Advice from Scorpio for Scorpio/Leo match

by Katie

leo male and scorpio female are a very powerful might take work but they both have very strong outsides but are very soft inside...scorpio female is willing to give all the affection leo desires and leo will love to love the scorpio female as long as she keeps the relationship hot which is up to a female, and if things go long enough (as we have) your relatioship might turn into a loyal lasting love for both signs are loyal...and the sex is always exciting...but mainly the power and loyalty is good example scorpio hilary clinton and leo bill clinton...and the sex between us has always been good just keep your kitty satisfied scorpio women on all walks of life...which is something we scorpio women know how to do ....and try to stay away from bitchy outburst and he may not want to strut so much..stay low key...try to be equal

but one one thing that's always been a hard spot for us is others being attract to each other....he hates the looks i get from males and i want the address of every female he talks to ....but stay loyal and everything should work out...

he lights up my dark pluto world and he keeps me guessing i'll always love my leo
we've been together for 4 years..

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