Advice on capricorn man?

by Confused

I met a capricorn male a little over two weeks ago. He worked for the company chosen to do some work on my house. We spoke at length the first time we met about all sorts of things. He then came back the next day to finish the job and as I wasn't home he came into my work, which is just around the corner to tell me had arrived to do the work and then came back when he was finished to tell me he had finished the work and both times hanging around for half an hour. He then told me if I would like anymore work done to give him a call because he gets a kick out of helping people but not charging them.

The next week he called to see if the electrician and painter had been to finish off the work he started. When I told him they hadn't he said he'd get onto it for me. He then rang me again later in the week to see what was happening.

That weekend I called him because the new ceiling he installed in my carport get wet in the rain. He then offered to come over the next day and have a look. He came on the Sunday and decided my gutters, downpipe and soakwell were blocked and started digging and climbing on the roof in the rain, all for a job which wasn't his problem.

Once he finished unblocking everything, though he hadn't put everything back together because he said he needed it to rain first to make sure it was all ok, I offered him a beer to which he suggested we go to the pub for a beer. This is where it gets interesting.

It was at the pub that he told me he doesn't help anyone usually but he wanted a reason to see me. He also hasn't finished the job he started because he wanted a reason to come back. He was holding my hand and he kissed me and we had a great afternoon. When we came back to my house we fooled around a bit and then he went home.

That was a week ago. Since then he has called my every morning, sent me texts with kisses through the day, came to see me one morning before I went to work and talked about having another afternoon like the last one we had. He also talks about things he can do for me in the future. Then yesterday morning he rang me as usual and said he might come out to see me that afternoon at work (I own my own business so I'm free to have visitors whenever) but he didn't show up. I sent him a text late in the afternoon to which he never answered. This morning (Saturday) is the first morning since last Sunday that he hasn't called first up in the morning. I sent him another text asking if everything is ok, which he hasn't answered either and this is on the day that he said he would come back and finish my downpipes and soakwell.

We have an amazing connection and he is very affectionate towards me so what's going on?
Can someone please give me some insight on what to do....please

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I have the same problem
by: Anonymous

Well I have the same problem! I met my Cap about 3 or 4 months ago! We had a connection the first moment we met! I was currently leaving a relationship at that point, so the timing was off, so we decided to just be friends and get to know each other and see where it took us, however, he would send me sweet texts and emails (we work for the same company), we went hiking, out for lunch etc...things were so amazing! Then, out of nowhere it seems that he's back tracking! He stopped sending text and emails etc...just like that! We still saw each other once in a while, and would chat or whatever, but it wasn't the same. The connection was as strong as ever, but he was so "hard" it seems. Then a couple weeks ago he told me he would totally date me if I wasn't just out of a relationship! I told him the truth the whole time about everything..I am a Pisces, and very honest! I wish he could see and know that when I'm done in a relationship, I'm done for good! I think he's just really worried that I might go back to my ex, because he's been hurt that way before. I am not that girl. I am totally loyal, and dedicated! At this point I'm just going to take it slow and go with the flow because I feel like he'll be worth the wait. He comes over once, sometimes twice a week, and our connection is so great! But he seems sometimes like he doesn't like me or something...and my friends tell me that he better hurry up because someone esle is gonna come scoop me up from under him. I'm not about to brag, but I am decent looking, and I know this because people tell me, I have a great personality and I am totally honest and faithful...what more could he want. So I'm learning about Cap men, and I have learned that he needs to take it slow, and I can tell that he likes me, so I will take that in and keep it! I will give him all the time he needs to see how great I am and I won't push. The fact that he comes around is enough for now...even though it kills me sometimes lol! Hope this makes sense to you...I wrote a book!

Trying to Help
by: Anonymous

Being as though Im a CAP. If he stopped messaging you and stuff, its probably because he's either working, thinking deeply about work, or testing your loyalty. We love when women grasp our attention and our attention is grasped by your intellect more so then how cute you are or how much you sexually stimulate us. I could go on forever but like all capricorn im devoted to my time lol. Hope that helps. Just show him that you'll be there for him in the long run because we try not to bother ourselves with short term relationships because we view it as a waste of time and we HATE!!! wasting time 8^D.

-Cali Cal

by: Confused

Thanks guys for your insight into a Cap male. It's helping a little but I still don't know where I stand with him and I hate that.
Since my last saga I did hear from him after the weekend and his excuse was he lost his phone but then found it again. He then come and seen me and told me that he's just gotten a job fly in/fly out, 4 weeks on 1 week off. He says he applied for it before he met me but it is something he wants so he's going to take the job. He did also say that meeting me was the first good thing to happen to him and getting this job was the second so what's the third thing?
Anyway he had courses and medicals to do before he left which I know kept him busy and he did call and text while he was doing that. The last thing he did say was that he thinks as hard as it will be to be away for so long we will be ok.
That was three days before he left and then I never heard another thing from him and he didn't answer my text or call. He has been gone for 2 weeks now and he did tell me there was no cell phone coverage where he was going so I knew I wouldn't hear from him after he left.
This month is going sooo slow and I am going stir crazy not knowing what's going on with us.
My question to you Cali Cal is do you think he is still interested in me despite his ignorance and if he does come and see me when he gets back would it be too confronting for me to demand some answers from him about where I stand? I don't know how long I can do this for. I actually wonder if it would be better to walk away cos it really sucks feeling so confused.

Girl cap
by: Anonymous

Confused, I'm a cap too and I know when I hesitate it's because I'm unsure or because I want to get a feel for the relationship...we caps are fond of taking it slow, don't take it as if he's disinterested or leading you on, I for example get a little uneasy when I feel I'm getting too close too fast. Being with a cap requires a lot of patience and assurance in our feelings for you. Let him set the pace and he won't steer your wrong...but never back track! Let him know you are interested without putting pressure on him and he'll open up to you.

