Advice for Scorpios dating Pisces

I'm a SCORPIO woman and I've been dating a PISCES man for a little over 5 months, but we've known each other for a little over 9 months. We first met at a lounge and while he was having a drink alone after work, I was dancing with my two other girlfriends. He eventually approached me somehow?, we talked and he got my number. We're both very attractive and get a lot of attention from the opposite sex, especially me because the female if typically the prey. I did not take him seriously initially because I wasn't really looking and just saw it as a good time like whatever. That's the funny part! We went out on two dates a week apart after meeting and we was charming, romantic, polite and all that good, mushy stuff. He took me around his closest friends on the second date and we also had sex on the second date. It was great! After that I figured nothing much would come out of it because although I carried myself, as I am- a lady, the entire time, I also felt a typical guy will not take a woman he had sex with on the second date after meeting her too seriously-so I felt like we'd remain cool, as he had mentioned. After that he called me 2 days later and from then over 3 months the majority of our relationship was via text and we would talk on the phone here and there. I thought this was extremely weird and random, as I've never experienced it, but I went with it anyway, while feeling strangely into him. He said he was single, but based upon actions, I felt he was in the middle of something or a break up or some strange relationship scenario because he was keeping me around making daily contact, but keeping me distant by barely talking on the phone and standing me up a couple times and then giving excuses-which never happens tome. He's great at playing the victim! After the 3 months I felt myself more drawn, but my patience ran thin so just as I was going to break it off because I can be an all or nothing type person if I feel, he invited me to a vacation with some co-workers and friends of his and he paid for everything. However, an older woman called me prior to the trip and left me a threatening VM that she was his girlfriend and I'd better leave him alone...WOWWWWWWWWWWWW I was like this is some crazy shit...he denied it all of course and I was like, well this guy is random and already in something, but shoot, I just won't take him seriously and at least go on a free trip HAHAHAHAHA We hung out a couple weeks before the trip and had a great time and then went for 5 days and had a great time. We got into a relationship a week after the trip, as I decided to take a dive and give him the benefit of the doubt like a sprung female, lol! What really prompted my decision was that I felt it was not going to last long anyway and prior to him, I had been dating all the "right" guys, you know-successful, rich, responsible, dependable, parents would love them-but I felt no passion and I was tired of that-safe guys with no emotional intensity or passion and me eventually breaking it off with them and hurting feelings, so I said well at least I feel something with thins guy. When we first entered the relationship, we experienced dramas-that same girl called me again and my old college roommate told me he tried to hit on her at the club. Those were the 2major events, but the other minor dramas were just a passionate scorp and laidback pisces adjusting and feeling each other out. This all happened when we first got together< oh I got him back, but I won't go into that. lol< So now we're even in my eyes< It's funny, he pursued me then for three months it seemed I was passively pursuing him, then he made me insecure then I made him insecure and after all these games, emotional rollercoaster's, dramas and what not, the results are beautiful thus far. I now have what all Scorpio women need, CONTROL...I tell him all the time he can leave and let's be friends and whenever I'm upset he does anything to appease me and win me back. I went from having a random man that I wasn't sure if he was so into me, to having a PISCES man who calls ME daily, leaves messages, takes me out weekly and gladly pays ALWAYS even if he's broke, introduces me to any and everyone as his lady, never does things to spark my jealousy-protective, openly affectionate all the time, gentleman and considerate of my feelings all the time, wants to meet everyone I know and simply can't get enough of me. I'm a bit cocky with it now; sometimes I almost dare him to break up with me because I'm that confident that we both need each other now. It's great not, but it had better be after all the shyt it has taken us in this short time lol! ALTHOUGH I was the one to tell him I wanted to be in a relationship and he was like OK, he has been the one bringing up on several occasions moving in together, taking care of me, kids and marriage. I'm not sure if he truly means it, but at least he is thinking along those lines lol. These are the following bullets that will get the SCORPIO woman very far with the PISCES man from my experience:

*DO YOUR HOMEWORK-reading up on astrology helps


*COMMUNICATE-the more you do the more they will

*NEVER ACCUSE-Pisces men look guilty even when they're not-it's almost funny-also no interrogations

DON'T SMOTHER-it's in our nature to be suspicious, jealous when in love, but the more space and freedom you give them, the more they will want to come to you and wonder what you're doing-I've learned with him you can control a Pisces but you can't seem like you are, instead you must be happy, confident, do your own thing & let him yearn 4 u

CONFIDENCE-walk that walk; talk that talk lol this is sexy to any man-when he makes u mad, act as if u don't care and if he loves u he will fight 4 u-he wants to look up to u as his goddess not a desperate woman

