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I'm a Scorpio woman seeing a Leo man and im so confused. We met on the net and exchanged numbers, we hit it off straight away there was so much chemistry but we both agreed to take it slow. The first time we met, we stayed up all night speaking and cuddling. everything was perfect, then he started saying his coming down but didn't. so i told him i aunt talking to him anymore cause i don't have time for games, with that he responded upset and was trying his hardest to get me back in his good books, so obviously i appreciated that and we started dating again, cause i understood he was having problems at the time as a family member had passed away.

When he did finally come and see me everything was great and we spoke none stop, he even changed his relationship status from single to its complicated. he told me he was falling for me and all the rest. however he posted some new pictures on the net and a certain female kept commented them every time i did calling him baby.. being the scorpio that i am i told him i don't want nothing to do with him anymore and she can have him (was a bit drastic i no) he was explaining to me that there was nothing going on but i didn't listen and took him out my voda phone family group (which is were you can make free calls to each other) with this he got quite upset and kept asking me if im serious about not talking to him, i seed yes im serious with that he changed his status back to single and the girl also stopped commenting. with that i knew he wasn't lyin (so i fort) and said how sorry i was, but he said he has to think about talking to me again as i got too jealous and didn't believe him when n he said she's just a friend. so i accepted what he said and gave him time to think and he did get back in touch with me and said we should take it slow. we got back on track very quickly speaking over the phone everyday like usual and whenever i said remember were just friends he would say no were move then that, were basically in a relationship but its not official.. however on the phone he told me he saw a friend when he was out in town not clubbing just shopping (he never goes town by the way so i think he met her) and took pictures, which he said was going to be put on the net, i was alright with this until he said it was that girl that's constantly commenting his pictures to wind me up, also his friend was writing comments like you two make a good couple which i found very frustrating. so obviously again i told him its not going to work between me and you lets just be friends (i was being nice this time) but he was saying im being stupid and he doesn't want to do that, he kept phoning me but i didn't answer, we stopped speaking for 3 days until he got in contact with me first by text saying.. are u still not talking to me.. he said how if i wasn't he would have to try and get other me, he told me to open up to him and stop hiding my feelings so i gave in at this point and we got back on track again, it was back to normal, the chemistry was there and everything. o but he kept his status as single, which i probly understand why.

We met up again with his friends and mine, but us two went off together and spent time together which was nice. he started asking to see my phone and messages which i wouldn't show him so he said he cant trust me and started getting mad but i managed to laugh it off and change the subject when we started talking about how much we like each other and possibly more and i said to him you could never not talk to me again (which i shouldn't of) and he said is that what i think but never answered yes or no.

So i suggested putting it to test and told him to try and not speak to me for a month, he kept saying are you sure and i said yes and he kept asking i continued to say yes cuz i believed he will come back to me. so we shook on it but continued holding each other till he left.

That same day i phoned him and said i missed him, he said the same two. then the next day i missed speaking to him as we normally speak everyday, so i called him and said i don't want to play this stupid game and he said it was my idea and as a man his not going to give in now so i said ok whatever.

Later on he put the picture of him and that girl on the front page of the net so everyone could see it, i got furious but i didn't say anything i just done the same and put one of me and a boy.

I phoned him the next couple of days (noticing he hasn't been phoning me anymore) and said lets stop being stupid now and forget the games. he said he didn't want to stop talking to me anyway but he just agreed and how it hurt him and now he can see was hurt so serves my right, so i started moaning but told him how much he means to me and he said just give it time and he will phone me in a month like we suggested, we started arguing cuz i didn't agree and i put the phone down and we never spoke for 2days.
i tried to phone him a couple days later he wasn't answering so i just said ok i no where i stand, then he phoned me back but wasn't talking, it was as if he never made the call, cuz when i phoned him back he never answered, so i said ok delete my number. he then phoned me and said why are you saying this and explained how he misses my calls, i said i think we should talk about everything tomorrow and he said no talk to me now please, what's the problem but i said no ill phone you tomorrow he said ok sounding very upset like to say whatever forget you.

i phoned him the next day only once and he never answered so i texted him and said phone me when you wake up but he never called and this was 5 days ago so now i don't no what to do, taking in mind we wasn't going to speak to April anyway.

has he moved on because i played so much games, but i thought they liked the chase and fun in relationships or is he just having a break, did he actually like me or is this just what Leo boys do. and how do i win him back if he doesn't want to talk to me again. i really miss him.

i wish i didn't do all this now, maybe i was being a bit too off with him. o and also his relationship status says complicated again and so does the girls from the picture.


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by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

Hes probably dating that girl hello...hes a player I was once with one myself...forget him

He's gone.
by: Anonymous

Yeah, no offense, but you blew it. Leos hate suspicious, unfounded jealousy like the plague -- and when you got jealous for no good reason (girl who was likely an ex posting "baby" on his fb page) that was strike #1. Then he gave you a chance to prove your reaction wasn't typical and you weren't really that ridiculous by telling you about meeting up with the girl and taking pictures. THAT was a test -- the first was probably accidental, but that incident was definitely a test, and you failed it totally.

Although I will say he must've really liked you because he sure gave you a few more swings at bat even after that, but every time rather than going to him and asking him straight "What's up?", you flew off the handle, got suspicious, and 'retaliated' against something he hadn't even done.

He's gone. Move on.

Game player
by: Anonymous

You know what? U didnt blow it he did. If he is in a relationship he should have told that girl that posting mesages on fb would be seen by u (the new gf) or he could have deleted it but it was al done by him to get u mad coz leos love that. And they have a good way of making u blame urslf. If u realise evrything that he has done has been a cause of arguments. How dare he try to make u jelous and then have a go at u when it works, i mean how manupalative is that. Hellooo leos are good actors and not at al what they make their selves out to be. U wer his girl and its only natural u get jelous. I mean if u did what he done b4 he done it to u the world would have shooked and u would have been the bad one. He played with you and laughed about it with his mates, then got bored and played the im a hurt man and can no longer bear being with u role. Trust me i was with 1 for 6yrs and they like fucking with ur brain and making u feel guilty. Do not be fooled. Just learn from their sly nature and dont fal for it again

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks everyone for commenting and i can say i didnt bother with him again after this. But i saw him at a party the other day and he wud not leave me alone telling me he loves me and showed up at my house after without me inviting him and saying how could i treat him like this.. I have so moved on though, altough i am seeing another leo.. Scaryyy lol

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