Ship has sailed
by: Confused

Hey Girl Cap thanks heaps for your advice. While you maybe right with most caps taking things slow, as far as this one goes I think the ship has sailed. I haven't heard from him for about 2 months now so I think it's come to a complete halt. It really sucks too because even though I really only knew him for about 3 weeks and I haven't heard from him in 2 months, I still think of him everyday. I'm nearly 40 and yet I can't seem to forget about this one...he really got under my skin. Fingers crossed he'll have a change of heart but it's not looking good

taurus female
by: K

I'm a taurus female. I'm seeing cap male for 6 mos now. He is in his late 40s. He was slow to open up to me but never once did he disappeared on me. Not even in one week. Cap men, as naughty as they are capable of, have very high standards in the woman they want for keeps. *Always be a lady* it will keep him interested. He has never gone to bed with me until after 5 months. He is very tender and respectful around me. He struggles with me because I don't open up easily but he persevered. I never initiate a call or txts to him. He does it first. Now he is so open and closing in on me. He moved near where I live and is very protective of me. I am nervous now. Last week I was upset 2x and each time, I get upset on txt, he stops what he is doing to come to me and be by my side to comfort me. I had no idea he dropped all he was doing to see me until the 2nd time, when he embraced me and he smelled of work. He stayed long enough to comfort me then went back to work. Now he calls me at night. I disappeared on him 2 weeks ago and he was very worried and scared. I'm a taurus and very complex but we both get along. There is an invisible bond between us it seems. He loves me so much. Ladies, always be a lady with cap man. Never let him see you drunk. Always be clean. Don't be loose in your demeanor. In every sense, be a classy lady. Don't hand him a beer unless he asks for it. Don't join in drinking that beer with Mr Cap because he is actuallt observing your character.

Non-sexual cap
by: Anonymous

Just was engaged to a cap man and everything was excellent except for the sex. (We got engaged very fast within the first month). In the beginning sex was wonderful, but then it stopped. Going as much as 5weeks in between. It wasn't from my lack of trying. I'm a taurus and appreciate being loved and seduced. Our 'friendship' part of the relationship was good, but he also did the disappearing act. Whenever a wrinkle in the relationship occurred, he was packed and ready to go - and did. He would leave for a few days and then come back as if nothing happened. Also found e-mails from other women on his computer. . . so I don't know what happened there either. Either fright or deep seated issues from the past, but either way I didn't see the loyalty in the cap man. Any thoughts?

Cheating Cap!
by: Confused

Well I found out that the reason why the cap I was seeing kept disappearing was because he in fact had a girlfriend! She called me after finding some text messages on his phone. After calming her down, because she was obviously blaming me, I found out that he had been with her for 18 months and the first day we spent together was actually their anniversary! Looking back now all the confusion I felt was quite obvious now, but I wanted to look for the best as I am known to be very cynical at times. My advice to you above is to trust your instincts. If things don't look right, it's usually because they aren't. Trust me I found out the hard way. The thing that I don't understand is the last thing his girlfriend said to me was to keep away from him which leads me to believe she plans on staying with me. Poor girl...good luck to her, she's going to need it!
I've now met another man who seems really into me, the problem with this one though is he is 14 years younger than me. But that's a whole other post!

Caps suck!!!
by: OMG

Ok so after reading all the comments on here, I had to write about my experience/current experience with a cap. I'm a Scorpio (whats up with all the scorpio/caps? lol) and we kinda met as a one time fling thing a couple of months ago. HOWEVER, that one time fling didn't really come to fruition, and we more started to 'hang out'....he'd spend hours just kissing me, and not even trying "more". The more we see each other, he says really nice things, and has said he likes me, is happy being with me, spends the night....BUT! He absolutely will never text or text back for days....I feel like I have to initiate conversations, or asking to hang out.
The only times he actually talks and is open a bit about his feelings is when he's drunk and texts me....Yea I know.

Point is, IDK what to do. I don't wanna feel like I'm begging. I don't like that. He get's happy that I make him laugh a lot. He's kinda boring to be honest. So I have no idea why I am attracted to be honest lol. And whats up with not wanting a beer if you offer him one! That's funny, its true, it's like unless they ask for one they aren't to keen on that lol.

The thing is, a week will go by....we don't see each other for 7 days....I think it's all over. End of story. Look for someone new. But then comes the weekend, and he'll say I wanna see u, and I of course agree, and during that time it's perfect.

I know many of you might think he's just using me, or texting when he's horny - which might be true. However, we haven't even slept together. Yea we've fooled around. But most times we just fall asleep hugging, with him saying he likes me a lot.

WTF does that mean!!!! Why are Caps sooooo annoying. Just text back! If he wants FWB, fine! But let me know. Don't say things like you think about me, and miss me, and then disappear for a week.

I can't even study cause all I do is this of him.

Damn it. Scorpios don't like mysteries. We are the mysterious ones. Which seems to intrigue him as well. Anyways I feel like I'm freaking out, and when he comes over after his 7 day absence, he feels like everything is going great...

I wish I knew if he liked me. So confused. I don't know if Caps just like to be pursued? Should I think its okay to be the one saying "hey lets hang out", I don't wanna come off as begging, or showing that yea I obviously like u a lot, cause that's what it seems to me.

Caps are sooo cold and unemotional! Unless drunk lol

Ahhhhhhhh so confused =/

sent each other email,
by: Anonymous

we started sending each other email since march,
since i told him that i like him,he hadnt emaild me in nearly 4 weeks,
i feel very confused,i thought that he liked me,because he told me he liked me

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