Advice From Leo Men Please

by Kennedy

ok there is a typical leo in my class and I have this huge crush on the dude, my problem, he knows that and he hates me for it. I'm your average Aqua gal and so I am very aware that we are zodiacal oppisites but that's why I love him so much!!!! He is super cute, possibly smarter than me, athletic and well the best kind of guy you can find. All I want to know is is there a way to get him to like me? we have known each other for almost 2 years but because of my stupid crush it gets in the way of getting to know him. For now I'm just trying to be his friend so I can highten my chances here. If your a Leo guy please help me. PLEASE!?!?!!?!?!?!

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Your right
by: Leo Guy

Hello, Your right he know's you like him too much and this puts you at a disadvantage. Being a Leo I can tell you that I don't respect anyone (male or female) that shows too much TLC because it seem's like they lack dignity or are just fawning. Try being less loving/emotional and see if it works, if not he's just being a sod and need's a swift kick. Best wishes

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