him right away but played it cool and acted indifferent.

He couldnt stop looking and talking to me. We were hanging out in a bar on a birthday party of a mutual friend.. but had never met each other. It was interesting how it all went down.

We danced together, he offered me a drink which I politely declined and then couldn't stop talking to me till 2am. By the end of the night he was stuck to me like glue. lol

Then I had to leave and he came behind me. While I was going to my car he called me from the back and thats when I noticed he'd left the party as well. He asked for my number and we realized our cars were parked in front of each other in a huge parking lot with barely any cars left. lol The coincidence was insane!

So, anyway ... since then its been a little over a yr and we're still going strong. He's so sweet and caring, and very very generous. The guy pours money on me like its water. Nice restaurants, really cute expensive gifts, kisses and hugs.. you name it he gives it to me. He makes me feel really loved.I started splitting things with him cause I felt like he was giving me too much. You know, independent Aries that I am. ;)

But there are times when we bicker as well. He's calmer than I and definitely has been really patient with me. You definitely need to appear confident with a Leo and respect them at all costs.

The best advice I can give you is talk things out with him if you're having problems. They are very understanding and love beein in relationships. Watch out the roving eye. ;)

I love him and want him to be the one and only. Hopefully, we keep it going and end up together. :)

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