Advice from a Sagittarius Girl

I think to seduce a Sagittarius at least me. I have Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio. eye contact is very important, mystery kind of, touching yes! talking, similar interests, compliments as long as I like you and you're attractive to me, sense of humour is fairly important but not necessary, I personally don't like to take things too fast mostly because of my fear or ruining my life by getting pregnant or STD at an early age but sometimes I feel I should, but take her to your apartment if she wants to, doesn't necessarily mean she will sleep with you, she might just stay up all night talking to you, but be caring, and she will not be seduced by you if she isn't attracted to you or if you bother her. personally eye contact is the most important before I talk to someone but I also love touching. other than that be gentle but Sag girls generally like to be in a relationship I think, at least I would prefer that to just having sex with randoms when you can easily get pregnant or STDs that way. hope this helps. some people say we're sluts but I'm not a slut although if there was a guy I really liked I would do anything for him sexually or almost anything, I don't know if that makes me a slut though but I don't think it does. and I don't sleep around.

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