STAY HOT-there's nothing like a beautiful woman to daydream of

DANTINESS-PISCES men love to help and feel needed, but not overwhelmed, so let him take charge at times and let him be the man and feel appreciative toward his efforts

*SEXUAL EXPORATION-you be the one to fulfill their fantasies or they may stray

MYSTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -even though talking is important, make his mind wonder here & there

*LIKEABLE- they love it when they can bring you around anyone anywhere and your liked-makes life easier

LADY- they love lady in street freak in the bed they never want to worry about u being a scandalous hoe if they're in a committed relationship with you


HONESTY-over time they will let their guard down and welcome you into their world once deemed worthy

INDEPENDANCE-there is nothing more sexy to the PISCES man like a woman who has goals, is making that dinero, busy, school, hobbies/interests has a life besides him and can stand on her own 2 feet

NEED/DESIRE-reassurance without spoiling is great-it's like the push pull effect-remember they are driven by being stirred emotionally

I know this sound like a lot, but this is what I feel from reading and experience...

Men want what they can't have, even in a relationship, so in one sense you need to make them feel secure, but from time to time stir them emotionally to keep the man's natural need to chase alive without playing too many games

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I love you lol
by: scorp girl

I am totally going on a 2nd date with a Pisces. I had sex on the 1st date. It just happened, too long to explain. Ha. I am totally enamored with him. I envision our future together. I am that Scorpio that does all of the things your list says to do. I'm totally smiling right now :D. Good luck with your pisces. I hope it goes well for me too. xx

loved the advice
by: scorpiomac

im all smile reading this...that's quite a research you've made on those pisces...:) i loved all the !!!!! after the word "patience" much of it can you have? this Pisces and me have been playing these mind games all the time for way too long....every time i'd be thinking 'that's it...time to get over him again. he's not all that into me" he comes around and we're so attracted by some gravity towards each other....we find ourselves kissing and making out crazily...and then we'd run away from each other..him-because he's like that all the time and me-because i dont know what's on his mind. does that sound familiar to you?? it all drives me nuts!

Never hang out with Scorpio woman..
by: Anonymous

Scorpio woman is most dangerous of all signs.. For all Pisces men out there, my advice is NOT TO hang out with scorpio...good match is VIGRO woman...all the best..

Original Author-One year later
by: Original Author(One year later

Hello ALL!

it's me! the lady who originally wrote this blog about a year ago. well... aren't you curious to know what happened with my pisces guy a year after writing this?! well! it has not been all glory, as in most relationships, but after a year from writing this, my pisces and i are living together and he is hooked like a helpless fish to the point of no return. turns out my initial suspicions were correct and he was going thru the ups and downs of his now ex, who was a cancer woman. so all ladies out there, when they say pisces are most compatible with cancer and scorpio women and u wonder who he is most compatible with, i am here to say, hands down:

pisces men are most compatible with scorpio women of all the zodiac-even more than cancer women, which has been of debate!

Advice please..on Scorpio-Pisces-cancer
by: Anonymous

Here's my Pisces-Scorpio-cancer triangle. I'm a Scorpio in love with the Pisces. You know the story: on and off, push and pull, he disappeares after every time we get close or have sex, I'm so passionate about him an I think it scares him sometimes. He's 17 years older than me but we do meet halfway and age difference has never been on the way. It's been going on for a few years and he's making it so hard for me to get close to him. My dear Pisces man also always has lots of platonic girl friends which at first was very strange to me. some of his closest friends are women..married women..who i know he feels 'safe' with..and it makes me jealous sometimes..seeing him being such a good friend to them and cold to me. I made friends with one af them-cancer woman-and after that extra glass of wine she tells me she has feelings for him. She doesn't know for sure that I sleep with him or that I love him. And the Scorpio me is getting so jealous. Can't stop thinking whether he'd let her step over the friendship line when he finds out about her feelings; whether he'd choose her because she's so easier to get, close to him already, his age, already has kids or whatever..The other part of me remembers that no matter how many friends he had before he was always coming to me and we can never resist each other..the connection and attraction is so powerful!! What to do..what to do...?

Push Pull
by: Anonymous Scorp Lady

I've been going thru it!! I've been seeing my pisces guy for eight months. Sex on the first date, texting and calling here and there. When I'm distant he comes around when I'm not he disappears. It seems as if its just sexual but, after eight months its a little hard to imagine it as sex only. We scorpios are so loyal we'll hang in there regardless...smh. I'm tires of my push pull lover...In a recent discussion I expressed that I want more no verbal response we'll see how it goes

I don't know how you ladies put up with me?! lol
by: Pisces Guy

Damn, I have been told many times through my adult life that I'm hard work. I was always very defensive about it but reading this makes me see traits in myself that I don't even realise at the time.

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