Advice from Scorpio women on Taurus man

I am an Scorpio woman 22 dating an 27yr old Sagittarius but I recently started hanging out with my Taurus friend. I really like him but I'm still with my boyfriend. How do I know if I could ever have him considering I started hanging out with him and im not single. I mean my Taurus lover always tells me I'm beautiful, rubs my feet, massages my back, feeds me and just makes me feel good. Not the mention the sex is Amazing. Then 1 day I wont hear from him. What does that mean? Is he testing me? Is he tired of me? Or are Taurus men just like that?

I would appreciate some feedback ... Scorpio women would be great ;)

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My experience.
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman involved with a Taurus man and I generally believe that is what they are like. They are sweet and kind, but also very distant and nonemotional. That is my input :) Hope I could help.

by: Anonymous

He came on all strong to this scorp gal now he's distant i'm so confused someone help me? I don't know what to do confront him and ask him why he came on so strong and now nothing or do i just leave him alone? SHEESH!

by: Anonymous

I definitly say confront him. I confronted my Taurus and it helped but that may also depend on him. Just think about how he would react.

I did the same thing my taurus backed off too
by: Anonymous

I confronted him and it helped found out his marriage is what was bothering him more losing his kid.... I'm married too but wow we have such chemistry hard for me to stay away from him or leave him alone, he acts like he doesn't want to hurt his family but he still meets me here and there so i have no idea what to do, but i will add that confronting the issue cleared the air for me at least.... We have a long way to go, but i'm crazy for him.... I got the nerve to talk to him and he was all over me then he backed off so it left this lil' scorp confused but i just keep stinging him with my looks every time i get the chance hoping that will keep reminding him of his unhappiness, the same that i have at home.... it's bad i know but it's not good for kids to be raised by parents that are not happy, they sense ths too....Wow what a tough situation...

advice for scorp girl about taurus man
by: Anonymous

Taurus men are not usually direct individuals unless they have other planets in their chart (like aries) I'm scorpio and my Taurus guy has mercury,venus and mars in aries so he is pretty straightforward whereas if I ask him something he will tell me...whether it's the truth or not is the real question (ha!) From my experience, taurus men are just like that. My brother is also a taurus. I know my boyfriend goes off and disappears (not literally but he's distant sometimes) because he has that aries in his chart...they like to party, and bullsh*t. I'm a pretty independent type woman myself but I still hate it. But i love HIM so I give him his space...since the aries in him loves the conquest, he always comes back. Because if i'm not stressing him about where he is and what he's doing he thinks he has to get my attention again and here he comes. My advice is to find out what his other planets are in his chart and read about him. just like in order to succeed in life you have to gain knowledge, in order to succeed in your relationship you have to gain knowledge of your partner. Use the info to interpret your relationship and ways to react to your partner...its all in your own interpretation and what you take from the information.

ThanK You
by: Anonymous

I think he has pretty much written me off us scorps are super overbearing sometimes and i pretty much told him what i think about how he handles things, big no no on my part but if he comes back around he didn't get enough haha....well see all my others have come back for more, not to be conceited but us scorps have that magnetism about us, so time will tell, thanks for being an intellect and having interest in my situation..... You go girl!!!!

taurus man
by: Anonymous

im a scorpio and my man is a taurus we have chased each other and played mind games for over a year now and on his terms or as i let him think on his terms we are finally getting somewhere we are getting our own place soon!! :) which we are both very happy about but because we are opposite side of the zodiac the more time we spend together th better we get on and the less time we spend together the worse we get on so it will deffinetly be better when we live together!!

by: sssscorp

Im a scorp lady, i have been with taurus males in the past and i find we really hit it off together, maybe ask him to see whats up

by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio gal have recently started seeing a taurus guy....being a typical scorp it wasn't straightforward and i cocked it up a bit at the start by not admitting i'd been seein someone else...but wow, i knew this bull was someone i couldn't let go of, so i told him, apologised and was totally HONEST about what had happened and he accepted it. It's early days but he is unlike anyone i have ever been with before and has got me completely hooked...the message being I think honesty is the best policy with a taurus boy!!!

We are who we are
by: Scorpio Gal

I've read a lot of your posts regarding the Scorpio/Taurus match and well I'm going to give the best insight possible. The sexual attraction is off the charts! Mainly bc us Scorpios are extremely sexual in every way and well Taurus' have this incredible way of saying the right thing and showing so much affection that it's almost impossible to not fall for them. Problem here is that we tend to be quite impatient while the Taurus is everything but. They move at their own pace especially during their courtship. They pull disappearing acts for days and even weeks at a time. And when they come back, which they do, it's as though nothing has ever changed. They are very good partners however the key is patience. If you're able to deal with his slow pace then this is the man for you. Just keep in mind though that until they've decided that you're the one, chances are that he's still playing the field. Something that can be quite the challenge for the jealous Scorpio. Hope this helps!

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