Advice on how to get him hooked!

by LadyScorp

I recently met an Aquarius man a few years younger than me through a friend of mine. At first he was really stand-offish. (He says hes shy when he meets new people.) But for some reason we hit it off. He is very nosy, he went through my phone and asks me about everything. (He isnt shy around me at all.) Everytime I see him he is really intense and seems to know what im thinking without me even giving a clue. I can usually read people really easily but it seems he can read me easily which sometimes makes me uncomfortable because Im not used to it. Whenever our eyes meet.. they lock. I feel a weird connection with him even though at this point we just hang out and flirt. He has told me point blank that I want him. I really didn't give a reaction. But he was very confident. He plays football and he loves when I come to his games. We live in separate cities so when I leave where he lives he always gives me a sad face. And asks when I can come back. But I work full time back home. Even with all of this behavior every now and then he will all of a sudden shut down and be really quiet and go off by himself. Im independent myself so I know he needs space and I dont bother him when he does this. It just makes me wonder if I said something wrong to make his mood change. He has also told me about girls from his past and lets me know that he trusts me. When Im not as open to him about my life and past he is determined to find out. He interests me so much. Hes like a mystery that I want to figure about.

I have read that Scorpios and aquarius' dont mix and can understand why because we are so opposite but in some respects I think we are alot alike.

Any advice is welcome.

(Sorry this is so jumbled! )

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Just take it easy step by step
by: Anonymous

There is no reason why a scorpio woman and aquarians man cannot get on, you just need to take the relationship step by step, dont rush this man into anything, best to play hard to get they like nothing best like trying to work that person out and find out all their secrets and inner most thoughts, which is exactly what a scorpio does, but in different way. Dont get to emotional with this sign, they are not into deep emotions, theirs is in their minds, they need to get to know you, and like the mental stimulation of the mind over the mental stimulation of the body first, that way they can find out if you are a good friend for them and that they can trust you with their feelings. Dont worry that they go very quiet at times, the are in a deep thought process and just need to recharge their batteries every now and then, its nothing to do with you they just need to have time out, and you are doing the right thing by allowing him to do this, so what more can i say, you are already using your inner powers of Scorpio to work this out for yourself. Remember, these men have lots of friends male and female, just like the Aqurian woman, so dont let jealousy take a hold, which is a bad scorpio trait, that all we scorpios share ?Because, he will not accepted being called out over talking to one of his female friends.He has a temper equal to the scorpios, and HE may not both to contact you for a long time,if ever. just take it easy, and enjoy this relationship for what it is, warts and all. I not saying its going to be easy, as both of you will want to be in control, just take a back seat for the moment, and see how it goes. Good luck, and take care?

Did it work
by: WaAqua

You should know first off that this guy is feeling the same things as you. I am an Aquarius and I have a super flirt 'relationship' with a Scorpio woman at work and we are doing the same thing as you two. You are good at reading others, same for the Aquarius. You think he is intense? You are a Scorpio! You are the most intense sign, ever! The both of you are feeling this "Who is in charge?" kind of energy. Both of you want to take charge, but you are built to go in different directions, so there is conflict within for you both.

It does seem very strange that he was checking out your phone calls, we Aquari-uses-ions, I don't know the plural version, I just know we travel in schools... anyway we appreciate privacy, both ours and others. So I would say that you have him obsessing over you in a good Scorpio way (Like I have felt), you should be familiar with that.

It sounds like he wants to play a bit with the direct "You want me" comments, he wants to assume control. You did good at saying nothing, it probably riled him up inside to not have a direct answer, and you probably flustered him a few times but we aren't emotionally driven so it's okay.

If you want to make this work I should warn you it won't be easy. He wants that power back that he is used to, never give it to him. The easier it is to get something the less value it has to an Aqua. Play hardball and lead the relationship, don't control, there is a difference. If he likes you as much as it sounds like then he will follow you anywhere. Remember to give him space, we need it like plants need water.

He feels the same way about you as far as being with someone mysterious, but you're enjoying it, being a Scorpio, he is probably trying to solve it, him being an Aqua. Never give up too many of your secrets and just be your Scorpio self.

-good luck

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