Advice needed on Aries man

by sarah

Can someone help me with advice on how to deal with this Aries man. We have similar interests which is how I met him but he is currently going through a divorce. We are obviously sexually attracted but haven't slept with him, simply because he is still married (he is instigating divorce) and I don't want to be easy - hear they love the chase!!! Initially that annoyed him, but stuck to my guns. However, whilst he told me he doesn't love his wife he has played games with me re a woman he had a affair with years ago. I mean he told me out of the blue that he still loves her and always will and then made an excuse to finish the text message - ie got to go speak another time... I was gutted and didn't text and he realised and the panic with him set in - texting and phoning for days. I told him why I hadn't bothered and he said that he had been worried but he meant what he said. I cant seem to forget that because it was so profound - he says it is long over, but my question is why even mention something that profound if it is long over? Was he just being mean and wanted to see how I reacted? I always thought Aries are confident, but this man doesn't seem as confident as he tries to make out - think there is loads of insecurity there. I have given him space and we are now at an impasse, although I have to see him in 3 weeks. I explained why I was unhappy with what he said and that if he was over her he wouldn't have even mentioned it and we haven't spoken by text since - 6 weeks. I know he will be shocked that I haven't bothered but dont know what else to do? Advice please!!!!

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